E 200 4MATIC comes probably as the All Terrain model

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After Mercedes-Benz model E-class offers the All-Terrain model, as an E 450 4MATIC, will be offered the E-class “for Rough” with a smaller petrol variant: E 200 4MATIC.

E-class All Terrain probably comes as a E 200 4MATIC

While the model of care for the 03. June 2020 order will be the smallest petrol variant for the All-Terrain variant of the E-class and only later be ordered. Currently, we expect a sale release in the beginning of July, probably here the 7. July 2020.

E-class All-Terrain comes in four different engine options

Overall, it will offer the E-class as a model of care and All-Terrain variant in four different engine options. In addition to the E 220 d 4MATIC All-Terrain and E 400 d 4MATIC All-Terrain it is the model already for the first release for Sale, as E 450 4MATIC offer. While the normal variant of the E 200 4MATIC also already on the 03. June will be available for order, delayed the E 200 4MATIC, however, the second sales season.

E-class All Terrain probably comes as a E 200 4MATIC

Entry-level engine of the E-class: E 200 with 197 + 14 HP

The E 200 4MATIC uses the model of care the 4-cylinder M 264 engine with 197 HP + 14 HP electric Motor and reacts with the additional variant of the All-Terrain – the E-class with increased ground clearance – specifically on customer buying behavior. Already before the facelift the E-class is the smaller petrol variant enjoyed great popularity.

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