eATS Produktion ab dem Jahr 2024 in Untertürkheim: die Eckpunkte


Towards the end of 2019, the works Council was able to complete the week – long and difficult Talk with the plant management of the site in Untertürkheim around the production of the eATS – the electronic drivetrain. The agreement – for a own Production in the factory itself was now decided in February, officially.

eATS production starting in the year 2024 in Untertürkheim: the vertices

Mounting is a total system in Untertürkheim
In the negotiations, it was the local works Council at the site in Untertürkheim is important to ensure in the first step, the sizes for the production of the electric drive train, which represent the bulk of employment. This is before all the foundry sizes of eATS-housing, pressing plant sizes of slat carriers, as well as the manufacturing sizes of slat carriers, i.e., the sun and planetary gears, hollow gears (ring gear and planet carrier), as well as electro-hydraulic controls. In addition, the machining of engine and gearbox cover, and the eATS – housing, as well as the End-mounting of all components – including the electric Motor, for Untertürkheim secured.

Start the eATS production for 2024 planned
According to the information of the works Council in Untertürkheim will be required for the necessary Work of 350 workers. In addition, the production of the eATS will secure existing jobs in the development and the indirect areas of the plant, including the logistics, quality control, and maintenance. With the installation of the equipment should already be in 2023, began the Start of production is planned for 2024 – with a maturity of 10 years.

As a eATS the drive unit of an electric motor is referred to vehicles. The eATS consists of three Main subsystems: an electric motor, a power electronics and the transmission portion for transmitting power.

In combination with the internal combustion engines, the battery factory, as well as of the fuel cell and now to the eATS of the site is issued, therefore, quite broad and has, in the future, anchored all the drive technologies in Untertürkheim, what is the tail and center of excellence for propulsion technologies to be justified.

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