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About Mercedes me Charge the driver of a Mercedes-Benz EQC or Plug-in Hybrid model with the latest infotainment generation-MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) optional access to one of the world’s largest charging networks in Europe alone, over 300 different operators of public charging stations (city, Parking lots, highways, shopping centers, etc.).

The convenient access to charging stations is done via the Mercedes me Batch card Load, by Mercedes me App or via the display on the Media Display of the vehicle. This is no different agreements are needed: The customers benefit in addition to simple authentication of a built-in payment function, with easier billing, after you have once entered your payment method. Each charging process will be automatically debited. Each of the load operations are monthly compiled in one easy invoice.

The extraordinary speed at an attractive price: IONITY @ Mercedes me Batch

Mercedes me Batch also allows access to the fast-charging stations in the pan-European fast-charging network of IONITY. The short load times, in particular, in the case of long tracks for a pleasant journey. With the IONITY-package Mercedes-Benz offers its EQC customers an attractive Contracting model to a discounted load price of 0.29 Euro per loaded kilowatt-hour (and thus much cheaper, as a user of the charging stations without a contract with 0,79 Euro). EQC customers receive the IONITY package for a year without a basic fee. Along the main transport axes in Europe IONITY will build by 2020 a total of about 400 fast-charging stations and operate. IONITY was founded in November of 2017, as a joint venture of BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen group with Audi and Porsche.

Sure the EQC optimized Navigation to arrive:

On the Basis of numerous factors, the function “EQC optimized Navigation plans” automatically select the fastest Route, taking into account the shortest load time, according to the charging stations to be Quickly preferred. Among other things, the current electric range, the current consumption as well as available charging stations, and weather data to be incorporated. The driver must not always mandatory, but loads flexible in terms of the total travel time. In addition, the route planning dynamically reacts on Changes.

The optimum temperature: the Preconditioning

Thus, the vehicle interior has already depart at the desired temperature. The programming is directly over IT or over the Mercedes me App possible. A sophisticated System with heat pump and electric auxiliary heaters cools or pre-heats the interior. Here, the choice is also between the specific heating of the driver’s seat and all seats.

Source: Daimler AG

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