Erster Blick auf die komplett überarbeitete Mercedes me App


Mercedes-Benz will soon offer the Mercedes me App has been completely revised. While the App is currently for the German market, rolling out the application already now in some European countries. We have exclusive pre-first images of the new surface.

Window and sunroof operation by means of Mercedes me App

Mercedes-Benz revised the look of the Mercedes me App completely, but adapts to the operation, as well as the individual functions in parallel with. In addition to a “Comprehensive view” of the respective enabled vehicle in the main menu is the ECO-function display in the App. Also new is the display of the single open window in the ventilation position the sunroof, and the Information about a potentially open the hood is. The new App, the Windows and the sunroof can be opened either fully or closed the sunroof, in addition, also in the ventilation position.

on-Demand facilities in the future, on the App available

The activation of the heating system in the new Mercedes me App now by Holding the respective Icons, but by clicking on it. In addition, include additional services as an on-demand facilities for IT later directly through the App unlockable or can be ordered.

Introduction for the German market, probably soon

As far as we are informed, by separating the App in the future, the functions between the vehicle, Store and Service, and offers three different and separate Apps. With the introduction of the revised Version for the German market we expect in the next 2-3 weeks.

Images: MBpassion.de

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