Fahrbericht Hyundai relies on "AdreNalin"

Fahrbericht Hyundai relies on "AdreNalin"


After the record year 2018 with 115,000 registrations Hyundai steers in Germany unerringly to the next summit. The 120,000 units are expected to be. An ever greater share of the increase is literally played by the "AdreNalin". At Hyundai, this spelling is an indication of the sporty N- and N-Line models – and on the use of these hormones in their use, which causes inter alia, a heart rate increase.

Pure adrenaline, for example, is a ride on the i30 N or the i30 N Fastback on a locked handling route on the terrain of the Bundeswehr University near Munich. It goes in the lee of ex-racing driver Niki Schelle through dog-shaped curves, over a long straight, with Schmackes by a nasty chicane. Round after round confidence in the 275-hp front-wheel drive increases, the beneficial effect of the differential lock on the hard-hitting brakes on demand.

The two i30 N are actually two cars in one. Once an admittedly rather sporty, but not brutally hard compact vehicle for everyday use, like with offspring or mother-in-law. And a race mode pure-bred sports car, which clearly shows its many voting kilometers on the Nrburgring.

The i30 N has only been available since the end of 2017. However, it already accounts for around 25 percent of new registrations among five drivers. "We hit the mark with it," says Oliver Gutt, Head of Product Management at Hyundai Germany. More than 10,000 orders since the market launch – now including Fastback – speak a clear language.

This is possible, among other things, a complex adaptive suspension, the Launch Control, an overboost and an intermediate throttle function and the sound management, which provides the fans for the sneak-snooze effect. And that at prices starting at € 33,100 for the i30 N Performance and the € 600 more expensive Fastback four-wheeler.

If that's a tad too much and who can live well with fewer horses under the bonnet, you can grab the N Line package and let his pedestal visually powerful and technically subtle. Recently also at the Tucson. Here too, the Hyundai men expect a share of around 20 to 25 percent of N Line customers. The get in both model series, including special front and rear tires plus the N Line grille, LED taillights, sports tires, sports seats front or sports pedals in aluminum look plus improved engine response and in addition to an optimized suspension and its own exhaust sound ,

The N-feel is important to Hyundai, it changes the look on the brand. But that also applies to the other innovations that are expected later this year. Thus, after the two-liter version of the 1.6-liter diesel is offered with the 48 volt mild hybrid, first in the Tucson, then in the i30. Ioniq hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric get each a facelift. And then there are two new arrivals on the plan, which one does not want to describe any more at Hyundai Germany. One can assume, however, that there is something frs Gemt here. Or for an intensified AdreNalin distribution.

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