Fahrbericht Mitsubishi Space Star: lively and spacious

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Fahrbericht Mitsubishi Space Star: lively and spacious

He has long been part of the usual street scene: the Mitsubishi Space Star. In the class of micro cars, he is now a proven size with now about six years. Once, because he is comparatively very spacious. And then Mitsubishi kept updating him over the years. With quite positive effects.

In any case, the test car of the Motor Information Service (mid) could not afford to think about a waiver in the mini-segment given its complete equipment. In his only 3.80 meters was pretty much everything packed, what the Japanese for the Space Star have to offer. Finally, he rolled in the equipment version Top and with the additional extra package for 1,100 euros, the about 15-inch alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, DAB + radio, LED indicators in the exterior mirrors, LED parking lights, automatic climate control, fog lights and a smart-key system including start-stop button. Any questions?

On the positive side, moreover, not only the exterior was much more chic during the last facelift of the little one. Even inside, the designers put their hands on and packed about chrome and piano paint applications on the multifunction leather steering wheel, better readable instruments and a higher-resolution display into it – it all looks pretty grown-up and no longer kleinwagenmig.

In addition there are the long-haul front seats and the good space for two in relation to the overall size of the Japanese, and the still quite good for three passengers on the back seat. The space for the elbows and over the head is well-measured, anxiety is not an issue. The usual variable trunk is with 209 to 881 liters capacity for the Kleinstwagenklasse in order. And the service is what you want it to be: straightforward and easy to understand.

The mid-test car was powered by the stronger of the two offered three-cylinder petrol engines, which brings it from 1.2 liters to 80 hp. The engine runs smoothly, produces the typical three-way sound and makes it possible for a car of this size to achieve sufficient performance. With some patience you can reach on the highway also the highest speed of 180 km / h, on 100 is the Space Star in 12.7 seconds. The five-speed manual gearbox is matched to the engine characteristics.

The test person was conspicuously genius in the test – with 5.2 liters of super per 100 kilometers, he was only slightly above the figures for the standard consumption. Also important: The 2019er models are long since designed for September of this year applicable Euro 6d-Temp emissions standard.

And how does he lead himself, the bonsai Asian? Apart from the somewhat too soft designed steering, there is nothing to cringe at the Space Star. He can safely and happily circling through curves, offers befesgemen comfort and at medium speeds also acoustically very restrained. Very pleasant in everyday life is the turning circle of only 9.2 meters – which helps with the snarl in the city as well as when parking. Not only ladies will appreciate the seat heating. And pleasant ingredients such as rain sensor, automatic tempo or the very effective hill start help ensure that the passengers do not feel like in a micro car.

The price list for the Space Star starts at marketing-related 9,990 euros, the tested 1.2-liter version in the Top equipment costs from 14,290 euros, as extras Mitsubishi has the metallic finish (490 euros) and the installed extra package for 1,100 Euro to offer.

Conclusion: The Mitsubishi Space Star is a pleasant companion through the car's everyday life, especially in city traffic, he enters sympathy points, but not disappointed on the longer tour.

Jutta Bernhard / mid

Specifications Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 MIVEC ClearTec Top:

Five-door and five-seater microcar, length / width (without mirror) / height / wheelbase in millimeters: 3.795 / 1.665 / 1.505 / 2.450, unladen weight (including extra package): 997 kg, gross vehicle weight: 1.370 kg, payload: luggage compartment : 235 to 881 l, turning circle: 9,20 m, trailer load braked / unbraked: 200/100 kg, tank capacity: 35 l, price: from 14.290 euros.

Propulsion: Three-cylinder petrol engine, Displacement: 1,193 cubic, Power: 59 kW / 80 hp at 6,000 rpm, max. Torque: 106 Nm at 4,000 rpm, power transmission: five-speed manual gearbox, 0 – 100 km / h: 12.7 s, top speed: 180 km / h, standard fuel consumption combined: 5.0 l / 100km, CO2 emissions combined: 114 g / km, emission standard: Euro 6d temp.

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