Fahrbericht The mid-time journey: mass culture – the Honda Gold Wing GL 1500

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Fahrbericht The mid-time journey: mass culture - the Honda Gold Wing GL 1500

On March 6, 1989, the engine information service (mid) reported in the 44th year on the Honda Gold Wing GL 1500 in the field test.

Oh man – there it stands: The Honda Gold Wing GL 1500. A car on two wheels. A super or bertourer. Whatever you call them, the Gold Wing instantly evokes emotions that go either "over-unusable" or "travel-pleasure-super comfort". Alone this look! Plastic wherever you look, from the bulky full fairing to the covered front brake or the integrated panniers to the top case. The thick tires, the pompous upholstered seat and the wide handlebars form only a weak contrast.

Also, the drive is, apart from the valve covers and the elongated exhaust pipes, not much to see. The 74 kW / 100 hp power plant works in secret. No less than six cylinders arranged according to the boxer principle provide for the enormous displacement of 1,520 cc. The e-starter brings it to life spontaneously. And immediately it comes to light how calm and vibration-free the water-cooled unit stored in rubber blocks air. During the short warm-up phase, it may happen that you want to drive off after a traffic light stop and the transistor-ignited machine went out unnoticed. Unrivaled 150 Nm at just 4,000 rpm, the two-valve balances as maximum torque on the crankshaft. Between increased idle speed and red range – ie between 2,000 and 6,000 crankshaft revolutions – everything is there: strong torque, elasticity, clean throttle response. And the whole thing with a very subtle exhaust sound and largely vibration-free, so that there is always the impression of a highly cultivated sovereignty.

It is therefore hard not to be calm and relaxed on the road. Nevertheless, just seven liters flow as average gasoline consumption (normal unleaded) through the two carburettors, a consequence of the high weight and the large wind area. The 23-liter tank is thus good for about 300 kilometers of range, the fuel gauge certainly gives us useful information. The power transmission takes over a hydraulic clutch to be switched Fnfgang gearbox, which is characterized by short shift travel and successful gear gradation. As a technical highlight, but also as a commendable help with maneuvers, the machine has a starter-assisted reverse gear. A big lever is tucked behind the fairing and the Honda moves to e-starter pressure backwards with a maximum speed of 1.6km / h. The engine side is rounded off by the low-maintenance (hydraulic valve setting) and the easy-care shaft drive.

Praise also deserves the suspension of the new Gold Wing. Unlike previous Gold Wing models, it can not only satisfy pure touring needs. Safe straight-line travel up to a top speed of around 190 km / h. The crosswind sensitivity is within relatively narrow limits. The manageability of the 385 kilogram colossus surprised, only he has to roll once. Supertourer-fair spoil the spring elements – 41 mm fork and two struts rear – the crew with a lot of comfort. By means of air pressure compressor (with external connection for tires and air mattress), the suspension can be adapted to the load and the road conditions. Bumps on low-level lanes pose little problem for the gimbal machine, which also has sufficient Schrglagen reserves in curves. After some offense, you also lose the fear of pass rides.

The seating positions are exceedingly comfortable, although the German version of the US version with the high fairing and the padded giant top case has to accept. The sozia, because she can not lean her back on the flat top case and the driver, because he is exposed behind the nonsensically capped (but TV-fair) disc at higher tempos unpleasant turbulence. Unpleasant is – of course only in summer temperatures – and the heat behind the full paneling, which can hardly be mitigated by various ventilation openings. Otherwise, the equipment can inspire. A high-quality hi-fi deck, hazard warning lights, an on-board air pressure compressor and a digital clock in the clear instrument cockpit are just a few highlights. The large panniers have inside pockets. Unfortunately, only flat objects fit into the top case. If desired, cruise control maintains a set speed between 50 and 130 km / h until the driver brakes, hitches or takes gas. Speaking of brakes: Here an Integral brake system (the brake lever activates the rear and left front disc of the three-disc system) performs its service. And to the full satisfaction. 22,800 DM is the price for the roadworthy Honda Super-Tourer GL 1500 Gold Wing.

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