Gesamtbetriebsrat: Daimler will 1.100 Führungskräfte streichen


With the announced austerity program, Daimler’s chief, Ola Källenius, you want to reduce the world around 1,100 Bodies of managers, as it is wrote General works Council chief Michael Brecht, in an information letter to the employees. Previously, the “Handelsblatt had reported that” on the first concrete Figures of the savings plans of Sweden. The group has not confirmed the information.

Deletion of 1,100 executives

With a removal of approximately 1,100 managers on different Management levels in the group would theoretically be affected here, every tenth job in Germany. Appropriate Numbers did not confirm the group so far, especially since the new Daimler-boss Ola Källenius would like to give in the coming week an insight into his new strategy for the next years.

The first concrete Figures to emerge out of an internal executives meeting at the beginning of this week, where Källenius had first called a specific number to its austerity plans – go to the employees. “We see it as a total works Council is quite the finanzuell difficult Situation, and the necessity of prudent measures, but: you are not allowed for legal disputes, or quality problems of Zulieferen to the Fund are asked!” – so the total works Council chief in the letter to the employee.

Operation of conditional excluded dismissals until the end of the next decade

Further potential savings in the personnel costs in the management of the company, potential tariff increases from the collective bargaining agreement to take round in the spring of 2020, or individual wage and salary increases delay. This was rejected by the works Council, however, categorically.

The reason for the austerity, the General weakness of the downturn in the auto industry, production problems and high cost of recalls, as well as high expenditure in the field of electric mobility. According to the sales figures, not supply it, especially in the first half of 2019 as well, while the Numbers afterwards were able to improve.

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