Gespräche über Mitarbeiter-Abfindungen starten im April


Due to his austerity, the car wants to save mobile group Daimler of around 1.4 billion euros. To start already in April the first interviews with the employees about possible redundancy payments or Early retirement. The first details have been communicated to the employees this week, for the first time by the group works Council.

Redundancies are excluded until the end of 2029

Now it comes to the individual questions of the employees to offer the best solution for each individual can be found.” – as a representative of the employees. A principle to apply, however, and is also non-negotiable: It is free willigkeits principle, according to which no one offer had to take. The company’s management and the works Council had agreed in advance on measures which in the so-called indirect areas, the number of jobs and thus the cost should be reduced. This refers Mainly to the management of the company. Redundancies are excluded until the end of 2029.

Different Offers

According to our information, there are for employees in the indirect areas, as well as the Manager level, E4, and E5 various offers – from Termination agreement with Compensation offer (depending on age and length of service with date, 01.04.2020), on the Early retirement from 57 (Date 01.04.2020).there are the following further possibilities:

  • Repeal the contract with access to Retirement benefits, incl. Severance for employees with pre-existing statutory Retirement and for at least twelve months up to the age limit (for the period 1.4. to 31.03.2021).
  • different Old-age part-time models
  • Temporary Reduction Of Working Hourshere, Workers reduce their weekly working hours to a minimum of 10 hours for three years, a one-time payment of four times the gross monthly remunerations received. In the case of a reduction of at least five hours, two gross monthly salaries are in it.


Basically, no capacity may be a substitute for the Person. In the case of termination agreements and early retirement of the concerned or equivalent body must be omitted. In all actions there is a need, in addition to the double voluntary action, i.e., the leadership and the Employees must equally agree to the particular measure. At the earliest, from April 2020, the discussions of the measures before any measures or agreements to be implemented. Employees with prompt access to Retirement benefits received prior to April individual information.

The last time the Mercedes-crisis in 2005 had been offered to group employees depending on the mode of hearing even up to 44 gross monthly salaries as severance pay – in each case before taxes. At the time, for example, could expect up to a 39-year-old employee with four years of service mode, with a salary of 3200 euros – with an allowance of 33,900 euros, if he could decide for immediate termination. An employee was here 15 years, he received under the same conditions 95.100 euros.

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