Guide: Vacation photos deleted from the SD card – and now?

Guide: Vacation photos deleted from the SD card - and now?


Now, good advice is expensive and you are wondering how to make the production of false images. So you do not despair, the little guide offers you help.

Recovery of deleted images – what to consider?

To recover deleted images and videos, you should not save any other photos, videos or other documents on the SD card if you have noticed the problem. First, they can also be lost and, secondly, it becomes even more difficult to recover the actual files. Therefore, you should take the rescue of the pictures as fast as possible.

How to recover

You need to download an extra program to help you save your photos and videos. On the Internet on sites such as chip / computer image, etc., you will find extra data recovery programs. These are usually available as a free version and of course appropriately tested and virus-free. After determining which version is appropriate for your operating system, download and open the program. The wizard will guide you through the installation mode, so there is not much that can go wrong here. Has everything worked, the actual "work".

This is how it continues

Now start the program. Again, an assistant will guide you through the process. First, you have to choose what type of file to restore. In your case you have to click on photos or videos. In the next step, the program must know the "place" where the photos were lost. Here you have to click SD card or my SD card. Now the program searches for all photos and videos that can be restored. Now select the desired photos / videos and mark them. Afterwards you determine at which destination / folder the files are to be restored. For example, you can select Desktop or create a new folder here. There, the photos are then copied into it. Already have your photos and videos again.

In some cases the restoration works so smoothly, for example, if the SD card is completely defective / useless. Then you need a separate program that fixes the SD card. However, this does not always work.

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