Machine Learning revolutionizes the crash test simulation

Machine Learning revolutionizes the crash test simulation


Munich, June 13, 2019 – At this year's TDWI conference in Munich, NTT DATA, the leading provider of business and IT solutions, will be presenting its latest developments in the intelligent simulation of crash tests in the automotive sector. Integrating Machine Learning into the Finite Element Method (FEM), already proven in simulation, allows software and vehicle engineers to more quickly gain insights and sustainable results. This is another important step on the road to the mobility of the future and the economic implementation of autonomous driving.

Automakers have been carrying out crash simulations with FEM for decades to construct vehicles. Parametrization of FE models is highly complex and time consuming. The showcase of the global innovation partner NTT DATA shows how simulation data has to be prepared so that machine learning can be used and offers development engineers suggestions by means of so-called decision trees in order to find the optimal and safest vehicle design as quickly as possible. The decision trees serve the developers as a basis to derive future parameterizations.

The use of AI brings some advantages for automakers: Simplification costs are reduced, design time is reduced, and associated costs are reduced. In addition, it can be used to increase vehicle safety. Among other things, the solution provider accesses the latest research and development results relating to the use of AI in the vehicle simulation of the Japanese headquarters.

"Despite enormous investments and concrete roadmaps for the development of electromobility and autonomous vehicles, the German automotive industry is often criticized for oversleeping important trends.From the perspective of a globally active partner of the automotive industry, it is easy to understand why this impression can arise, even though it does not apply, "says Jens-Uwe Holz, Head of Automotive EMEAL at NTT DATA. A look at the different development cycles of automobiles and IT, especially software, shows: Here, worlds meet. "The digital transformation of the automotive industry requires a dialogue of mutual discovery between car makers and software developers," continues Jens-Uwe Holz. "With our software simulation, we are enabling a better understanding and collaboration between engineering engineers and original equipment manufacturer software developers, which provides more development and market speed that German OEMs need internationally."

NTT DATA will be represented at the TDWI conference in Munich from 24 to 26 June with numerous experts, use cases and lectures on the subject of autonomous driving.


NTT DATA Germany GmbH
Katja Friedrich
Hans-Dllgast-Straße 26
80807 Munich
+49 7243 570-1349

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