MBUX ab Dezember in der V-Klasse bestellbar


The V-class is available from December 2019, with the multimedia system and IT can be ordered. According to the compact models and the GLC, the Metropolitan area is the next series sedan gets the MBUX.

Heart of MBUX the intuitive operating concept and, above all, the voice control is. This has a high understanding of language, and recognizes almost all of the sentences from the infotainment area and with the vehicle operation. At the same time, she is capable of learning, to the user, and his voice takes on also Slang. Is activated, the voice assistant via a button on the steering Wheel or with the command “Hey Mercedes”.

A high-resolution, 7 or 10.25 inches large touch-screen Central display and a Touchpad on the center console to complete the operating concept of the MBUX in the V-class. IT is thanks to the so-called Prediction Features customizable. The Predictions of the Features allow the System to recognize what activity the driver would start the next like. For example, often spoke on the phone on the way home, with “home”, it is proposed the phone number on the Display. All the Infotainment and vehicle settings can also be saved in up to eight individual profiles.

Source: Daimler AG

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