me connect services for the Mercedes-Benz G-class extended

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For the Mercedes-Benz G-class-new Mercedes me connect features are available since the model year 2019 (XZ9) available, among them the theft of the Park claims notification, Opening and Closing of the Windows and the sunroof as well as a Speed monitor .

New Mercedes me connect services for the G-class

G-class with new Mercedes me connect functions

For the G-class from model year 2019 (Code XZ9) are now selected new Mercedes me connect the features available to the Remote by Mercedes me App are usable. Prerequisite for the use in the 463 series in addition to the standard options of the LTE module as well as the preparation for the vehicle set-up (EK1 + 08U) and the theft – Park-damage notification, the optional equipment of the anti-theft protection package (Code FZ8) are.

The Windows and the sunroof via the App open or close

The theft notification with the Park claims notification is part of the vehicle setup and sends a message, when the parked vehicle is damaged or moved – the same power of the speed guardian, if a certain speed is exceeded.

The most interesting one is the ability to view all four Windows and the sunroof (if installed) to open the Remote via Mercedes me App, or to close, what series in the past for other model of Mercedes is most probably-Benz was offered.

New Mercedes me connect services for the G-class

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