Mercedes-AMG EQS 4MATIC from Affalterbach comes

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According to a recent report by the magazine Autocar, not Mercedes-Benz the EQS model as a normal variant, but also as a Mercedes-AMG model – presumably then as a Mercedes-AMG EQS 4MATIC (V 297). According to the British magazine full of the all-electric AMG drive over 600 HP can reach.

Media report: Mercedes-AMG EQS 4MATIC comes


The upcoming series of the EQS, we expect to see themselves not only in different versions with and without all-wheel drive 4MATIC all – probably as EQ 350, EQ 450, as well as EQS 500 4MATIC and EQS 550 4MATIC, but definitely also as a Mercedes-AMG EQS 4MATIC variant from Affalterbach. Already in September, Daimler’s chief, Ola Källenius had announced that there will be under the Label AMG electric vehicles: “We begin not only with the work on electrified AMGs, but also our first all-electric AMGs!“.

Probably you will offer, but also the “smaller” version of the EQE model (V 295) – in addition to EQE 400 and EQE 500 4MATIC as well as an AMG variant, as Mercedes-AMG EQE 4MATIC. For official Details, you must be patient, however.

Media report: Mercedes-AMG EQS 4MATIC comes

EQ variants from Affalterbach, in principle, with 4MATIC all-wheel drive

In principle, we expect each EQ version from Affalterbach with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, a pure rear-wheel drive of an EQ model from Affalterbach, it will not offer, probably not. While you will create the EQE and the EQS model, in Affalterbach, highly probable, therefore, Hand, this is not to be expected at the EQB, and EQA to.

Media report: Mercedes-AMG EQS 4MATIC comes

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