Mercedes-AMG kündigt GT 73 mit EQ E-Motorisierung für 2020 an –


After a prolonged period of speculation whether Mercedes-AMG offered in the motorization of the GT 4-door still a higher level of performance, confirm the Affalterbach-based model with Hybrid technology, and over 800 HP today is simply self – for the year 2020.

Series model, the AMG GT 73 4MATIC+ with over 800 HP conceivable

The production model of the Mercedes-AMG AMG GT 73 4MATIC+ is at the same time, the new Top model in the series X290 and on the performance of the 4-Liter V8 Bi-turbo based on the Mercedes-AMG, by means of the electric motor extends. A similar motorization was also shown in the Concept Car prior to the Geneva motor show in 2017.

The need for a battery for the E should be designed to drive probably so big, you can move the vehicle a few kilometers only with electric Motor. Interestingly, the acceleration performance is probably the model, which of the two, is probably closer to the than the Three-second mark.

Production model follows the Concept Car from the year 2017

The system performance of the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 4MATIC+, you can expect roughly around 800 HP, what power compared to the AMG 63 S GT a revised version of the existing nine-speed automatic gearbox is necessary. Already, the Concept Car had a system power output of an amazing 816 HP on the series variant is likely to converge.


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Source: Daimler AG

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