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Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz has been testing the E-version of the GLB: the EQB model, which is based on the EVA 1.5 in platform, and by means of E-Motor (PMS permanent magnet E-Motor) is driven. In the case of the camouflage of the EQB, it is limited to the Front and rear, while the bodywork will be accepted in the sum of GLB.

Compared to the standard GLB, the EQB is placed much higher, with the vehicle floor gives space for the batteries. Clearly, the higher driving position is all in the rear view of the test carrier. Technically, the EQA will share the technical components of the later coming of the EQB model. The Lithium ion battery sits under the floor of the vehicle between the axles. As well as the EQA also, the EQB should only be as a front-wheel-drive variant to be delivered.

In the basic variant of the model of approximately 600 to 700 kg heavy battery to have a capacity of around 60 kWh, if also a further two levels will be offered up to probably 110 kWh. The base of the EQA is probably driven by a 150 kW electric motor, with 200 and 250 kW power levels being considered should be. Appropriately, the has Mercedes already have the series designations to protect: from EQB 200 EQB 250, 260, 300 on the EQB 300 and EQV 320 and the EQB 350 to EQB 360, whose names and variant then depending on the market are to be offered.

Visually, the EQB is based on the GLB model, where the Front of the typical EQ-BBQ is obtained, and thus, as the electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz remains clearly visible. The rear shows, presumably, a through current LED-clip, as you know it from the EQC. In the interior there are the well-known features from the compact-car offering, while the IT System is optimized on the E-drive and also the fastest routes, with appropriate charging stations, can take into account.

The world premiere of the production variant, incidentally, is expected this year, while the dealer premiere will take place only in the following year.

Images/ Video: Jens Walko / walko-art.com

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