Mercedes-Benz und Bosch errichten Testzentrum in Brasilien


Mercedes-Benz and Bosch have joined forces in Brazil to build a state of the art centre for vehicle testing (Vehicle Test centre). In addition to Trucks and buses will be there in future test runs of Cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles is possible. A pioneering aspect of the joint project: The new facility should be made available to other manufacturers of vehicles, systems and components of the vehicle, also be accessible. The Vehicle Test Center will be built within the existing Mercedes-Benz testing grounds in Iracemápolis (São Paulo state).

Civil engineering is set to begin in 2020

The civil construction work for the new testing center will begin in the first half of the year 2020, the commissioning of which is planned for 2021. Mercedes-Benz and Bosch will jointly invest 70 million Brazilian Real (approximately 15 million Euro) in the centre. The focus of the new Vehicle Test center, test arrangements for the development of vehicle safety and chassis control systems, and of systems for improved energy efficiency, and for (partially)automated Driving.

The new test centre is composed of five different terrain sections with a total area of 400,000 square meters. In the course of the project, the number of test routes were increased in Iracemápolis from currently 16 to 21, there is also additional workshop space boxes, and office.

Through the existing Mercedes-Benz test track in Iracemápolis

In the middle of the country, the interior of the Federal state of São Paulo, Daimler’s subsidiary Mercedes-Benz do Brasil has opened on the plant premises in Iracemápolis in may 2018, the largest Truck and Bus test center in Latin America. On a 1.3 million-square metre Area – equivalent to 150 football fields – tests of the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles Trucks, and buses. The Tests can currently take place in 16 different Road sections, with which the different routes for the simulation, where the vehicles are in use around the world. For the simulation of the range profile, a so-called Lab-Truck measure, a Mercedes-Benz Actros with 260 Sensors, different routes and roads within a period of four months and around 16,000 miles. Mercedes-Benz do Brasil has invested around 20 million euros in the test centre, which was designed after the model of the sister test centre, ECC (testing and experimental centre) in the Mercedes-Benz Truck plant in Wörth.

Images/source: Daimler AG

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