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What is the rear-view mirror, windshield wipers and hood ornament have in common? There are three of “33 Extras” that draw in the permanent exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Museum and view fascinating Details of the mobility history and automotive culture to life are. And one more thing in Common, they have: The story of the three exhibits, each inspired by women, as the hat for women.

5/33: The Ladies ‘ Hat

Women in elegant Outfits in the early 20th century. Century to enforce as drivers, is an important piece of women’s emancipation in everyday life. This movement Bertha Benz leads. You actively, to the great invention of her husband, Carl Benz is showing the way. The Patent motor car she drives from the first day, and among the first in the summer of 1888 long-distance journey with an automobile. On the open tricycle, she protects against Wind and weather. Contemporary depictions show her with a wide-brimmed hat, the scarf holds.

The speeds will grow, and the cantilevered head covering reached their limits: The wind catches and pulls strong to the wide-brimmed Hats. But the woman knows how elegant and help at the same time of style: the 1920s and 1930s, the tight-fitting hat to Topfhut called. Like combined with a bobbed-hairstyle – the modern woman underlines your self-confident appearance. This is the story of the ladies ‘ hat is told in the exhibit is number “33 Extras” of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

And who delivers the practical and at the same time, fashionable headgear for the perfect appearance? There is a own career for the Making of ladies ‘ hats: the milliner. Previously, she was a milliner, because the hat belongs to “plaster” – the lady dressed in order. Buying the hat is not easy, but can be detailed to advise the design and Details, and most of the time he is made not specially.

Then, as the cars and closed bodies, lose the hat its functional importance. Today, hats are to be worn in everyday life rather rare. But there are occasions when gentlemen as well as ladies show up with stylish head covering – for example, in the case of events of the automotive classic. Here, you can stroll around the fine lawn of a Concours d’elegance, between noble automotive, it must be for you like the wide-brimmed hat. And in the case of an exit of the tight-fitting option. Like I used to.

Source: Daimler AG

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