Neuer Actros erstmals als offener Autotransporter


The new Actros is now for the first time as an open car carrier for the Austrian logistics service provider Lagermax on the go.

“Since time immemorial, Lagermax relies on technical solutions that increase the productivity and the yield,” explains Lagermax fleet Manager at Franz Birgmann. Example, Predictive Powertrain Control: The intelligent cruise control and transmission control system was developed in the Wake of the introduction of the new Actros more. You supported the driver now not only on highways but also in the interurban transport, to drive, fuel efficient. “In a year, more than 100,000 km mileage per Truck, every percentage point that we save is important for the success of our business,” said Birgmann. The driver reported to the fleet Manager continue to appreciate in the new Actros, particularly the Multimedia Cockpit and the MirrorCam. “With the new Actros in the fleet, we want to send in times of shortage of Drivers, the Signal that we are an attractive employer, has always been the safest, most comfortable and the most modern vehicles in the fleet.”

The Lagermax corporate group is represented by 55 offices in twelve countries in Europe. The top grossing Segment of the group are car transports and related services To approximately two million square metres of new cars are stored. The fleet includes more than 500 Trucks of its own, add to this the vehicles of self-propelled entrepreneurs. The company is celebrating next year its 100. Birthday. For Franz Birgmann the first of the new Actros as a car Transporter, the intern will get the number AT 100 is today, “a milestone in the history of the company!”.

Source: Daimler AG

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