Neuer Mercedes-Benz eVito für die Essener Tafel übergeben


Mercedes-Benz has now passed along with LUEG at the site in Wattenscheid, a first eVito for the Essen panel. This is a first vehicle with electric drive that goes to a panel in Germany.

The new all-electric vehicle was handed over on Friday at the LUEG commercial vehicle site in Wattenscheid, in the presence of Jörg Sator, Chairman of the Board Essen e. V., and Tobias Ziesmer, Vice President of commercial vehicles at LUEG,. “We are proud to support such a significant project as the Board, and to do something Good with it.“ so Martijn Storm, speaker of the management Board of the vehicle works LUEG AG.

The first panel was founded in 1993 in Berlin
In 1993, the first German panel was established in Berlin. The aim of the boards is to build an important bridge between Oversupply and shortage. Therefore, unnecessary and high-quality food will be collected and to socially and economically disadvantaged people are distributed. To ensure trouble-free logistics of the food, supported by Mercedes-Benz, the panels of the vehicle, which enable a fast and flexible transportation of Goods.

Mercedes-Benz for more than 20 years, the main sponsor of the German boards
With more than 950 vans-new vehicles, the brand has supported the star of the boards so far, and this meanwhile, more than 20 years of commitment to a long-standing Tradition. In the framework of the sponsorship programme, Mercedes takes-Benz up to half of the vehicle’s list price. The other part is mainly provided by local donors and sponsors.

Meanwhile, in Germany, there are more than 940 nonprofit boards, in which 60,000 volunteers are active. Also vulnerable to engage themselves, which is an important piece of life remains. Together the volunteers annually distribute tens of thousands of tons of food to around 1.5 million needy people in the whole of Germany, including 500,000 children and young people.

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