New – Karlmann King: SUV of superlatives

New - Karlmann King: SUV of superlatives


The vehicle is not in the halls of the New York Fair Center, but next to a staircase. And yet, Karlmann King has plenty of attention. Because he scores with extra sharp design and sheer size.

The six-tonner of the Chinese company IAT is based on a Ford F-550. His design is not only inspired by a stealth stealth bomber, but also by diamonds and a hawk. In addition to the King, even really tall people look puny, and if only one person sits in the lush rear, she feels rather lonely in the vastness of the room.

The most exclusive, expensive and definitive SUV in the world was designed for IAT by Italian design studio and bodybuilder Vercarmodel Saro. Its six tons of live weight in the armored version are distributed over almost six meters in length and two and a half meters in width.

In contrast to the rather dismissive exterior, the interior of the Karlmann King is quite luxurious. But what made the outfitters of plenty of burl, leather, solid gold and carbon, clearly falls under the subject matter of taste: Russian oligarchs and Arabian lscheichs are reportedly the keen clientele of only produced in twelve copies mammoth.

From the divan in the rear can be set via touchscreen not only the TV and video program. Even the coffee machine comes into action at the tip of a finger – and the door of the refrigerator filled with champagne opens.

Around 3.8 million euros is said to have cost the first copy delivered to the Middle East. The 6.8-liter V10 engine of the Ford F-550 makes in the ber mega SUV 400 hp, which allows 140 km / h top. And the consumption? About this the manufacturer is wisely silent.

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