New – Lexus Design Award for 3D Bra

New - Lexus Design Award for 3D Bra


The Japanese car brand Lexus relies on design. Not only the new design of cars is in the foreground, but also creative art for a better world. The Design Award 2019 went to Lisa Marks from the USA. She designed a three-dimensional bra for women after a mastectomy. The prize was handed over during the Milan Design Week.

Lisa Marks shines. Lexus President Yoshihiro Sawa presents the trophy to the artist in the form of a luminous crystal rod. She has used elaborate patterns from around the world to make a new lace fabric, explains Marks, who specializes in the combination of craftsmanship and algorithmic design. "I developed the lace bra for women who had to undergo a mastectomy." The three-dimensional tips would increase the comfort of wearing after surgery and thus give any woman the confidence in their new beginning.

Lisa Marks initially belonged to six finalists among approximately 1,500 designers who had run for the Lexus Award. In Milan, the freestyle now took place. A light trophy was allowed to take home all finalists.

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