New – love goes through the car

New - love goes through the car


Cars are more than just a wheeled pedestal to many people. You can trigger true feelings of happiness with us – especially at the first exit in the brand new vehicle, as a recent survey by AutoScout24 shows.

Especially women are happy when they hit the gas pedal for the first time: Two out of three riders, but "only" every second man describes the maiden voyage with the new car.

"Due to the discussions about diesel manipulation and driving bans has fallen into the background, how much the Germans love their car," says Marit Meineke, press officer at AutoScout24. "Anyone who wants to understand what driving in this country means in addition to factual arguments and the emotions of the drivers must take into account."

Exactly about these emotions, the survey revolves. Apparently, a new car also has an impact on the personality. For example, 27 percent claim that their self-confidence has taken a leap, while 24 percent say, "Wow, I felt like a new person." And just under one in four (23 percent) has the impression that the new car makes him a stanzweit attractive.

However, not all describe their emotions as positive. For example, 24 percent are afraid to make an accident with the new vehicle. Only a minority looks at the first drive completely. 14 percent say the new car is just another way to get from A to B.

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