New – Porsche shows white waistcoat

New - Porsche shows white waistcoat


Sports car manufacturer Porsche has a clear conscience: By 75 percent one has reduced the CO2 emissions – within just five years, the company announced. In production and logistics, the carbon dioxide emissions per vehicle have been reduced by more than three quarters since 2014.

"We are continuously optimizing our vehicles to make them even more environmentally friendly," says Albrecht Reimold, Director of Production and Logistics at Porsche. "In addition, many large and small initiatives at Porsche result in an overall concept that enables all divisions to improve their ecological sustainability step by step."

In order to make progress in sustainability measurable similar to economic success, Porsche determines the characteristic "environmental relief production", which consists of several parameters: In addition to the CO2 emissions and energy consumption include, among other things, the amount of water used and the amount used more volatile, organic compounds (VOC). The company has also made progress in these areas, the company says. Compared to 2014, 34 percent less solvent is used in production. The water consumption per vehicle has been reduced by 20 percent.

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