New – Skoda employees are worth money

New - Skoda employees are worth money


Smart employees are worth gold to companies. And carmaker Skoda even bare coin. How is that? Quite simply: The Czech VW subsidiary encourages the workforce to actively contribute ideas for improvements throughout the company.

In 2018, the 8,462 Skoda employees submitted more proposals than ever before, namely around 30,000 in number. And best of all: The automaker has successfully implemented more than 60 percent of the ideas. The resulting savings amounted to the equivalent of at least 8.14 million euros. This in turn rewards the company with cash prizes amounting to around one million euros.

In addition to the financial reward Skoda raffles among all participants four times a year vehicles. In addition, they can win participation in events, such as a trip to the Ice Hockey World Cup.

Skoda has had an ingenuity and enthusiasm for innovation since the early days of the company, says Bohdan Wojnar, Skoda board member for Human Resources: "Our employees, who submit ideas for improvement within the framework of idea management, live up to this spirit." And they would contribute with their ideas to make processes more efficient, to produce more sustainably, to save resources, to reduce costs or to further increase safety at work: "I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for that."

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