Nürnberger Altstadt nahezu geräuschlos erleben


The old town of Nuremberg, virtually noiseless with an E-car experience, is now offering the new service “Explore Nuremberg”. The service is the combination of E-mobility and experience.

E-vehicle experience can be booked online

On the online platform of the service of Mercedes-Benz, you can’t book a vehicle of his choice, but in the second step, a suitable experience, for example, a table in a country Inn, an Appetizer in the Imperial by Alexander Hermann or a different experience with a stay in the Metropolitan region of Nuremberg. Simply define a period of time, E-select vehicle and experience choose. Free of charge the service is not, however, in the combination of the offer, but certainly unique.

A joint project of Mercedes-Benz, as well as the Nuremberg branch

Explore Nuremberg is a joint project of Mercedes-Benz AG and the Mercedes-Benz branch in Nuremberg. The partners share the special interest in the development of the Metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The Nuremberg branch as a holistic customer Advisor and Networker in the Metropolitan area. As it is, to realize a concept, the innovative mobility and tourist Highlights from the Metropolitan area, connects to E-mobility make it sustainable with strong partners to experience the.

The exclusive E-fleet vehicles from smart and Mercedes-Benz are available. The offer ranges from smart EQ fortwo model available as a convertible – with a 60 kW and a reach of close to 155-160 km for two persons, on the C 300 de and E 300 EN variant – each as a Plug-In Hybrid & model T to the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC with 408 HP and a range of over 400 km. For more individuality, E-scooter and E are also Bikes available. For more information you can find on www.explore-nuernberg.de

Images: Mercedes-Benz AG

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