Ola Källenius mit Videobotschaft an die Belegschaft wegen Kurzarbeit

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The new Daimler-boss Ola Källenius has turned now in a short video message as a result of the Corona-crisis to its employees, and the short work is true. In addition to the Statement of Källenius other people get a word in.

Video with Statements to short-time working at Daimler

In the published Video, which is aimed at the employees of the group, and Daimler personnel chief Wilfried Porth, as well as the Daimler works Council chief Michael Brecht and his Deputy Ergun Lümali to word. According to the personnel Board Porth should, therefore, also the Board of management and senior executives for their contribution in this difficult time – how exactly, is, however, still advise.

An Instrument of crisis management in order to secure employment and liquidity

According to Michael Brecht, is the short-time work a good Instrument of crisis management in order to secure employment, as well as liquidity of Daimler: “I’m sure there’s life after Corona“ so Brecht.

The Video itself is already on the 25. March 2020 the official Youtube channel of the company have been published, but as “not listed” and thus can be found on the video platform is rather difficult.

Images/Video: Daimler AG

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