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OSRS Releases New Activity Advisor

OSRS Releases New Activity Advisor

The new Activity Advisor is great for new and returning players. It will help increase your OSRS GP faster and make quests more accessible.

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Old School RuneScape is a game that might look simple, however, it has a lot of depth. Don’t let the graphics and point-and-click movement fool you, there is a lot to learn with this game. Not only that, there are many quests and side activities to do in this game. This can make it quite daunting for new players to get a grasp of the game and might become overwhelmed with all of the content.

Jagex, the developers of Old School RuneScape, has a new Activity Advisor on the horizon. This looks to make the game a lot more accessible to new and returning players. We will cover more on that very soon. Right now though, it is only available to select OSRS accounts. It will become available to all Old School RuneScape sometime soon.

This Activity Advisor will offer plenty of help and make questing and finding activities suitable for skill requirements much easier. This can make it easier to gain OSRS gold as well. As a lot of quests need to be completed to gain access to areas that need to be farmed for gear.

Alright, let’s go deep into what players can expect with this new Activity Advisor.

What Is The Activity Advisor in OSRS?

As I mentioned earlier, the Activity Advisor is only available to a small number of OSRS accounts at the moment. It will open up to everyone soon, likely sometime this year.

The Activity Advisor is a game feature that will highlight relevant activities for your OSRS account by monitoring your progress and forecasts what content awaits you next. It calculates your skill levels, quest status, current activity, and other stats to determine what adventures you might be interested in automatically.

For example, let’s say you are low level and you have a combat skill of 20 and your mining is also 20. You will be able to see what quests are best suited for you since you meet those requirements or are close to meeting them. The quest will also show what rewards you will unlock once the quest is completed. This is a very useful feature to help streamline the leveling process and discover new content.

Types of Content Tracked

Jagex has stated that so far, the Activity Advisor only gives suggestions for quests. In the future, they hope to add other categories as well. Categories like minigames and skills. However, even if it only tracks quests right now, new players will have a much easier time progressing through the game smoothly.

Also, there are two categories these quests can fall in. Either into the Available Content category or the Target Content category.

Available Content

This type of content is self-explanatory. Here you will find all of the quests that you meet the requirements for. It will show the skills and quest requirements that you have met. You can then participate in this quest at any time.

Target Content

Target Content shows you future quests that you almost meet the requirements for. Think of it as an in-progress category. It will show any milestone or activity you need to complete to progress further. Meeting the requirements will then move it to the Available Content category.

OSRS Quest Section

There is also a dedicated quest section. Players can look here to see what requirements they meet for the quests. Similar to the content sections above. This portion will give importance to missions that provide essential unlocks, such as Fairy Ring teleports or progression gear. Jagex says that one of the common early-game challenges is navigation.

They hope that this quest section will help direct new or returning players to useful teleports and other unlocks will decrease the amount of time they spend wandering around the map. Again, this is great for earning OSRS gold as it shows what you will unlock and helps streamline the experience.

They hope to have a dedicated section for skills and other utilities. If they implement that, I can see Old School RuneScape having an influx of players because it makes the game a lot more accessible. While this is a great option for progressing through the game and earning some OSRS gold. This isn’t meant to be the most efficient way to level or grind skills. It is meant to get new players to learn and experience the game.


In short, the new Activity Advisor is a must for new and returning players. Long-time players won’t need the Activity Advisor, but it could still help. For players who are coming back can still play the game how they want, but referring to the Activity Advisor can help lead you to your next destination or quest. If or when they implement skills and other categories to be tracked as well, players will be able to progress through the game more efficiently and have fun. It could be possible they might add locations that have the best OSRS GP per hour as well. Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the new Activity Advisor? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comment section.

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