Right solutions for off the road use

Right solutions for off the road use


Commercial vehicles are often all-rounders, because they are not only on roads, but also on unpaved roads as on construction sites on the road. Therefore, the tires must be all-rounders. Tire manufacturer Goodyear has its latest Off the Road (OTR) products and solutions at the World's Leading Construction Equipment Trade Show.

These include, for example, the new Omnitrac range of tires launched in November 2018, which offers particularly high resistance to injury and longer service life. The family comprises ten sizes for mixed-use vehicles, such as dump trucks, concrete mixers, concrete pumps and jobsite low loaders, as well as trucks in the waste, recycling and wood industries and agriculture.

In addition, Goodyear will be presenting a tire pressure monitoring system that provides operators of vehicles and machines with real-time, accurate tire monitoring in OTR deployment.

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