Rückruf für A- und B-Klasse wegen Sitzkissen des Beifahrers –


Mercedes-Benz calls currently in the frame of a Mini-recall of vehicles of type A – and B-class of the predecessor-compact series W176 and W246 back in the car. The reason for the recall is a faulty occupant classification system is. Affected models of the production in the years 2014 to 2017.

Seat cushion

Due to an error occupants adhere to the classification of the front passenger seat could be disabled when the airbag is deployed the Airbag, in spite of an occupant and thus not be triggered. It is also possible that is triggered by the Airbag when a child seat is installed on the seat.

Affected are a total of 842 vehicles worldwide, of which only 223 models in Germany. In the affected vehicles, the seat cushion is tested and replaced if necessary. The Workshop day should be roughly 60-90 minutes, the affected holder in writing contacted.

Icon images: Daimler AG

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