S-Klasse Coupé & Cabrio machen Platz für den EQS ?

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Sacrifice at Mercedes-Benz the Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupé and the convertible of the current series 217 for the upcoming EQ model ? The good candidate on the string bar of the Ola Källenius, of which is highly likely – and also the coupe and the Cabriolet, the S-class is a Post about it. Confirmations are yet to come.

S-class coupe & convertible to make space for the EQ ? Production will end in August 2020

S-class Cabriolet and coupe will not be replaced

With the S-class Cabriolet and Coupé, it will probably go faster than I thought: after first rumors in the setting of series 217, we expect the current with a fast setting of the model variant – in the year 2020. We expect that it is possible to order the two upper-class variants, probably only up to approx. beginning of may 2020 and the production could then be phased out of the factory holiday in August.

S-class coupe & convertible to make space for the EQ ?

Open-top driving comfort in the top class of the series 217

With a setting of the series, we completed, among others, the open-top driving comfort in a S-class, which you can currently enjoy from 144.644,50 Euro. The closed coupe is in the basic equipment from 102.756,50 Euro can be ordered. Both variants of the model have been to the IAA in 2017 in the revised Version of the model of care presented.

A direct successor for the series 217 is that it is the on the other hand, apart from the electrified EQS model from Mercedes-Benz. Here is the model in Sindelfingen space for the production of the new EQ model.

S-class coupe & convertible to make space for the EQ ?

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