Separater Getränkehalter für die V-Klasse erhältlich

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Many Mercedes-Benz V-class Marco Polo owner of the series 447 were vexed as yet about the lack of cupholders. For driver & front passenger corresponding to the holder are rather scarce. This is exactly why there is now a solution that you are seeking in the official accessories program from Mercedes-Benz in vain.

Drinks holder for V-class Marco Polo series 447

Jörg Skibbe, himself a keen Marco Polo riders in the current series 447, has taken on the Problem and thanks to its own plastic production in his company, a solution for the lack of cupholders can think of. The so-developed holder fits both the driver’s and front passenger’s seat, and the seat of the Camper in the back right of the grip.

Also, the holder stops in the rear bench seat on the left and in the upper drawers in the Marco Polo model, as well as in the roof of the bead over the entire width in the camping operation. While the holder for the V-class can be used at many points, is this for the previous series W639, unfortunately, is not usable.

Two different variants available

The optional holder, itself, is contrary to the series solution of Mercedes-Benz with two holders in the footwells, which are more likely to be positioned sub-optimally too low, the much better solution for everyday life. Thus, the separate holder to make any noise, or even the plastic bearing surfaces are not scratched in the vehicle, on the back of additional foam padding installed.

The beverage holder for the V-class (Marco Polo) online in two different versions (open for beverages with a Handle, or closed bottles) for 21,95 Euro excl. Shipping costs can be ordered. The retaining height is 68 mm, the diameter used for drinks with a maximum of 76 and 80 mm. For more Details and ordering are here.

Images: Jörg Skibbe

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