Show car for a new class of vehicle

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With the Vision GST-Mercedes-Benz unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is a model, which should offer the prospect of a new class of vehicle, which rolled later than the R-class to the customer. After the development of the model as the Vision GST 2 presented in 2004 in Paris, then to the Vision.

Three letters should symbolisieiren a new world: the GST, which stands for Grand Sports Tourer. Behind it is a large, comfortable car with travel qualities, which was shown quite aware, for the first time in the US, hid. While GST in the Vision is still an 8-cylinder engine with 5.5 liters of displacement and 265 kW / 360 HP built-in and with all-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission combined, the Vision GST 2 a hybrid drive. The GST 2, you put on a diesel engine with 8 cylinder and 4 Liter displacement and 184 kW / 250 HP, it is coupled with a 50 kW electric machine.

Vision GST: Showcar for a new class of vehicle

The lines of the Vision showed GST “clear dynamism, without losing the elegance from the eyes” – so at least the former press release. The distinctive arc – shaped roof line, the A-and D-pillar, swinging links provided.

At the start a simple touch of the sensor button, and the door handles swivel to the outside and Opening the doors easier. The large doors open in opposite directions, as a so-called butterfly doors. They swing in a 90 degree angle and offer a view into the interior. On a B-pillar is parallel omitted.

Vision GST: Showcar for a new class of vehicle

The roof of the Vision GST consisted largely of special electrochromic glass, its tint depending on the sun intensity by the push of a button change. The panoramic roof was laterally moved to the vehicle body and received thereby, a three-dimensional effect, it brings a lot of light in the interior and ensures transparency. A sophisticated lighting concept reinforces the residential feel. Luminous film in the roof lining, in the door panels and on the lower areas of the center tunnel to put the interior during travel in the right light and ensure that the pleasant impression of the room remains in darkness and the inmates feel during the day and at night on Board recovered.

Vision GST: Showcar for a new class of vehicle

With a view to the specifications for the Vision GST was anchored for the model is a relaxed travel on long journeys for up to six people. A prerequisite for this is a large vehicle interior due to the even at the best utilization of appropriate external dimensions. The Vision GST, a whopping of 5.13 meters in length, and thus corresponded to the long-wheelbase version of the S-class. 1.92 meters wide and 1.65 meters in height, the wheelbase was 3,22 meters – the best conditions for a generous amount of space. The distance between the first in the second row of seats is 92 centimeters, from the second to the third row, there are still 82,5 centimetres. The head room in the front was 101 inches, in the center at 103 inches and the third row of seats is 95 centimeters. With a view to economy of space, more than 44 percent will be used for the interior.

Compared to the GST, the GST 2, no butterfly doors, and with normal side doors. In 2004, on the automobile salon in Paris presented a Vision R, however, was the European version of the Grand Sports Tourer, with 23.5 inches shorter wheelbase (for a total of 2.98 meters). The body dimension here, a length of 4.92 meters and offered as a 4+2 seater is still generous space in the interior.

Vision GST: Showcar for a new class of vehicle

The Vision R, but it showed the end of 2004, where the journey should go: to the series production vehicle, which should put as an R-model standards. As a series of 251, the upper class came to-large sedan on the market in 2005 and was recently built up to the year 2017 Daimler. The “SUV Tourer” received in the years 2005 and 2010, a model of care.

The production of the R-class first ran in the Mercedes-Benz factory in Tuscaloosa (Alabama /USA) and in the summer of 2015 at AM General in Mishawaka (Indiana, USA), exclusively for the Chinese market. A total of just under 200,000 units of the 251 were produced.

Vision GST: Showcar for a new class of vehicle

Images: Daimler AG

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