Spanish driving pleasure of the "Sixties" – News

Spanish driving pleasure of the "Sixties" - News


Seat has belonged to the VW Group since 1986, but was once an independent Spanish brand. At the Techno Classica in Essen, models from the late 1960s are now in the limelight.

They are celebrating their 50th birthday. In 1969, for example, the Seat 1430 came on the market. The model is an evolution of the Seat 124 and is considered the epitome of perfected Spanish sedan. These and other Seat models of the 1960s and 1970s can be admired at the fair (until April 14, 2019).

Distinguishing features are the dual headlights (the "124" had only single headlights) and the larger rear lights. Under the hood is a 51 kW engine (70 hp) with a displacement of 1.438 liters. This makes it around 7 kW / 10 hp more than the standard 1.2-liter engine of the predecessor.

The "1430" Seat has also earned some highlights of its motorsport history: The most powerful models were very successful in the rally championships and mid-1970s four Spanish rallyes decide – a golden age for "Seat Competicion", the former Racing department of the brand.

Speaking of racing: His engine was also used in the Formula 1430 – the first Spanish racing series for single-seater, which called Seat in the early 1970s to life. The Formula 1430 was considered a springboard for Spanish racers.

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