"Speed ​​Seekers" started on Insight TV!

"Speed ​​Seekers" started on Insight TV!



New squadrons of different motor sport shows will start on Insight TV in March 2019, so there should be something for every taste. The new series are already online at insight.tv and since the 4th of March on the UHD channels Deutsche Telekom Kanal 199 and Video Kanal 51 you can find here what you can see on the so-called "Speed ​​Seekers".

But first we have to clarify what Insight TV is?

Insight TV is a global content creator and TV channel, but also creates its own formats. This includes the "Speed ​​Seekers" series, which I will introduce you soon.

Check it out for free and get your own picture? No problem, because online you can stream the shows and so you can convince yourself, the first episode of each format is available for free.

Between us? But please do not tell any more: I now like to watch documentaries, like to look behind the scenes and learn a lot. Now there are more of the stuff that motor racing dreams are.

After all, it may not always be race weekend, but thanks to Insight TV, you can already take a look behind the scenes just mentioned, and now I'll briefly introduce you to the new formats:

Insight TV "Speed ​​Seeker": Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa

24 hours are 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. No matter what second a mistake happens, he can ruin the whole preparation time and the whole race success with one hit. For the 24-hour race is about driving as far as possible and crossing the finish line after the 24 hours.

There are famous 24-hour races in Le Mans, in Daytona, at the Nürburgring or even in Belgium.

At the 24 Hours of Spa in Belgium, you are not just a spectator. At Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa you can already throw behind the scenes and get along the way with the personal stories.

At "Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa", you'll take a look at the events of six leading teams and get an idea of ​​what it means to be at the start of the "Total 24 Hours of Spa".

When will the 24h race take place in Spa 2019?

The 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps is a long-distance race for touring cars and GT sports cars. The race takes place this year from 25.-28. July 2019 and in the "Speed ​​Seekers" series Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa you can already prepare for the event. Interesting insights, private stories and great pictures alternate.

Insight TV "Speed ​​Seeker": Morbidelli Rising

How to become a MotoGP racer? That explains the "Speed ​​Seeker" series "Morbidelli Rising". 18 months was accompanied by Franco Morbidelli. From rookie to newcomer and up-and-coming star. The series takes us into his private life, showing the pressure before the first MotoGP race and also experiencing the intense training. He was supported by none other than Valentino Rossi.

The 2017 Moto2 World Champion finished 15th in the 2018 MotoGP season. If you are interested in motorcycle racing and would like to take a look behind the scenes, you have found a new favorite series, "Morbidelli Rising".

Insight TV "Speed ​​Seeker": FMX Nomads

Dan Whitby, Samson Eaton and Arran Powley take the audience into the everyday life of the Bolddog Freestyle motocross team in "FMX Nomads".
I used to like playing motorcycle freestyle games on PlayStation. The tricks have tied me up in front of the screen.

When the motorcycle is standing in the air (turndown) or when the driver kneels in the air over the handlebar (Cordova) or even "floats" (Rocksolid). Of course, a backflip is also impressive, optionally without feet. The overall looks great and one has the feeling that the freestylers symbiosis with the motorcycle.

Like modern nomads, the team is constantly traveling around the world. Incidentally, this year you can also see them at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed!

The latest event brought the "FMX Nomads" to the suburbs of Amsterdam. There, the crew will complement the show with drift riders Luke Woodham and Steve Biagioni. Additional risks are almost inevitable here. How the team masters the task? You can find out at "FMX Nomads".

Insight TV "Speed ​​Seeker": Fast and Famous

Last but not least. My new secret highlight on insight.tv. In the series "Fast And Famous" two famous super sports car owners compete to race their cars on a real race track.

The celebrities are trained by a moderator, who is also an accomplished racer. Who will be the fastest celebrity petrolhead here? What celebrities drive here with what vehicles against each other? I will not tell you, because I do not want to take your anticipation.

You want more? No problem, because that was not all. On insight.tv can be found e.g. also Road to Gymkhana Grid, Close Proximity, Graveyard Carz, MTB Heroes, Dangers of Darkfest and, and, and …

… I mentioned it above, the first episode is free.

Small raffle: You can win a monthly subscription to insight.tv for me!

How do you do that? It's so easy: Just write me an email to tuning @ rad-ab.com with the subject: #SPEEDSEEKERS! You are welcome to write me a few more personal lines, but the subject line is crucial.

On Monday the 01.04.2019 I will then have random.org select who gets the two codes. The winners will be informed by mail, then all mails will be deleted, I will not forward mails. The legal process is excluded.

Photos: © Insight TV 2019

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