STARTUP AUTOBAHN und EXPO DAY am 13. Februar 2020 in Stuttgart


13. February 2020 open it the car halls in Stuttgart, for the seventh Time, your goals for the STARTUP HIGHWAY. Europe’s largest innovation platform was founded in 2016 by Daimler AG and was gone on to win 28 national and international companies as partners. The group, as well as other companies to present at this EXPO DAY their jointly developed results of the project. In the case of the Daimler AG, the current projects are in the sign of the “Ambition 2039”.

After that, the Daimler AG wants to as one of the world’s leading car manufacturers already in the coming 20 years, a CO2-neutral fleet of new Cars for the various markets offer. Half of the cars to roll in accordance with the strategy concept as a Plug-in Hybrid or pure electric cars on the roads of the world. Already in the year 2022 in the European plants, the CO should2-Neutrality can be achieved. At EXPO DAY, Daimler shows how the cooperation with Startups can help the group’s strategic targets.

Our road to sustainable mobility Innovation. I am proud to design this way in a global Team of creative, passionate innovators and technology experts together“ says Markus Schäfer, member of the Board of management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for group research and Mercedes-Benz Cars development, purchasing and supplier quality. “Technology is the key to success. You can and will help to create a better and more sustainable future. The cooperation with Startups from all over the world is an important building block,“ said Markus Schaefer.

The respective EXPO DAY of the innovation driver, STARTUP HIGHWAY is the Grand Finale of a six-month selection process. In cooperation with the American Accelerator “Plug and Play” had been searching for Daimler AG in the past few months, the world promising start-UPS. After a global Screening for more than 1000 technology companies in a first choice.

In so-called Deep Dives, the experts from different fields of expertise the group had the opportunity to speak directly with the creative minds from the Startups and their ideas to be considered.

“After a nearly three-month-long Phase of the Review and an analysis of Feasible and cost-effectiveness of ideas, the number was reduced again to almost 50 companies. These were present in a personal interview round, a kind of ‘Speed Dating’ their ideas to a circle of experts in Stuttgart,” explains Jasmin Eichler, Director of future technology at Mercedes-Benz.

In the last selection of around 30 Startups came up with the best prospects of success. These are now presented at the EXPO DAY. Previously, you had to be in a 100-day pilot phase to prove that your idea is suitable for use in a large group. They come from countries such as Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Singapore, the UK, the USA, and are now among the emerging technology companies that are now in cooperation with the Daimler AG or any of the other 28 companies, the are closed in the STARTUP HIGHWAY together.

Alone, Daimler AG had worked together in the past few years, with more than 150 Startups in pilot projects and ideas being implemented today in many Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the Standard. The most famous Innovation of the platform STARTUP HIGHWAY was built through the cooperation with the technology Newcomer What3Words.

The jointly-developed, intelligent navigation system divides the world up into a total of nearly 57 billion squares with a size of three by three meters. According to a voice input of three words, the System for the drivers to find any remote place of this world. In the spring of 2018 What3Words went with the installation in the A-class in the series.

STARTUP HIGHWAY: the discovery of The “sixth sense”

The seventh round of STARTUP HIGHWAY is an innovation treasure full of ideas for sustainability and innovative vehicle technologies“ says Jasmin Eichler about the 30 participants of the EXPO DAYS. “Your creativity, your courage are an Inspiration to all of us and help our company to find the business solutions of tomorrow.”

The range of topics on the EXPO DAY of the STARTUP HIGHWAY ranges from the development of new materials up to the discovery of the “the sixth sense“. The Startup “UBQ Material“ from Israel, for example, so far, not reusable and non-recyclable waste will transform into new substances. This could be used to replace plastics and, later on, in industries such as transport equipment processed. “We have found a way to use previously non-recyclable residual waste, and to create new materials,“ says the founder of UBQ Material, Jack Bigio. “This saves resources and can Mercedes help Benz to produce more sustainable.“ So a big step in the direction of circulation can be economic. First test, “plastics,” use of UBQ from previously non-recyclable materials in vehicles, or packaging, are already up and running.

The discovery of the “sixth sense” could be the Motto of a second promising participant of the EXPO DAYS. In the case of “Ghost“ from Berlin, founded by Laura Bücheler, are converted to complex information, such as by “an invisible hand” in vibration. Used in the automobile, it could support, for example, the language in the navigation system. The driver has to turn around to the right, would give a vibration on the right side of his seat to him this statement.

Currently, the Mercedes-Benz shopping – also in the context of STARTUP HIGHWAY – already in a pilot project with the Startup Circulor for transparency about CO2Emissions in the cobalt supply chain is involved. In this case, the Startup is using the Blockchain technology, in order to make the emission of gases harmful to the climate as well as the share of secondary material along the complex chains of battery supply cell manufacturers to understand.

STARTUP HIGHWAY – Europe’s most successful innovation platform

The history of the STARTUP HIGHWAY is an Initiative of Daimler AG, which sought to 2016, an innovative link between the world of Startups and the world of established large corporations in industry sectors such as the automotive industry. Together with the Startup Accelerator Plug and Play, the University of Stuttgart and the research factory, ARENA 2036, Daimler established the innovation platform for STARTUP HIGHWAY, and it hosts the annual two-to three-month programs, each of which is completed by an EXPO DAY.

Meanwhile, STARTUP HIGHWAY in Stuttgart branches to over 28 partners from various industries such as chemical, electronics or logistics industry to grow. This location of the STARTUP HIGHWAY is already in the first year of its existence, the largest European innovation platform for Mobility start-UPS.

Since the establishment of the innovation platform for STARTUP HIGHWAY, Daimler has scouted a total of well over 5,000 Startups on the platform. The selected Startups have since performed 150 pilot projects in various areas such as IT and Artificial intelligence, production, or Smart Materials. This results in a whole network of Innovation emerged around the globe – with other programs in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, Singapore and in the future in South Korea. Meanwhile, more than ten innovations have been implemented.

More information www.startup-autobahn.com

The EXPO DAY 7 : Thursday, 13. February 2020 11 o’clock, carts, halls, Stuttgart, Inner North station 1 in 70191 Stuttgart, Germany.

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