Supra heroes on the console – News

Supra heroes on the console - News


Modern motorsport does not just take place on the racetrack. In the digital age, more and more amateur racing drivers are also making rapid progress on the internet. Automakers have long recognized this and offer a platform for young and old racers. Toyota Gazoo Racing or Porsche are also giving their all in e-motorsport with new one-make cups.

Toyota sends a legendary sports car into the virtual world. The Japanese have now started the GR Supra GT Cup. Gran Turismo Sport looks for the fastest driver on the console. Everyone who has the Gran Turismo Sport software for the PlayStation 4 and is at least six years old can take part.

The first global brand contest for PlayStation 4 consists of 13 events. After that, the finals will be held in October 2019 as part of the Tokyo Motor Show. Registrations are possible 15 minutes before the start of each race in the "Sport Mode" of the Gran Turismo Sport.

The goal of Toyota Gazoo Racing is to inspire future generations for motorsport as well. The insights from the virtual world should be incorporated into reality. In other words, the feedback from Gran Turismo drivers not only influences the virtual model, but should also be taken into account in real development over the next few years.

Porsche also has news in the virtual world. Players can now compete on the console in the "Porsche Esports Supercup". The name "Supercup" stands for the highest category of one make cup and according to Porsche the internationality of the online racing series should be emphasized. The real racing series has been the competition for the world's best drivers of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup for 25 years.

A total of 40 racers, who have successfully mastered their way through the qualification process, will compete in ten online races. On September 28, 2019, the last race takes place at the Circuit Monza in Italy. The championship offers a total profit of around 90,000 euros.

Even the "right" racers take e-motorsport seriously for a long time. "We are expanding our presence in the motorsport world, enabling simulation racers to enter the Porsche Motorsport family by adding an esports contest to our established series of one-make cups," said Fritz Enzinger, head of Porsche Motorsport.

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