It is about 16 kilos with battery light, smart and pretty cool: With the Cowboy Bike wants the eponymous Belgian start-up to shake up the German pedelec market properly. Main target group are city dwellers, who use the two-wheeled new entry with built-in tailwind as a subset for the trip to work or in the leisure pleasure.

The Cowboy Bike with the reduced, sleek design has a rear wheel motor, belt drive and a removable battery with a capacity of 360 watt-hours, which should be enough for about 70 kilometers range – a long-haul Pecelec is the newcomer so not.

But it is completely networked, it is controlled by its own app, with the front light can be switched on and off and has an integrated navigation system. If the bike is stolen, the app helps to locate it. "For the GPS signal was installed in the context of a SIM card," says Cowboy.

According to its inventor, the bike reacts intuitively to the needs of the driver from the first step on the pedal. The automatic motor assist detects when more power is needed and adjusts accordingly without any circuit.

The cowboy bike costs 1,990 euros. It can be pre-ordered on the cowboy website, in the German cities are also test drives possible.

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Excellent design and sustainable mobility – these are the ingredients that make up the small two-wheeler eROCKIT. The "Limited Edition 100" is available now.

At the heart of the eROCKIT is the "Human Hybrid" pedal drive. The muscle power used by the driver can be registered by the system, which then increases it many times over. So should the mixture of bicycle and e-motorcycle with breathtaking acceleration inspire, according to the manufacturer almost all other road users behind queues.

Thanks to around 120 kilometers of battery life, the bike can also be used outside of city traffic. The highest speed is according to the manufacturer over 80 km / h. The following driving license classes allow driving with the eRockit: A, A1, A2 and Class 3 before 30.4.1980 (date of issue).

Price for the limited edition of 100 pieces: 11,850 euros.

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Cyclists live dangerously. In everyday traffic two-wheelers have a hard time against cars, buses and trucks. But what exactly is the cause of the steadily increasing number of accidents? And who is to blame: driver or cyclist? Ford has now pursued these questions and wanted to know whether motorists who ride bicycles also risk road traffic situations differently.

For the study, Ford asked 2,000 people in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK to investigate seemingly identical images, but with slightly different traffic situations. For example, road signs, cars, bicycles or pedestrians were missing in some comparison pictures.

The results are partly amazing. In 100 percent of all the scenarios shown, motorists who also ride bicycles recognized the difference faster. While interviewees who never ride bicycles took an average of 10.68 seconds to see the difference in the images, the peer group only needed 9.25 seconds, so it was one and a half seconds faster. Also, the group of active cyclists was three percent better in correctly assessing the changed traffic situation.

"Young driver license holders still need to develop the ability to drive cars thoughtfully and confidently, and understanding how important safety distance to cyclists is, we can all contribute to greater road safety," said Jim Graham, Ford Driving Skills Manager for life.

When it comes to road safety, the "Share The Road" campaign, which Ford 2018 has unveiled, could play an important role. It explains terms that are the stuff of the question in Gnther Jauch's cult show "Wer wird Millionr?" huts. Or do you know what the so-called Dutch Reach is?

The correct thing would be: The driver opens the car with the remote hand, so that the upper body automatically rotates further back and possibly passing cyclists or pedestrians emerge in the field of vision. This method is also called "Dutch grip". It should help to prevent collisions of cyclists or Fugngern with the vehicle door.

Of course, the Ford campaign will also focus on overtaking cyclists. Or would you have known right away that motorists are advised to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters when passing by cyclists?

Conclusion: The current study shows that people who ride both bicycles and cars can sometimes process visual information faster. Driving a car thus requires the ability of a person to recognize dangers and react appropriately. And that is exactly what can save lives in an emergency.

Ralf Loweg / mid

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In the east, not only does the sun rise. There, the bicycle theft flourishes, at least based on the German map. Theft stronghold is Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt. There, no fewer than 1,534 bicycles per 100,000 inhabitants were stolen in 2018. In the other places follow three East German cities with Leipzig (1,509), Magdeburg (1,333) and Potsdam (1,130).

Only 13 bicycles per 100,000 inhabitants were stolen in the Bavarian district of Freyung-Grafenau. This makes it the safest area for bicycles in Germany. Then come the Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm and the district of Regen (Bavaria).

The total number of bicycle thefts in Germany has now fallen for the fourth consecutive year, as reported by the comparison portal Verivox. And from 340,000 cases in 2014 to 292,000 cases in 2018. Not even one in ten bicycle theft, however, is cleared up. This is shown by the Police Crime Statistics 2018 published by the Federal Criminal Police Office.

For this reason, insurance for an expensive bike is mandatory. Most of the time the household insurance jumps for it. Verivox has therefore evaluated for 25 major cities, how much you have to pay if a € 2,000 bike is to be insured. The three most favorable tariffs were evaluated. The highest surcharge is in Bremen with 66 euros per year, the lowest with 24 euros in Nuremberg. Bicycle surcharges tend to be higher in cities where more bicycles are stolen, according to the experts.

Instead of including the wheel in the household insurance, the owner can also take out a separate bicycle insurance. Then, in addition to the theft and accident and vandalism damage, fires, partial operator error, the theft of individual parts and services are insured. For the contract costs depending on place of residence 120 euros to 220 euros per year for a 2,000-euro bike.

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Spring is coming. That means the weather is getting better, it's getting warmer and the days are getting longer. In many places, this also means that the bike comes out of the cellar again to tackle the first tours. Before you swing on the bike, it should first be subjected to an intensive spring check. Experts from the insurer ARAG explain what is important.

First of all, wash thoroughly: That not only peps up the look, but also ensures that potential weak points can be discovered. It is important to check the tires, as well as the repair kit that repairs damage to the tires. Cleared air must of course be topped up.

For a smooth ride, the experts recommend that you lubricate the chain with not too much oil and check on their seat. After that switch through all gears and remove excess oil. Reveals problems with the gearshift – off to the workshop. In addition to the chain, the brakes must also be checked. Because: If a block loosens in a possible braking maneuver, a fall can hardly be prevented.

And clearly: The days are getting longer again, sufficient lighting is still required. Therefore, the lights must be checked for defective bulbs or other small parts, so the experts who emphasize: Not only front and rear lights belong to the bicycle light mandatory equipment, but also at each wheel at least two spoke reflectors, front and rear acting pedal reflectors and each a reflector front and back.

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The boom in bicycles and pedelecs is now underpinned numerously. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), retail sales of bicycles, parts and accessories increased by 11.9 percent in 2018. Unique gain winners are the power wheels.

Because of those, so the chief statistics, compared to 2017 were imported by a whopping 32.3 percent more to Germany. These are 880,000 vehicles worth almost 790 million euros.

From 2015 to 2018, prices for e-bikes and pedelecs rose by 1.8 percent. This is significantly less than for bicycles without an electric motor, for which 4.5 percent more is demanded. And also a consumer tip has destatis ready: Basically, the two-wheeler with and without engine around the turn of the year are cheaper than in summer. "If you pay attention to a good price-performance ratio, you will buy cheaper on average outside the cycling season," says the authorities. However, this advice helps Radel-Willigen to the start of the season only conditionally.

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They have long been cars, and some already have trucks: assistance systems for more active road safety. Now scientists are researching a counterpart for bicycles and helmets.

A section called "Distributed Embedded Systems" of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn are developing assistance systems in the "Safety4Bikes" research project with seven partners from science and industry to make cycling safer in the future.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of cyclists who are injured or killed every year in Germany in a traffic accident has been constant for years. In 2018 432 cyclists died. In 2017, there were 382 and more than 79,000 were injured. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Falko Dressler, Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Sommer and a team want to counteract this.

"Together with our partners, we are developing a set of modular assistance systems for cyclists," says Dressler. "These systems will eventually work together to increase road safety." The assistance systems are to detect imminent dangers on the basis of the respective traffic situation, to warn cyclists and motorists and to point out the correct behavior.

At "Safety4Bikes", computer scientists, engineers, sociologists, manufacturers of bicycles and bicycle helmets, traffic psychologists and sensor technologists work together.

With "Safety4Bikes" different software and hardware systems are designed and designed directly for the bike and the helmet, so that the cyclists are not distracted from the traffic. The scientists from Paderborn are developing a communication device that allows bicycles to interact with cars and trucks or other bicycles in a standard-compliant manner.

"This allows a bicycle to warn a car, for example in the event of a potential or acute danger situation," says Dressler. However, a prerequisite is that the car also has appropriate technology.

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The chic of a bicycle helmet is limited. Since the not just cool head protection but life can save, there is now an image campaign, which should score especially in youthful helmet muffles.

The self-deprecating slogan is in English and reads: "Looks like shit, but saves my life", which is supposed to mean as much as "Looks modest, but saves my life."

"It is important to us to reach the target group of young people, since the helmet wearing rate in this age group is alarmingly low," says Christian Kellner, chief executive officer of the German Road Safety Council (DVR). That was also successful.

The helmet could not prevent accidents but protect against life-threatening head injuries. "We are very pleased that it is possible to take unusual paths with the Ministry of Transport."

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After the successful launch of the revived traditional brand F.B Mondial with three 125cc Italians now bring their first model in the 300 class: the HPS 300i ABS.

With the brisk trio HPS 125i, SMX 125i Supermoto and SMX 125i Enduro, manufacturer F.B Mondial landed at 7th place in the light-weight vehicle registrations. That's why the two-wheelers also set great expectations in their first motorcycle in the class over 125 cubic.

The HPS 300i ABS is a genuine scrambler with classic short sports bench, round headlights, round speedometer and grobstolligen spoke wheels. The sporty retro look is enhanced by the elaborately painted tank in two-tone technology in glossy and dull black, which is rounded off by a fine, elegant silver lining. By the way, do the short, scramblingly raised double tailpipes, the wide, curved handlebar, the tapered Fender and the cool handlebar end mirrors.

Even if HPS 300i on it says: Equipped is the neat Italian woman with a water-cooled, quarter-liter four-stroke engine with four-valve technology and electronic injection. It delivers 17 kW / 23.1 hp at 8,500 rpm and is coupled to a 6-speed transmission.

"The brake system with 280 millimeter front brake disc and 220 millimeter rear brake disc and modern ABS system provides optimum safety with a lot of dynamism and agility," says the company MSA from Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, which has taken over the distribution of the exclusive motorcycle brand. To have is the new F.B Mondial HPS 300i ABS for 4.095 euros plus 195 euros charges.

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