Should I or should not I? The unbroken boom in caravanning raises the question for many people, whether they too can be happy with a flat on wheels. What do I have to pay attention to? Which vehicle suits my needs? How can I cope with the vehicle technology and operation?

Questions about questions to be answered at the third Dethleffs entry-level event for RV or Caravan enthusiasts. This will take place from 11 to 14 October 2019. However, the number of participants is limited and the interest, according to experience, great – an early registration is therefore recommended.

For the event, the company provides fully equipped motorhomes and caravans, with which it should go on the first joint trip. The event starts and ends at Dethleffs in Isny ​​im Allgäu and costs 499 euros per vehicle and two people. This includes the rent and equipment for the motorhome or the caravan, entrance to the museum, accommodation costs at the campsite, bread service and much more. A small bonbon: If you buy a new Dethleffs motorhome or caravan within one year, you will be credited with the costs. Registration deadline is June 30, 2019.

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On April 21, 1969, the motor information service (mid) reported in the 18th year about the motor home Fiat 238th

At the camping exhibition in early March in Hamburg, the Fiat 238 motorhome, which was first introduced to experts, attracted a great deal of attention. The ideal interior design of a "home from home" large usable space, the complete practical comfort equipment and – last but not least – the unusually favorable price: The vehicle costs with a rich basic equipment including VAT 10,367.40 DM.

Cottage on four wheels

Fiat is thus responding to the growing tendency to camp with the decision to offer as the basis for a caravan almost ideal Kombi 238 as a motorhome. As a commercial vehicle with 6.5 cbm loading space, this model already fulfills the requirements for a practical holiday home from the basic concept: a lot of space on four wheels, a flat flat car floor, a low entry, large double doors with an opening angle of 180 degrees and a double door in the stern. For this carcass of a holiday home developed the body works Weinsberg now a camping facility that offers everything in a small space, what a family needs on vacation. This is a basic equipment whose composition is based on the experience of long-term campers and therefore can be considered exemplary. An accessory catalog allows you to add equipment as needed. Incidentally, the entire furniture is to be expanded in just a few minutes, so that a powerful van is available for everyday business.

Equipment as needed

The basic equipment of the camping equipment includes:
– Interior lining of the passenger compartment in plywood, painted natural, fully insulated
– Floor made of 12 mm plywood with felt-covered PVC coating
– Kitchen combination with two-burner propane gas cooker (Enders), Splbecken, water can (10 liters), hand pump
– wardrobe with mirror (145x90x36 cm)
– side seating with storage space (190×56 cm each)
– Cushions with backrests for jamming
– upholstered stools
– Table between the sitting boxes (135×60 cm)
– side hinged window
– Curtains on all windows
– filing box over the Hecktr
– Lamp 12/220 volts
– Lamp 12 Volt above the kitchen combination

additional combinations

Practical use of space is the special advantage of this living equipment. Luggage can be stored in a storage space of 310 liters in total. With a few simple steps creates a sleeping area of ​​1.90 x 1.68 meters. In the driver's cab or in the rear of the caravan, an additional bed for children can be attached. If an awning available as an accessory is installed, it can be removed by the motorhome in the shortest possible time so that the vehicle is available for excursions. For the same purpose, the kitchen combination can be removed with a few simple steps from the car and connected in the awning.

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Double award for Hymer at the Red Dot Award of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen: With the models Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort I 580 and the Eriba Touring 820, the company was able to take two top places.

The motorhome was able to convince above all by its dynamic look, its completely redesigned interior concept as well as its particularly light and stable construction. According to the experts, the caravan flagship looks particularly extravagant and futuristic with its trim in silver smooth metal in the interior and exterior design. The award ceremony will take place on July 8, 2019 in Essen.

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Even if the weather does not play along so completely – the spring has already arrived according to the calendar. Time for all motorhome fans to get their baby ready for the next trip. But where should it go? The parking lot guide from Auto Bild reisemobil now presents in its third volume more than 400 new parking spaces in Germany for short trips or long tours with the motorhome.

Camping freaks will find here the 50 best places for "cyclists", "geniuses", "water sports" or even "railroad friends". Places near "gourmet restaurants", "industrial monuments" and "open-air theaters" complete the offer. Varied holidays are guaranteed, because the guide shows many beautiful places in the immediate vicinity of Ausflugsmglichkeiten

Nine illustrated categories describe the special location places with all important information such as addresses, disposal options, prices and opening times. Well prepared, nothing stands in the way of adventure.

The publisher of the book is the Delius Klasing publishing house in Bielefeld. The author is Jens Lehmann, and the price is 16.90 euros.

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The inspection obligations for LPG systems in caravans and motorhomes are not a chicanery, but a vital necessity. Only: You have to think about it – in good time.

The start of the camping season is the ideal occasion to learn about the date of the next test. "At least every two years, a trained expert must convince himself that the LPG system on board has no defects," says the German Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (DVFG).

But even if changes were made to the gas system, for example, a gas appliance was replaced, an expert must be consulted. What proud owners of a mobile home or caravan need to know: If their vehicle is not accompanied by a manufacturer's certificate that the LPG system was installed according to the standard DIN EN 1949, they must also be an expert before commissioning.

The next specialist can be found online at

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Anyone looking for a used RV will quickly find their way to online portals. But what are the most popular models and brands? The trade magazine promobil has set up a hit list.

Accordingly, the Dethleffs trend is unchallenged at the top of the most popular used motorhomes. In second place follows with Sunlight as a semi-integrated and alcove model one of the two German Gnstig brands of the Erwin Hymer Group. And in third place comes the next Dethleffs, the compact model Globebus.

In fourth place is the Eura Mobil Profila. The name was formerly for alcoves and semi-integrated models, now it is only used for the latter. With Carado, the Sunlight sister brand is still among the top 5. On the other places: Eura Mobil Terrestra, Hymer Duo Mobile, Hymer Exsis-i / Exis t, Pssl 2Win and in tenth place of the Dethleffs Esprit.

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Vacation with the home on wheels is becoming increasingly popular – whether caravan, camper or camper: for years, the registration numbers and the lettings are increasing. Five things should be considered by tenants.

Traveling in school holidays is popular or unavoidable for many people, so interested parties should book early. The ADAC car rental company recommends doing this six months in advance, flexibility in the vehicle and period are helpful. For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, it should be checked before rental if the driver's license is sufficient.

In addition, parking spaces or campsites should be reserved or booked in good time.

Who plans a rental should pay attention to discounts. For example, this often applies to rentals of three weeks or more.

Important: Newcomers and occasional campers should insist on comprehensive training when taking the vehicle, so that the holiday can not be trivialized by unpleasant incidents. From the gas connection to the toilet use everything should be discussed here, which is important. In addition, tenants should control the vehicle on the occasion of damage.

In addition, it makes sense to reduce the deductible – usually € 1,500 – with additional insurance.

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