The design of the new Mazda3 not only rocks the compact class. The chic Japanese is now even leaving behind prestigious brands of all other classes in a competition.

Thus, the good 10,000 participants in this year's Design Trophy of the Auto Zeitung in the first merged small car / compact class category agreed to 34.3 percent for the Madza3, ahead of the Mercedes A-Class with 23.5 percent and the Audi A1 with 13.8 Percent. With a total voice share of 12.7 percent, the Japanese clearly distanced competitors such as the Porsche 911 with 7.6 percent and the Aston Martin DBS with 7.6 percent.

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The Golf is still the most important car for VW. He is the incarnation of the Dutch engineering soul, namesake for a whole vehicle class and has been sold in 45 years, about 35 million times. No other VW model is as in demand in Europe as the compact. The development department is working meticulously on Operation Golf 8, which has been in operation for more than three years.

Comparatively discreet technical innovations as in some earlier model changes can not afford VW in view of the ever faster change in the automotive sector. The new guy has to redefine the mast in the compact segment. Especially in terms of connectivity. He democratizes technical achievements from the upper class for normal customers. And he should again take a big step towards autonomous driving in a mass-produced product.

A decent specification, which is processed in the Wolfsburg development center under total exclusion of the public. Not even all employees are allowed to take their smartphone to work, so secret is it in the holy halls. So for VW it was a great exception to grant access here, for a look at the current state of the debtors in October 2019 deburring.

The reason: There were rumors that the next Golf will start later and in fewer variants than planned. The "start-up curve" had been flattened because of technical problems, the production is ramped up slower than planned. Visibly under pressure, VW jumped over its own shadow and invited to visit the experimental laboratory.

The fact that the eighth version of the long-lasting bestseller with the same wheelbase and only a few millimeters more in the length of the dealers will compete, that the cw value be "best in class" and that the design is refreshed only discreet – that was to be expected , Likewise, customers will experience a quantum leap in networking and infotainment.

And yet the consequence with which VW implements the fully digital Golf is impressive. So is a digital cockpit series, plus there's an 8.25-inch touch screen in the base, one with ten inches optional. And both versions will be available from the market launch, promises VW. Likewise, all new functionalities, such as the personalization by cloud, the digital car key or the natural voice control. The communication in and with the car and that of the vehicle with its environment will be up to date, the chiefs of the development department promise.

The Golf 8 will always be online, its operation over the touchscreen mounted at a gentle angle to the speedometer has been simplified so that dangerous dialing in mens and submens is a thing of the past. It works like a tablet, with a home button, sliding tiles and free random accessibility. Even in the case of luxury ingredients such as the freely programmable ambient lighting, the golf is setting in higher ground, with Arteon and Touareg leaving gren.

The degree of networking in the new mass VW is enormous, the developers around Board Frank Welsch speak of the Golf 8 is the new mastiff for connectivity and functionality. A chart that represents this complex system looks a bit like a blueprint for a supercomputer or a graphical representation of human DNA – but in any case enormously complicated.

How rapidly the data factory Auto develops, explain the technicians on the basis of numbers: Were written in 2010, around ten million lines of software code for a car, there are now already 100 million – and the development goes on bright. Everything works only in a network, each part communicates with all others.

The carmaker is happy to admit that the error attracts almost magnetically. In Wolfsburg one speaks in this context of "tickets", which are processed. Thousands of such error messages converge on the imposing auditors, who test their functionality around the clock, time and time again, over and over again.

Are there significantly more tickets – or mistakes – than with previous Golf models? Exactly naming the topic may not be in Wolfsburg. Only this much is to be heard: There are about 125,000 tickets per year on average for some 120 vehicle projects. These would be very appreciated. The sooner mistakes are detected and localized, the faster they can be eradicated.

Conclusion of the visit in the development center from the point of view of the VW responsible: With the new eight-Golf one lies completely on the plan. The error curve will be processed successively and quickly, ultimately it is about a few days that could delay the start of sales, not the delivery. And that is perfectly normal given the duration of the Golf 8 project of about three years.

Speaking of normal: In the year 2019 will be according to VW, the first normal customer after the first momentum of demonstration vehicles for the dealers to get his completely customized car. It can be a 1.5 TSI with and without Mildhybrid support or a two-liter TDI. The remaining variants of the 1.0 TSI via GTI, GTE, TGI (natural gas), plug-in hybrid, R-Line or R will follow gradually. Everything as usual in Wolfburg, so the message.

Rudolf Huber / mid

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When it comes to particularly sporty Audi models, then often falls the brand name "abbot" in this context. The tuner from Kempten does not stop in front of models from Wolfsburg. Newest litter: the Golf R with Abt-Power.

Tuning fans can either optimize their Golf with suspension springs or a threaded sport suspension or even access the Abt Sport Stabilizer Set.

The heart of the gimmicked Golf, however, is the additional control unit "Abt Engine Control (AEC)", with the help of the compact 257 kW / 350 hp and 440 Newton meters of torque are brought out. "We are once again producing extra extra thrust here," says Hans-Jrgen Abt. The newly developed silencer system with an Otto particle filter is intended to provide a treat for the ears.

An even sportier look is achieved by the refiner among other things with light alloy wheels in the sizes 18, 19 and 20 inches in the versions "ER-F", "FR", "DR" and "GR".

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The headwind was heavy. Delays in the start-up of the most important VW model was mentioned in media reports, from epidemic hoaxing mistakes due to a too extensive networking of the Gulf VIII.

The Niedersachsen were in the pressure to move – and are therefore in unusual openness. They invited to look into the meticulously guarded development laboratories. And they spread optimism about the start of the new in 2019 and what quantum leap he has in terms of networking and connectivity.

Note for editors:
The Motor Information Service (mid) will send a detailed report on Friday, April 25, 2019. Author is Rudolf Huber.

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The Nissan Qashqai rstet: As a special model "N-Way" stuck in the compact SUV many extras such as the panoramic glass roof.

Based on the Acenta variant, Nissan has opted for the N-Way (from € 27,215) for an equally practical and design-oriented equipment package. In addition to the glass creek with silver roof rails, this includes the NissanConnect navigation system, the winter package with heated windscreen and seat heating, 18-inch alloy wheels and darkened windows from the B-pillar.

Acenta equipment includes front and rear parking assistance and driver assistance package. It includes the Intelligent Autonomous Emergency Braking Assistant, the Intelligent Lane Keeping Assist, a Highbeam Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition. Comfort in the interior offer, among other things, the two-zone automatic climate control including pollen filter and the height-adjustable front passenger seat. An intelligent automatic headlight and wiper with rain sensor are also included.

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When Skoda presents a new car, you should take a close look. Especially since there is no long-legged model for a long time, which sends the Czech Volkswagen subsidiary on the road. After the models Kodiaq and Karoq, which are well received by the customers, and the recently shown small SUV Kamiq, which will roll in mid-2019 to the dealers, now comes the Scala – a compact. No SUV, no crossover, but also no washable station wagon.

At the predecessor Rapid Skoda called the body shape still Spaceback, in contrast to the smaller Fabia Combi and the larger Octavia Combi. This unique selling point falls away at the Scala. The Scala is closer to the current Octavia gerckt, in the interior offers similar good or even identical values, such as legroom. Anyone sitting behind the seat set aside for an average driver will notice how much that is. Four adults can easily find a place without banging their heads or knees. And best of all, this space for passengers is not at the expense of the trunk. The lumps lush at the first car of the brand, which rolls on the small car group platform MQB-A0, on the example of the VW Polo is – and on this is a big deal. 467 liters fit in, with folded back even 1,410 – according to Skoda, he is thus the class leader.

Where the question arises, to which class it is to be assigned. With a vehicle length of 4,362 millimeters, the Scala, whose name comes from Latin and means ladder, but also mastab, is about ten centimeters longer than a Golf – and thus a class larger than the platform suggests. No matter if smaller or more compact – it offers plenty of space for money and thus has a very important Skoda virtue. Anyone who decides to use the fold-down passenger seat can invite 2.50-meter-long objects. Here fits a clear bar.

Another important Skoda virtue is an appealing design. Again, the Scala can be seen. The striking radiator grille is a bit more pronounced than in the previous models, also the curved clasp is also taken up in the interior design – the style element is found as a border of the large screen in the center console, which measures 9.2 inches. For a surcharge, a freely programmable digital display is available, it is 10.25 inches tall. Thanks to the two displays and the use of cleanly crafted plastic surfaces creates a neat look. With small highlights such as sports seats with integrated headrest, black headliner or panoramic glass roof, the Scala can be further aufhbschen. Then the starting price of 17,350 euros but pass. The applies only from summer and for the 1.0 TSI with 70 kW / 95 hp.

At the market launch on 18 May, the 1-liter three-cylinder with 85 kW / 115 hp will be available. There is also a 1.5 TSI with 110 kW / 150 hp and 7-speed DSG and a 1.6 TDI with 85 kW / 115 hp, either as a 6-speed manual switch or with the DSG. A 1.0G TEC for Clean Natural Gas (CNG) will follow in the fourth quarter of 2019.

During the test drive in Split and the environment of the 115-hp turbo gasoline engine must show what he can – about 28 percent will decide according to the Skoda forecasts in Germany for this engine variant. Six out of ten Scala drivers are expected to be traveling at mid-range Ambition, making a good decision. Because they find high-quality materials, comfortable and long-distance seats that offer proper lateral support, the already mentioned classroom space and an engine under the hood before, which is extremely revving with 200 Newton meters. That he works with only three pots, is heard only when starting, when the unit rumbled something. After that, it seems to go into a resting phase, it is round and quiet. And makes fun despite the manageable performance. If you are looking ahead and with some reserve, you can easily move the Scala with six liters of Super per 100 kilometers, with a bit of use probably even with less fuel.

The tested standard suspension variant is neither soft nor spongy, but rather taut. Optionally Skoda offers for the Scala an adaptive sports suspension and a bad road package with more ground clearance.

Of course, the Scala offers modern connectivity including USB-C ports and smartphone connectivity safety features such as a blind spot warner, which now perceives vehicles up to 70 meters away, up to nine airbags, an adaptive cruise control, up to 210 km / h is enough and LED lighting, on request also as a full-LED package. There are also "Simply Clever" solutions such as the well-known umbrella in the Trverkleidung and – new – an integrated funnel, which facilitates the filling of the disc cleaning system. And that is not window dressing. Even so you set Mastbe.

Mirko Stepan / mid

Specifications Skoda Scala Ambition 1.0 l TSI 85 kW:

Five-door, five-seat compact station wagon, length / width (without mirror) / height / wheelbase in millimeters: 4.362 / 1.793 / 1.471 / 2.649, curb weight: 1.240 kg, payload: 575 kg; Suspension load braked / unbraked: 1,200 / 620 kg, luggage capacity: 467 – 1,410 l, tank capacity: 50 l, price: from 21,450 euros.
Propulsion: R3 turbo gasoline engine with start-stop system and recuperation DOHC; Displacement: 999 cc; Power: 85 kW / 115 hp at 5,000 – 5,500 rpm; Max. Torque: 200 Nm at 2,000 – 3,500 rpm; 6-speed circuit; 0-100 km / h: 9.8 seconds; Top speed: 201 km / h; Front Wheel Drive, Standard Consumption (WLTP): 5.0 l / 100 km; CO2 emission: 113 g / km; Emission class: Euro 6d temp.

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The French car maker Renault now offers the compact SUV with all-wheel drive. The model in combination with the new Topdiesel Blue dCi 150 exclusively receives the so-called "All Mode 4×4-I System". With the rotary knob, the driver can choose comfortably between three types of drive in the variable four-wheel drive: the fuel-efficient front-wheel drive, automatically activating all-wheel drive with traction loss and rigid four-wheel drive mode for difficult terrain and wintry conditions.

The Kadjar Blue dCi 150 4WD delivers 110 kW / 150 hp and mobilizes a maximum torque of 340 Nm, which is available at 1750 rpm. The souverne Kraftentfaltung in combination with the variable all-wheel drive and the trailer load of up to 1,800 kilograms (braked) prdestiniert the new diesel variant to the coach for caravans, boat and horse trailers. With consumption of 5.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers (136 g CO2 / km), the Euro 6d-Temp certified Kadjar is also economical.

Renault offers the Kadjar Blue dCi 150 4WD especially in the top equipment Bose Edition. Our distinguishing features are 19-inch alloy wheels, full-LED headlamps and SUV-look front and rear spoiler with optical underrun protection in silver gray. The comfort features include details such as the Bose Sound system with eight speakers, the two-zone automatic climate control and the Renault R-Link 2 touchscreen infotainment system.

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The Transporter Combo and the compact Astra are now being offered to commercial customers at especially tightly calculated leasing conditions of the PSA subsidiary Free2Move Lease. And until 31 May.

The comprehensive Combo Cargo Edition is now available for a monthly net leasing rate of 139 euros. And the Astra leads already starting from 95 euro monthly "as company and company cars for all challenges," it is called at Opel.

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Ford Puma – was there something? Of course, that's the name of a cuddly-smart sports coup that was built from 1997 to December 2001. Now the name is revived – in the form of a compact crossover model. It should start in 2020.

That the Puma can be considered as the opposite pole to the T-Cross of VW, can be seen on the first pictures. The new in the chic SUV look shows an elegant, crisp lines, harmonious proportions and positioned on the top of the fenders front headlights.

The Puma should be a practical and suitable for everyday use vehicle, it says at Ford. Because the targeted clientele especially a flexibly usable luggage compartment wnscht, it was put a special attention. The result, according to the Ford class rating of 456 liters in full seating and the ability to stow easily two golf bags upright.

The well-known Ford EcoBoost three-cylinder in the Puma afford up to 155 hp and supported in the course of 48-volt mild hybrid technology by a belt-driven starter generator. The new series will be produced at the Ford plant in Craiova (Romania).

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"High-quality sophistication", this term appears in the presentation of the DS 3 Crossback in Monte Carlo fters. But that fits. You can barely summarize what's more fitting, which is what makes the young Frenchman. Somehow, it is also the credo of the brand, founded in 2015 by the PSA Group as an independent premium model series above Citroen and Peugeot. DS is deliberately not aimed at customers who like to bulk goods, but more to buyers who have a certain luxury that they do not attach to the Fahrzeuggre.

Now goes the DS 3, so to speak, in the second round and adds while the sporty three-seater sedan (which should continue to live in special editions) as a compact SUV. His competitors include the Mini Countryman and the Audi Q2. In contrast to the lower and shorter brother of the Crossback is trimmed when driving more on comfort. The numerous winding mountain roads near Monaco quickly provide proof of that. The Crossback takes bumpers fairly relaxed, but struggles in fast-moving serpentines, willing to follow the steering angle. As the driver often has to reload the steering wheel cranks to compensate for the pronounced understeer tendency.

By contrast, knows the drive to please: The 155-horsepower three-cylinder petrol engine, with which we were mainly on the road, growls vorstigstig and can not be lumped while accelerating. Even the weaker version with 130 hp does not feel underpowered. A big part of the positive overall impression can be generated by the 8-speed automatic transmission. The torque converter does not turn wooden, but discreetly and thus stops the weuls that we know from cars of this category offered with continuously variable CVT transmission.

Its chocolate side shows the DS Crossback with its interior materials and their processing. Time and again, its builders cite traditional craftsmanship in leatherworking, which has been enriched with modern technology. One marvels at the structures of the seat and backrest surfaces and the tasteful leather colors – for example dark red. Here it trumps up, the high-quality refinement!

Designers of the car have also come up with some design ideas. In addition to the typical shark fin on the B-Sule, which is inherent to all modern DS, there are many details to discover. The urge for refinement does not stop in front of the interior. The center console with the extraordinary diamond pattern could be confidently hung as an eye-catcher over the domestic living room sofa. But why was the ergonomics expert denied the objection when the decision was made to install this part in a car? Too great is the likelihood of confusion in the scattered switches.

It is particularly strange in the lower part of the console, where – in almost identical design and placed in a row – the switches for the windows and the electric handbrake are planted together. During the test drives, it did not happen once that the supposed command to close the front left side window triggered an unintentional full braking. The annoying search game, it also came every time to find the switch for some driver assistance functions in the dark lower knee room.

Again, the DS proves that he does not necessarily turn to the technically oriented customer, who swirls for airplane-like, functional cockpits in the car. In this respect, it is already a positive surprise that a head-up display is also available. High-quality sophistication can be defined very broadly. It's just the difference that fascinates with this SUV. This includes the tightly inserted outer trinkets, which fold nicely outward when the key owner approaches and invite them to board.

For the market launch in May 2019, the DS 3 Crossback with three gasoline engines (based 100 hp) and a diesel at the start. The price list starts at 23.400 (Chic) and ends at 39.090 Euro (La Premire). End of 2019 is then still a purely electric driving version as E-Tense (with absolutely identical body) added, in spite of thick batteries no compromise on the Innenraummaen must be accepted, and promises a long range. If you want a DS, you have to look around, where one of the 20 DS-dealers hides.

And what's behind the dashboard ping-pong effect mentioned in the title? Quite simply: When you turn the blinker creates a sound like a table tennis game. At this point, the sophistication is also experienced acoustically.

Specifications DS 3 Crossback Puretech 130 Automatic Performance Line:

Five-door SUV of the compact class, length / width / height / wheelbase in millimeters: 4,118 / 1,791 (without outside mirror) /1.534 / 2.558, curb weight: 1.205 kg, payload: 405 kg, tank capacity: 44 l, trunk volume: 350 – 1,050 l, trailer load unbraked / braked: 640 / 1,700 kg, price: from 30,290 euros.

Engine: 3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with direct injection, displacement 1,199 cubic, power: 96 kW / 130 hp at 5,500 rpm, max. Torque: 230 Nm at 1750 rpm, 0-100 km / h: 9.2 s, top speed: 200 km / h, 8-speed automatic, front-wheel drive, average fuel consumption: 5.0 l super / 100 km, CO2 emissions : 115 g / km.

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