Luxury air in Munich. Rolls-Royce also enjoys above-average popularity on the Isar. The opulent dealer of the luxury brand is now on the stage. The Rolls Royce dealer, who is a member of the Schmidt Premium Cars, was honored with the highest of all awards by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for his "outstanding achievements" last year – the "Global Dealer of the Year".

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schmidt, owner of the Munich-based Rolls-Royce Showroom, accepted the dealership award on behalf of the team led by General Manager Georg Pfeffer and Brand Manager Daniel Linke – the prizes were awarded at the World Dealer Conference in Shanghai.

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Super strong, super fast, super on the ground: The Jaguar F-Pace SVR combines features that seem incompatible. The top version of the big SUV of the British luxury brand was now in the French Maritime Alps, the honor.

To get to the 1700 meter high Mont Lachens in the French department of Var by car, you can take a narrow but well-developed forest road with a seemingly endless number of hairpin bends. Or, from the small village of La Roque-Esclapon, you can work your way up a stony, washed-out path that balances constantly on a steep slope.

Only something for Gelndegnger, like the Jaguar F-Pace SVR. The top version of the F-Pace, with which Jaguar 2016 entered the booming market of the SUV, has no problems with its 405 kW / 550 hp V8 petrol engine to master the inclines, with the All Surface Progress Control (ASPC ), the driver safely walks past dangerous spots (previously identified by the Land Rover Experience team with Steinmnchen), and the SVR's all-wheel drive also heaves the two-ton technology across deep cross grooves.

Above, in the small paraglider parking lot, just below the summit, the small fleet of a dozen F-Pace SVR gathers together. Time to take a look at the special features of the body after the extravagant driving experience with the 100,000-euro vehicle (especially Jaguar head designer Ian Calum as an expert available). The model developed by the Jaguar Land Rover SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) division sets itself apart from the other variants of the F-Pace family with its special SVR aerodynamics package.

These include larger air intakes in the front of the vehicle and, above all, the openings in the front wheel arch linings. Special front and Heckstofngern, deeper drawn side skirts and new roof spoiler provide better cooling, less buoyancy and air resistance and optimized directional stability.

Down the Mont Lachens it goes on the mentioned forest road, opportunity to test on the tight winding asphalt road the newly tuned chassis with firmer Dmpfern and front by 30 and rear ten percent increased spring rates.

Patience is the order of the day on the narrow Routes Departementales and National Road 202. Because here, along the Verdon and the Var, curve after curve, and on the few stretches, where a overtaking is possible, you may not cheat on the wide – and breakneck – lurching – Camions past. Especially since there are more uncomfortable "jobs" than the driver's seat of the F-Pace SVR.

In addition to the lush interior of the F-Pace, the SVR offers some delicacies, starting with the seats: they are slim and 14-way adjustable. The gear selector lever of the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and a heated leather sports steering wheel with SVR emblem and aluminum paddle shifters underline the sporty character of the model. A Wifi hotspot for up to eight external devices, the passengers are always "connected"; Also standard are the Touch Pro infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen and the 12.3-inch instrument display.

The valley of the Var widens and with it the possibility to try out the sprint and sprints of the SVR. The 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine of the F-Pace SVR delivers 550 hp – an increase of over 80 percent compared to the hitherto strongest models 30t and 30d with six-cylinder engine. With a maximum torque of 680 Newton meters, the SVR accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds; the highest speed is 283 km / h.

The automatic transmission directs the power of the large gasoline engine with significant gear changes on both drive axles, the power distribution is variable depending on the road conditions and weather conditions. On dry roads the SVR is a pure rear-wheel drive.

These data already reveal that the F-Pace SVR is not a fuel-efficient model. It consumes 11.9 liters per 100 kilometers on average and CO2 emissions were calculated at 272 grams per kilometer.

For more difficult road conditions, there are a number of control systems available that have been specifically re-tuned for the SVR. Brand new in the series is an electronically active differential on the rear axle. The All Surface Progress Control traction control system and Adaptive Surface Response (similar to the Land Rover and Range Rover Terrain Response System) give the SVR a secure grip in all conceivable surfaces and weather conditions.

The Gelnde Jaguars approach Nice – where luxury cars are part of the street scene. Unmistakably plays the SVR in this league in front, with the competition from Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and from the house (Range Rover Sport SVR) comes. Exclusivity has its price: 100.100 Euro are the basic price in the price list and you can easily spend a few thousand for special requests.

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The vehicle is not in the halls of the New York Fair Center, but next to a staircase. And yet, Karlmann King has plenty of attention. Because he scores with extra sharp design and sheer size.

The six-tonner of the Chinese company IAT is based on a Ford F-550. His design is not only inspired by a stealth stealth bomber, but also by diamonds and a hawk. In addition to the King, even really tall people look puny, and if only one person sits in the lush rear, she feels rather lonely in the vastness of the room.

The most exclusive, expensive and definitive SUV in the world was designed for IAT by Italian design studio and bodybuilder Vercarmodel Saro. Its six tons of live weight in the armored version are distributed over almost six meters in length and two and a half meters in width.

In contrast to the rather dismissive exterior, the interior of the Karlmann King is quite luxurious. But what made the outfitters of plenty of burl, leather, solid gold and carbon, clearly falls under the subject matter of taste: Russian oligarchs and Arabian lscheichs are reportedly the keen clientele of only produced in twelve copies mammoth.

From the divan in the rear can be set via touchscreen not only the TV and video program. Even the coffee machine comes into action at the tip of a finger – and the door of the refrigerator filled with champagne opens.

Around 3.8 million euros is said to have cost the first copy delivered to the Middle East. The 6.8-liter V10 engine of the Ford F-550 makes in the ber mega SUV 400 hp, which allows 140 km / h top. And the consumption? About this the manufacturer is wisely silent.

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Visitors to the Shanghai Auto Show will have their spa, because Maserati has some plans. For example, the vehicles of model year 2019 will be presented in China. In addition, the car maker shows how he implements highly individual customer requests.

Highlight of the new model range is the issued Quattroporte S Q4. It has seats made of plaited nappa leather. Also on display are the two new V8 versions of the SUV Levante. They will be available in Germany in the second half of 2019. In the Levante GTS, the 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine delivers 390kW / 530 hp at 6,250 rpm and offers 730 Newton-meters of torque between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm. The Levante Trofeo has a 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine with 427 kW / 580 hp, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 299 km / h ,

Another highlight: Maserati will show a single piece, which was created in the specific customer order at the Maserati Centro Styles.

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"Secret Escapes" is the name of a travel portal that specializes in high-class hostels. Now, the Japanese luxury car brand Lexus undertakes a joint tour with the young crossover model UX with the travel agency.

Under the international slogan "The Lexus Design Collection" Secret Escapes places the crossover model in the immediate vicinity of selected top offers from design hotels in Germany. If you book a night in one of these accommodations, you take part in an exclusive raffle. The winner will be provided with the Lexus UX for the booked travel weekend starting from Haustr for arrival, return trip and the planned city trip.

In addition, City Guides stage the compact model as a vehicle that transports travelers from "sunrise to sunrise" – including tips for exploring cities by day and night. As part of the partnership, Secret Escapes also produces an exclusive roadtrip film starring the Lexus UX at attractive venues in Europe.

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The perfect car for the geniuses and the millionaires: The McLaren 720S Spider combines brutal on-off with the possibility of relaxed convertible tours.

Another racer again! The sheriff on the highway in Arizona is not amused – rather angry. It puts a ticket for "Speeding", this time even as a "criminal act". That will be expensive!

But no wonder: The cars in which he and some other test drivers of media from all over the world, the Gasfu sits so loose, there are vehicles of the type McLaren 720S Spider. You can hardly resist the temptation to push the right pedal to the stop. Then the open two-seater, fired by 720 hp, leaps forward with such force that you can hardly believe it. The stomach nerves rebel, the co-driver cramps, the driver cheers – until he sees the sheriff.

USA, the land of unlimited breadth and limited pace. There is a good reason why the British automaker is providing two new models to the press for their first test drives in particular: the New World is its most important sales market; American well-heeled car fans particularly appreciate the exotic racers with Formula 1 flair as an alternative to Porsche and Ferrari.
Fast straight driving is far from the only strength of English sports cars. Extremely stable brakes, a stiff monocoque chassis, a precise steering and a tight, but also long-distance suitable suspension are basically their strengths.

The new 720S Spider ranks in McLaren's model hierarchy in the "Super Series". This is the middle tier, below the "Ultimate Series" of extreme racer la Senna; and above, well, starter models of the "Sport Series", which also includes the equally new McLaren 600LT Spider. The competitor of the 720S are, for example, the Porsche 911 above the Carrera series – for the open Spider that would be the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet.

The German and the British follow a very similar concept: They are very fast cars, but are also quite intended for cruising – which can work even better in a convertible than in a closed coup. Three patents are in the carbon roof that McLaren has redeveloped for the 720S; eight engines sink it in eleven seconds over the middle engine. This works until Tempo 50; So the 720S Spider belongs to those cabriolets that open after a summer rain shower while passing through a motorway parking lot.

When the roof has completely disappeared under the lid and the airstream whizzes in at a high tempo, or if one strolls calmly along the boulevard and enjoys warm summer air, then driving is pure. With windows and the rear window serving as WIndschott can regulate the air supply; Especially popular with drivers of the brand is the option to close the roof and open the rear window. Then you sit protected, but listen to the engine at work. Especially because the sound is not pimped artificially like many competitors, this is a special treat.

Unlike usual, the driver does not have to compromise on a closed coup if, for example, he leases himself for a few quick laps on the Nordschleife. Because all vehicles from the British Woking build on a monocoque chassis la Formula 1 racer – which holds its enormous rigidity even without a fixed roof. There is no need for any additional reinforcements; the curb weight remains well below one and a half tons. Of course, the roof kinematics weighs in addition; the 50 more kilograms compared to the normal coup are not really noticeable even when committed speeding.

Rather already the price: With 280,000 euros, the Spider is more than 30,000 euros more expensive than the version with a closed roof. Stylish extras like the retractable panoramic folding roof naturally add up to it. But who usually shops cars in this price range, who pays the possibly from the petty cash – and the speeding ticket Speeding later.

Marcus Efler / mid

Specifications McLaren 720S Spider:

Secondary, two-seat open sports car, carbon monocoque body, length / width with, without exterior mirror / height / wheelbase: 4,543 / 2,161.1.930 / 1,196 / 2,670 mm, curb weight: 1,468 kg, luggage capacity: front 150 l, 58 l behind, Tankinxx2 l, price: 280,000 euros.

Drive: V8 twin turbo, Displacement: 3.7×9 cc, Power: 522 kW / 710 hp at 7500 rpm, max. Torque: 770 Nm at 5,500 – 6,500 rpm, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, 0 – 100 km / h: 2.9 seconds, top speed: 341 km / h, rear-wheel drive, standard fuel consumption: 12.2 l / 100 km, CO2 emission: 276 g / km, emission class: Euro 6d temp.

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The Cabriolet Porsche 911 Carrera gets a high-tech soft top. And once again, the folding roof is a self-creation of the Swabians. Thanks to a new technology, a coupe-like roof vaulting of the closed fabric top is possible.

With almost identical lines as the coup, the fabric roof spans an elegant arc from the windscreen frame to the top of the convertible top. There are no deflectors under the fabric, nor are there any games that interrupt the flying design, the typical 911 Flyline – which also has aerodynamic advantages. Thanks to a new and lighter hydraulic roof drive, the convertible top can be opened and closed up to a speed of 50 km / h in approximately twelve seconds each.

The deciding factor for this form, which has long been unattainable with fabric covers, is the innovative construction as a so-called "flat-sheet roof top". The entire fabric roof – with the exception of the side parts – stretches over a solid roof surface made up of individual segments that adjoin one another directly. The four elements are the front roof frame, two wing archs and the rear window, whose frame, like the other segments, is made of magnesium. All frame components are kinematically coupled, so that only one hydraulic cylinder per side is required to move the top. When closing, Porsche relies on the proven central electric lock, which is supported by lateral centering pins.

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Ending Infiniti in Europe: As part of a restructuring plan Nissan withdraws its luxury brand from the European market – after just about a decade.

In the future, they want to concentrate more on North America and China, and Eastern Europe is also of interest to Infiniti. By contrast, 2020 will be over in the west of the continent. Production of the Q30 and QX30 models at the Sunderland location (UK) will be discontinued by mid-2019. Infiniti is currently negotiating with employees' representatives on how to proceed with their employees.

For customers, the brand is working on a transitional plan to ensure after-sales service, maintenance and warranty repairs.

Infiniti had come to Europe after the launch in 1989 in the US only in 2008. In Germany, the market launch took place a year later – but Nissan's luxury brand in this country always fell short of expectations. In 2018, the Federal Motor Transport Authority registered just 762 new registrations, in February 2019, only 27 new vehicles were registered.

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The "CL" from Mercedes-Benz stood for comfort 20 years ago. Because with the Vor-Vorlufer of today's S-Class Coups presented the star brand a suspension with air suspension, which gave the occupants the feeling of floating on a cloud. His debut was the CL series C 215 two decades ago at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Active Body Control (ABC) active suspension system developed by Mercedes has a world premiere in the luxury class coup. It is one of the important innovations of the Stuttgart brand for active safety. ABC reduces body pitching and rolling, increases safety reserves and promotes driver fatigue.

"With the Active Body Control ABC, we have opened a new chapter in comfort in combination with dynamic handling when driving a car," recalls the then responsible engineer Frank Knothe, who later became production line manager for the Mercedes S-Class, the SL and SLK. "Series development was a big challenge because of the shortage of time." But she was more than worth the result.

In October 1999, the CL 500 with V8 engine and 225 kW / 306 hp came on the market. The 270 kW / 367 hp CL 600 with a new V12 engine followed in 2000. "The special fascination of the CL 600 lies in the unique ease of driving" – wrote the specialist magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport" in issue 23 of the year 1999 about the luxury coup.

From 13 to 23 September 2001, Mercedes-Benz presented the 326 kW / 444 hp CL 63 AMG at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its 6,158 cc V12 engine has a maximum torque of 620 Newton-meters, allowing acceleration on sports car level as well as superior travel. The number 63 in the type designation of the CL top model is reminiscent of the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 (W 109).

In September 2002, Mercedes-Benz introduced the new generation of the C 215 series. Externally, the facelifted coup fell through its four headlights in clear glass optics, revised Stofnger and new exterior mirror housing – now with ambient lighting – on. Technically, the new V12 engine with 5,513 cubic centimeters and twin turbo charging of the CL 600 was a sensation. He made 368 kW / 500 hp – 36 percent more than in the built 2000-2002 CL 600.

The C 215 series was rounded off in 2003 by the new CL 65 AMG with 450 kW / 612 hp output from 5,980 cubic centimeters of displacement. The high-performance coup was then – in addition to the parallel presented sedan S 65 AMG – one of the two most powerful automobiles in the history of AMG and founded in 1999 Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The CL 65 AMG accelerates from a standstill to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds, its V12 twin-turbo engine has a torque of up to 1,000 Newton meters (electronically limited). Until the year 2006, the model was built. This was followed by a revised CL – direct predecessor of today's S-Class Coup.

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