Hamburg offers a special feel-good factor – and not just visitors to the Elb Philharmonic. Even guests who appreciate a diametrically different sound like to come to the Elbe. For example Harley driver.

Thousands of fans of the cult smithing crowd year after year at the Hamburg Harley Days to party for three days at Europe's largest non-motorized motorcycle city event, "enjoying the shared lifestyle and riding a motorcycle together," as the organizers describe the program ,

In 2019 the Groevent will rise with the Hanseatic flair from the 28th to the 30th of June. The focus is the 50th birthday of the cult strip "Easy Rider", which in 1969 brought the lifestyle of a whole generation to the point. As a home base is again the terrain at the Gromarkt available. Here, Harley-Davidson dealers and independent traders show their complete assortment on an area of ​​around 40,000 square meters. And that it also music and singing – guaranteed not classic – and all the desires in terms of nutrition, is clear anyway.

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Excellent design and sustainable mobility – these are the ingredients that make up the small two-wheeler eROCKIT. The "Limited Edition 100" is available now.

At the heart of the eROCKIT is the "Human Hybrid" pedal drive. The muscle power used by the driver can be registered by the system, which then increases it many times over. So should the mixture of bicycle and e-motorcycle with breathtaking acceleration inspire, according to the manufacturer almost all other road users behind queues.

Thanks to around 120 kilometers of battery life, the bike can also be used outside of city traffic. The highest speed is according to the manufacturer over 80 km / h. The following driving license classes allow driving with the eRockit: A, A1, A2 and Class 3 before 30.4.1980 (date of issue).

Price for the limited edition of 100 pieces: 11,850 euros.

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On March 6, 1989, the engine information service (mid) reported in the 44th year on the Honda Gold Wing GL 1500 in the field test.

Oh man – there it stands: The Honda Gold Wing GL 1500. A car on two wheels. A super or bertourer. Whatever you call them, the Gold Wing instantly evokes emotions that go either "over-unusable" or "travel-pleasure-super comfort". Alone this look! Plastic wherever you look, from the bulky full fairing to the covered front brake or the integrated panniers to the top case. The thick tires, the pompous upholstered seat and the wide handlebars form only a weak contrast.

Also, the drive is, apart from the valve covers and the elongated exhaust pipes, not much to see. The 74 kW / 100 hp power plant works in secret. No less than six cylinders arranged according to the boxer principle provide for the enormous displacement of 1,520 cc. The e-starter brings it to life spontaneously. And immediately it comes to light how calm and vibration-free the water-cooled unit stored in rubber blocks air. During the short warm-up phase, it may happen that you want to drive off after a traffic light stop and the transistor-ignited machine went out unnoticed. Unrivaled 150 Nm at just 4,000 rpm, the two-valve balances as maximum torque on the crankshaft. Between increased idle speed and red range – ie between 2,000 and 6,000 crankshaft revolutions – everything is there: strong torque, elasticity, clean throttle response. And the whole thing with a very subtle exhaust sound and largely vibration-free, so that there is always the impression of a highly cultivated sovereignty.

It is therefore hard not to be calm and relaxed on the road. Nevertheless, just seven liters flow as average gasoline consumption (normal unleaded) through the two carburettors, a consequence of the high weight and the large wind area. The 23-liter tank is thus good for about 300 kilometers of range, the fuel gauge certainly gives us useful information. The power transmission takes over a hydraulic clutch to be switched Fnfgang gearbox, which is characterized by short shift travel and successful gear gradation. As a technical highlight, but also as a commendable help with maneuvers, the machine has a starter-assisted reverse gear. A big lever is tucked behind the fairing and the Honda moves to e-starter pressure backwards with a maximum speed of 1.6km / h. The engine side is rounded off by the low-maintenance (hydraulic valve setting) and the easy-care shaft drive.

Praise also deserves the suspension of the new Gold Wing. Unlike previous Gold Wing models, it can not only satisfy pure touring needs. Safe straight-line travel up to a top speed of around 190 km / h. The crosswind sensitivity is within relatively narrow limits. The manageability of the 385 kilogram colossus surprised, only he has to roll once. Supertourer-fair spoil the spring elements – 41 mm fork and two struts rear – the crew with a lot of comfort. By means of air pressure compressor (with external connection for tires and air mattress), the suspension can be adapted to the load and the road conditions. Bumps on low-level lanes pose little problem for the gimbal machine, which also has sufficient Schrglagen reserves in curves. After some offense, you also lose the fear of pass rides.

The seating positions are exceedingly comfortable, although the German version of the US version with the high fairing and the padded giant top case has to accept. The sozia, because she can not lean her back on the flat top case and the driver, because he is exposed behind the nonsensically capped (but TV-fair) disc at higher tempos unpleasant turbulence. Unpleasant is – of course only in summer temperatures – and the heat behind the full paneling, which can hardly be mitigated by various ventilation openings. Otherwise, the equipment can inspire. A high-quality hi-fi deck, hazard warning lights, an on-board air pressure compressor and a digital clock in the clear instrument cockpit are just a few highlights. The large panniers have inside pockets. Unfortunately, only flat objects fit into the top case. If desired, cruise control maintains a set speed between 50 and 130 km / h until the driver brakes, hitches or takes gas. Speaking of brakes: Here an Integral brake system (the brake lever activates the rear and left front disc of the three-disc system) performs its service. And to the full satisfaction. 22,800 DM is the price for the roadworthy Honda Super-Tourer GL 1500 Gold Wing.

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Old schoolers of today know him, the former nightmare: At some point it will end with fossil fuels, and then what? The latest electric rescue before the horror scenario is called Zero SR / F and comes from California. Whether it is attractive not only for technology nerds, but also for classic bikers, the test shows.

In 1979, I was panicked by bad news: By the year 2000, the USA's oil reserves had been used up, according to the supposedly well-founded black painting of a teacher at the Gymnasium. But today it is clear that global fossil fuels are much longer than they were around 40 years ago. At the same time, there are attractive alternatives to the burner, especially in motorized two-wheelers. The latest end to the old nightmare of no longer possible mobility is Zero SR / F: A purely electric naked bike that brings hyper-agile driving pleasure – and novel, of course.

New and unusual is much on the Zero, whose model name SR / F is derived from the term "Streetfighter": Sporty-agile undisguised motorcycles for the highest possible driving pleasure. Particularly unusual is the elemental acceleration: The electric driving force is more impulsive than any combustion bike. Reason: The brute force of 190 Nm of torque catapults the only 220 kg heavy motorcycle horizon. This is probably the greatest driving dynamics of electromobility on two wheels: The Z-Force 75-10 AC motor of the Zero SR / F is always incredibly brilliant to the factory.

This sheer unbounded power is kept in check by fine electronics, most notably the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) and cornering ABS. The technique is responsible for Zero Abe Askenazi, formerly Buell. He obviously had an eye on which components are used for the new top model SR / F. So come suspension / damping front and rear of Showa and are fully adjustable. And the production tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso III contribute to the perfect road layout of the electric bike.

Up to date is the SR / F in connectivity. An app is connected to the motorcycle via Bluetooth and displays important vehicle data as well as nearby charging stations. Unfortunately, you have to wait a bit for a connection to the navigation of the smartphone, but it will soon point the way to the goal on the large TFT display. Both the monitor and the app, you can choose the driving modes "Street", "Sport", "Eco" and "Rain". Ten additional individual modes allow variable performance and recuperation (ie storage of braking energy).

First driving impression with the SR / F: engine noise you do not really miss. Even fans of crisp boxer, shrill four-cylinder or rumbling V2 sound perceive a strange silence, but then notice quickly: That's why you enjoy all the more the impulsive acceleration. He is exposed on the emission-free Stromer, as once Baron Mnchhausen on the legendary cannonball. There may be motorcyclists who can not get used to the lack of engine sound, but you should test this for yourself in an electric – and perhaps electrifying – test drive.

The combination of a new e-motor and 14.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries offers more coverage than electric skeptics fear: nominally comes the SR / F in the city 259 km far, in combined use 157 km. In the practical test it was 143 km range. That may sound pretty, but for this motorcycle class is not a big problem, because for long tours, there are other bikes.

Next good news: Above all, the 22,690 euro expensive premium model with 6 kW fast charging system is ideally charged in one hour from 0 to 95 percent, to 100 percent, it only takes another 30 minutes. Worst case with the 20,490-euro standard Zero SR / F (3 kW charging system) on a household socket: Four and a half hours from completely empty to 100 percent full batteries.

In general, the Zero SR / F leads like a typical Streetfighter: Spur and curve hungry. Thanks to its narrow width, you can weasel through narrow passages in the city traffic. And always enjoys the characteristic spurt orgies with the electric bike. You sit in more than on the bike. And despite the short wheelbase, the distance to the handlebar is generous.

If you consider the SR / F prices from 20,490 euros for extremely high, you should remember: When torque is not even a KTM 1290 Super Duke R (16,595 euros) with the Zero. The lies with 190 Nm clearly in front of the KTM with "only" 141 Nm. Even a 18,430 euro expensive Ducati Monster 1200 R does not keep up with its 126 Nm. In addition, the thrust of the gasoline engine only builds up with increasing speed, the much greater power of the zero is from 1 / min fully on. The bottom line is that not even three months delivery time will deter you from giving the Zero SR / F a chance – even if you stay with the powerful petrol engine after the first test drive.

Ralf Schtze / mid

Specifications Zero SR / F Standard (Premium):

Streetfighter with AC motor "Z-Force 75-10", passive air-cooled with internal permanent magnet, max. Power: 82 kW / 110 hp / 5,000 rpm, max. Torque: 190 Nm from 1 rpm, batteries: "Z-Force" lithium-ion with 14.4 kWh, charging type 3.0 kW integrated (6.0 kW), charging times: 4.5 h 100 percent, 4 h 95 percent (Premium: 2.5 h or 2 h); with quick charge option: 1.8 or 1.3 h (Premium: 1.5 or 1.0 h), clutch-free direct drive, belt.
Steel cascade frame, USD fork 43 mm fully adjustable with 120 mm travel, concentric swingarm, fully adjustable Showa struts with external reservoir, 140 mm travel, double disc brake 320 mm, rear single disc brake 240 mm, Bosch curve ABS, front tires: 120 / 70-17, rear tire: 180 / 55-17, seat height: 770/787/810 mm (various seats), empty weight: 220 (226) kg, payload: 234 (228) kg, maximum speed: 200 km / h , Standard consumption: city comparable to 0.55 l / 100 km, expressway comparable to 1.08 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions 0 g / km, price: 20,490 euros (22,690 euros).

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Sometimes emotions beat somersaults with us. In that case, you better not sit on the bike – not to tumble. A humorous video with emojis or smileys known from social networks now promotes emotional self-restraint on two wheels.

These are fractions of a second, which often determine life and death in road traffic. That is why highest concentration is required here. That's not so easy sometimes. Often our emotions distract us. At the start of the motorcycle season, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) and the Institute for Two-wheeled Safety (ifz) are demonstrating in a humorous way in the common spot for the social media, where dangers lurk and how to master them.

At the heart of the clip are emotions, represented by emojis, the omnipresent yellow faces for all feelings and life situations. Embedded in real traffic situations, they illustrate how emotions influence our behavior in road traffic and can lead to an accident within a few seconds. The video is shared across the DVR's various social media channels and at As many road users as possible should be reached, especially motorcyclists.

"The typical emotional everyday situations illustrate the great danger of distraction on the road," says Matthias Haasper, head of research at ifz. "Almost everyone will find themselves in the spot and think about it in at least one of the situations." So the central message is: "Stay focused, the others may not!"

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Although many couriers obviously valued the Honda CX 500 for its reliability and practicality, her comic artist and cult character Brsel ("Werner, Or Was") lent the unflattering nickname "Gllepumpe".

Nevertheless, it became a success story and continues to enjoy a growing fan base today. Their technical refinements and the powerful engine convinced bikers in the late 1970s. Meanwhile, the "Gllepumpe" is experiencing a renaissance and is often used by biker tuning blacksmiths and motorcycle screwdrivers as the starting point for "caf racer projects".

The success story of Jung Pumpen GmbH from Steinhagen also started with hand-driven agitated pumps for agriculture. Today, they are located in the company's own museum, and the company, which is now active worldwide, produces wastewater pumps and sewage lifting units for building drainage and municipal wastewater transport on site. But for the 95th anniversary of the company, it is supposed to be back to glare pumps – only this time a little differently.

Any recreational mechanic who has converted a Honda CX series motorcycle into a cool "Gllepump" or is in the process of being challenged will be invited to participate. Photos of your own renovation can be uploaded to the website until July 19, 2019. Experts from the custom scene select the best conversion at a motorcycle meeting on 18 August 2019 at the cable plant B64 in Beelen.

The first prize is a weekend trip worth € 1,000 for two people to London, the Ace Caf Runion. This will take place at the beginning of September 2019. For place two and three cash prizes were awarded. More information about content, participation and the story can be found now under

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That's the name of the program: The ContiTrailAttack 3 is ready for the "attack" on everyday life. Because in March 2019, the on- / off-road tire for travel enduro cars passed its baptism of fire. The all-rounder's size range includes a total of 21 dimensions that have been released for nearly 190 Aprilia, Benelli, BMW, Buell, Cagiva, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha motorcycles.

At the presentation on Crete, the ContiTrailAttack 3 was able to convince with several features: Extremely short break-in time thanks to TractionSkin technology, operating temperature after 1,500 meters, wet grip and agile handling in all driving conditions, even on light gravel passages.

"We are very pleased with the response to the ContiTrailAttack 3, and even the rain has contributed to the success of the presentation, and the fact that the sun came out later underlines once again the versatility of our new adventure tire," said Martin Burdorf, Leiter Sales and Marketing Continental motorcycle tires.

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On March 27, 1989, the 44th-generation Motor Information Service (mid) reported on the Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.

An eye-catcher

A Harley-Davidson falls everywhere. And the LSTC Heritage Softail Classic can be attested that it still occupies a special position within the Harley model family in terms of eye-catching. The classic styling in the style of the 50s with Baroque forms and lots of chrome provide this. And the lush rivets equipment of the seat and the fringed leather bags and the simple windshield contribute to the unmistakable appearance. Those who are fascinated by the charm of a heritage but do not like the stud show can rely on the sister model FLST Heritage Softail, which dispenses with rivets as well as a standard windshield and panniers.

Like all the big Harleys, the Heritage Softail Classic is equipped with the massive Evolution engine, which can be brought to life by the E-starter without any problems. Although the Japanese competition has now surpassed the 1,340 cc capacity and 45 kW / 61 hp at 5,000 crankshaft revolutions with its chopper range, the Harley retains its unique charm. Among other things, this is due to the fact that it starts to take on gas from the idle speed and powerfully "unbelt". This is the best way to describe how the air-cooled V-twin engine gains speed under all sorts of mechanical noises and sympathetic, distinctive vibrations. That the passage is not "of bad parents", is easily understandable given 92 Nm (at only 4,000 rpm) as the maximum torque and the huge 108 mm piston stroke. If necessary, the twin pulls up to about 6,000 tours, but this is hardly necessary and certainly not stylish. If one ignores the fact that the driven copy compared to previously driven 1,340 cc Harley machines was not quite as good "in the feed", you can attest the Classic a sympathetic motorization.

It's just a pity that the four-stroke sound from the two right-hand exhaust pipes does not get a bit fuller. The average fuel consumption is a good 5.5 liters super unleaded per 100 km, which allows a range of about 250 km in view of the 16-liter tank. Criticism deserves the Fnfgang gearbox of the test machine, which could be pretty hakelig just downshifting in the lower gear ratios. To balance the lbadkupplung came without major forces on their function. And the hydraulic valve clearance compensation and electronic ignition as well as the low-maintenance toothed belt drive to the rear wheel make the over 160 tachometer-kilometer-fast machine very low-maintenance.

Only 67 cm above the ground, almost at the spokes wheels, the biker sits on the Classic. But he is not only deep, but also relaxed in an upright position. The Fe kommod on control boards, the hands on the high handlebars and the upper body with his head behind the high windshield protected from the wind, so the ride can go. However, you have to live at speeds above 110 km / h with strong turbulence behind the disc, which in the long run annoying helmet and head durchrtteln. Thanks to the wide handlebar and the deep machine center of gravity, the 295 kg heavy US Colossus is well under control. Only Rangiermanver in the state require muscle use. In addition, the Classic can go through as handy.

On normal rural roads, the suspension poses no problems. However, if roads of the second or even third order are taken a little faster under the thick 16-inch tires, the short suspension travel of the lying-up bombers quickly comes into trouble. The consequences: Fahrsteste beat through and the suspension swings. But the real Softail biker should probably be so unmixed style, so that when relaxed Choppern the two-person operation very early touchdown in curves will not attract attention too much. Speaking of Sozia: she does not sit comfortably on her small seat cushion, but raised high above the driver.

The two-disc brake system requires Harley-typical high operator forces for only satisfactory braking performance. The equipment includes functional switch units as well as a tank console with integrated speedometer and unconventional ignition lock. Also leather panniers are among them, which are spacious, but also relatively narrow. Exactly 25,830 DM is the pricehrde, the Harley-Davidson has set in front of the chopper individualist FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic. Optionally, it is also available with insurance-insured 34 kW / 46 hp engine.

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With spring, the chance for beautiful motorcycle weather is growing. But drivers who hibernate with their machine should now take it easy – for safety's sake. "Anyone who returns to the bike in the spring after the long winter break has to get used to his machine again," says Achim Kuppinger, motorcycle expert at Dekra. "When it comes to balance, coordination, acceleration and speed, the bike has different requirements than your own car." You have to slowly get used to that after the break.

Therefore, some bikers will be ringing in the new season with exercises on a terrain separate from public transport. In braking tests, slalom and backcountry you can safely refresh your sense of the machine here. Even more comprehensively, motorcycle safety training prepares the driver for the new season.

This is especially recommended for those who want to start again after a longer bike break of a few years. Also targeted at this group are special recreational trainings from automobile clubs and manufacturers, where you can acquire the necessary routine to clear your head for predictive driving. Another option is to spend a few hours at a driving school.

Other road users also play a role: "Motorcyclists must also remember that motorists are not ready for the fast bikes with high acceleration in the spring and often react in a surprised way," says Kuppinger. "Every motorcyclist is also a motorist, and knows the problem from a different perspective." Here's what it means: "Turn on your head and actively watch out for the others." Motorcyclists should especially drive to intersections with more caution and pay attention when overtaking whether the motorist has seen the motorcyclist.

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After the successful launch of the revived traditional brand F.B Mondial with three 125cc Italians now bring their first model in the 300 class: the HPS 300i ABS.

With the brisk trio HPS 125i, SMX 125i Supermoto and SMX 125i Enduro, manufacturer F.B Mondial landed at 7th place in the light-weight vehicle registrations. That's why the two-wheelers also set great expectations in their first motorcycle in the class over 125 cubic.

The HPS 300i ABS is a genuine scrambler with classic short sports bench, round headlights, round speedometer and grobstolligen spoke wheels. The sporty retro look is enhanced by the elaborately painted tank in two-tone technology in glossy and dull black, which is rounded off by a fine, elegant silver lining. By the way, do the short, scramblingly raised double tailpipes, the wide, curved handlebar, the tapered Fender and the cool handlebar end mirrors.

Even if HPS 300i on it says: Equipped is the neat Italian woman with a water-cooled, quarter-liter four-stroke engine with four-valve technology and electronic injection. It delivers 17 kW / 23.1 hp at 8,500 rpm and is coupled to a 6-speed transmission.

"The brake system with 280 millimeter front brake disc and 220 millimeter rear brake disc and modern ABS system provides optimum safety with a lot of dynamism and agility," says the company MSA from Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, which has taken over the distribution of the exclusive motorcycle brand. To have is the new F.B Mondial HPS 300i ABS for 4.095 euros plus 195 euros charges.

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