VW offensive: Seat is to conquer China

mid Gro-Gerau – The Spanish car maker Seat wants to conquer the Chinese market. Seat

By 2022 it should be ready: Then the Spanish carmaker Seat wants to conquer the Chinese market. He is helped in the process.
The Spaniards have founded the joint venture JAC Volkswagen with Volkswagen Group China and the Chinese manufacturer JAC, which plans to launch and implement it within the next two to three years.

By 2022 it should be ready: Then the Spanish carmaker Seat wants to conquer the Chinese market. He is helped out: The Spaniards have founded the joint venture JAC Volkswagen with Volkswagen Group China and the Chinese manufacturer JAC, which plans to launch and implement it over the next two to three years.

The joint venture, founded in 2017, also focuses on the development, production and marketing of pure battery vehicles. Because Volkswagen plans to expand the range of electrified vehicles already this year. Even in the long term more is planned. More than half of the 22 million e-cars planned by the Group are to be produced in China by 2028. The goal: By 2025, around 1.5 million electrified vehicles, mostly pure e-cars, are to be delivered.

In addition, another agreement was signed to help develop future mobility solutions: a smart city partnership with the city of Hefei will test mobility requirements and needs in a fully networked city and develop smart mobility offerings. The special focus of the partnership is the development of autonomous driving.

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Although he is the first production car of the new ID family of VW, he still carries the "3" in the name: the ID.3. From now on, the pre-announcement is running for an exclusive special series.

All good things come in threes, you might have thought in Wolfsburg when the decision was made to name the Stromer, which is called ID.3. It should refer to the third letter in the alphabet and thus to the C-segment – compact class. Here is the latest VW settled. But it should also be perceived as the third milestone in the company's history, after the Beetle and the Golf. Both are known to have each founded a new era of mobility and left a lasting mark on generations of motorists. The ID.3 thus follows in huge footsteps – in the remaining skepticism about electric cars, especially in the home market Germany, it is a mammoth task to build on the successes of the godfathers.

"We start with the ID.3 from the middle, the brand core of Volkswagen, in which the majority of the models and the sales volume can be found." The number 3 also signals upgradeability to the segments above and below, we have a lot in the Pipeline, "says Jürgen Stackmann, Brand Director for Sales and Marketing, about the new model and its type designation. By 2025, Volkswagen wants to be number 1 in the world of e-cars worldwide.

Jürgen Strackmann: "We are starting a new chapter for Volkswagen here today in Berlin, which is a very important day for our Group and many of our customers would already opt for an e-vehicle if there was a corresponding offer We are now launching the production of electric vehicles in mass production with the Volkswagen ID family, and we want to change mobility in the coming years. " All new Volkswagen electric vehicles will be named ID in the future. Strackmann explains: "This is a symbol of our future." ID.3 for the first model means we start in the middle of our range, our model range, the ID.3 will get exterior dimensions like our Golf, inside the car will be totally spacious This is made possible by the use of a completely new platform. "

The ID.3 is an important building block in the group's electric offensive – it is the E-car for the people. It should cost less than 30,000 euros, and be fully suitable for everyday use with ranges from 330 to 550 kilometers. For loyal or new customers who want to venture the step into the electrified future with VW, offer the Wolfsburg an exclusive, limited to 30,000 vehicles Pre-booking special edition called ID.3 1ST with more extensive standard equipment, the immediately after payment of 1,000 Euro registration fee can be pre-ordered. The ID.3 1ST has a range of 420 kilometers to WLTP and costs under 40,000 euros in Germany. For this purpose, VW will spend a year providing free of charge electricity of up to 2,000 kWh on all public charging stations that can be used via the WeCharge charging app, as well as on the Europe-wide fast charging network "Ionity", in which Volkswagen is involved.

The production of the ID.3 1ST will start at the end of 20198 and VW will begin shipping in mid-2020. At moderate prices the Wolfsburg want to produce up to 100,000 vehicles per year.

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PSA (also) relies on electricity as fuel and gives a first look at Peugeot Boxer Electric and Citroen Jumper Electric at the Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show (until May 2, 2019).

Depending on the version, the two big vans will reach a range of 225 kilometers for lengths L1 and L2 and 270 kilometers for lengths L3 and L4. These commercial vehicles will be built at the Italian Sevel plant in Val di Sangro and electrified by BD Auto.

But that's not all: For the mid-range vans, PSA plans to release Stromer versions of Peugeot Expert and Traveler, Citroën Jumpy and SpaceTourer as well as Opel Vivaro Cargo and Vivaro for the year 2020. One class among them has been the Peugeot Partner Electric and the Citroën Berlingo Electric since 1998. They will be replaced in the year 2021 by a new generation, a variant of Opel / Vauxhall still comes to the E-box family.

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The first aluminum bonnet in a Ford commercial vehicle in Europe and other sophisticated weight-loss methods have a positive effect on the new Transit: The payload increases by up to 80 kilos. The two-ton van is expected to be launched in mid-2019.

As before, variability and a wide range of variants in the Ford commercial vehicle are capitalized. The transit comes in various lengths and heights and with front or rear wheel drive. The engine offer ranges from 105 to recently 185 hp, the maximum torque of the top engine is 415 Nm. Just a few weeks ago, Ford also announced a purely battery-electric Transit version for the year 2021.

The safety and comfort equipment has been significantly expanded compared to the predecessor, it ranges from the Blind Spot Assist with additional trailer function on the improved Lane Assistant with Lane Keeping Assist to Pre-Collision Assist with Fugngererkennung.

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It is about 16 kilos with battery light, smart and pretty cool: With the Cowboy Bike wants the eponymous Belgian start-up to shake up the German pedelec market properly. Main target group are city dwellers, who use the two-wheeled new entry with built-in tailwind as a subset for the trip to work or in the leisure pleasure.

The Cowboy Bike with the reduced, sleek design has a rear wheel motor, belt drive and a removable battery with a capacity of 360 watt-hours, which should be enough for about 70 kilometers range – a long-haul Pecelec is the newcomer so not.

But it is completely networked, it is controlled by its own app, with the front light can be switched on and off and has an integrated navigation system. If the bike is stolen, the app helps to locate it. "For the GPS signal was installed in the context of a SIM card," says Cowboy.

According to its inventor, the bike reacts intuitively to the needs of the driver from the first step on the pedal. The automatic motor assist detects when more power is needed and adjusts accordingly without any circuit.

The cowboy bike costs 1,990 euros. It can be pre-ordered on the cowboy website, in the German cities are also test drives possible.

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In autumn, the new Opel Corsa rolls to the dealers, from summer 2019 it is available for ordering. Opel engineers are still putting the sixth generation of the small car through its paces. They promise a better Corsa than ever before.

"In the development of the sixth Opel Corsa generation, we put special emphasis on increasing efficiency," says Thomas Wanke, Global Lead Development Engineer, Vehicle Performance. The Corsa anno 2019 is lighter and more economical, promises Opel. Developers and test engineers have been working on suspension, powertrain, electronics, lighting and other adjustments since January, refining and improving the small car steadily towards the market launch in the fall.

"We want to offer our customers a top chassis with the perfect balance of safety, comfort and driving pleasure," says Wanke.

With more than 13.6 million cars sold in five generations since 1982, the Corsa is one of the brand's best sellers in the world of lightning – and the sixth generation, which will be electric for the first time, is also set to capitalize on these successes.

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How long does it take to charge the batteries? This is a key issue when it comes to electric cars. Hyundai and Webasto are now offering a brisk flair for domestic use, which is also affordable.

The Wallbox Webasto Pure for 595 Euro delivers up to 32 ampere charging current. As a result, for example, the charging process for an Ioniq Elektro of 12.5 hours at the domestic 220 volt outlet is reduced to only four and a half hours. That's 2.8 times faster.

According to Hyundai, Webasto is already offering a site analysis for 95 euros before the installation, during which a local technician will check the electrical connections and the conditions for the installation, thereby precluding any future system overload or damage.

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The Golf is still the most important car for VW. He is the incarnation of the Dutch engineering soul, namesake for a whole vehicle class and has been sold in 45 years, about 35 million times. No other VW model is as in demand in Europe as the compact. The development department is working meticulously on Operation Golf 8, which has been in operation for more than three years.

Comparatively discreet technical innovations as in some earlier model changes can not afford VW in view of the ever faster change in the automotive sector. The new guy has to redefine the mast in the compact segment. Especially in terms of connectivity. He democratizes technical achievements from the upper class for normal customers. And he should again take a big step towards autonomous driving in a mass-produced product.

A decent specification, which is processed in the Wolfsburg development center under total exclusion of the public. Not even all employees are allowed to take their smartphone to work, so secret is it in the holy halls. So for VW it was a great exception to grant access here, for a look at the current state of the debtors in October 2019 deburring.

The reason: There were rumors that the next Golf will start later and in fewer variants than planned. The "start-up curve" had been flattened because of technical problems, the production is ramped up slower than planned. Visibly under pressure, VW jumped over its own shadow and invited to visit the experimental laboratory.

The fact that the eighth version of the long-lasting bestseller with the same wheelbase and only a few millimeters more in the length of the dealers will compete, that the cw value be "best in class" and that the design is refreshed only discreet – that was to be expected , Likewise, customers will experience a quantum leap in networking and infotainment.

And yet the consequence with which VW implements the fully digital Golf is impressive. So is a digital cockpit series, plus there's an 8.25-inch touch screen in the base, one with ten inches optional. And both versions will be available from the market launch, promises VW. Likewise, all new functionalities, such as the personalization by cloud, the digital car key or the natural voice control. The communication in and with the car and that of the vehicle with its environment will be up to date, the chiefs of the development department promise.

The Golf 8 will always be online, its operation over the touchscreen mounted at a gentle angle to the speedometer has been simplified so that dangerous dialing in mens and submens is a thing of the past. It works like a tablet, with a home button, sliding tiles and free random accessibility. Even in the case of luxury ingredients such as the freely programmable ambient lighting, the golf is setting in higher ground, with Arteon and Touareg leaving gren.

The degree of networking in the new mass VW is enormous, the developers around Board Frank Welsch speak of the Golf 8 is the new mastiff for connectivity and functionality. A chart that represents this complex system looks a bit like a blueprint for a supercomputer or a graphical representation of human DNA – but in any case enormously complicated.

How rapidly the data factory Auto develops, explain the technicians on the basis of numbers: Were written in 2010, around ten million lines of software code for a car, there are now already 100 million – and the development goes on bright. Everything works only in a network, each part communicates with all others.

The carmaker is happy to admit that the error attracts almost magnetically. In Wolfsburg one speaks in this context of "tickets", which are processed. Thousands of such error messages converge on the imposing auditors, who test their functionality around the clock, time and time again, over and over again.

Are there significantly more tickets – or mistakes – than with previous Golf models? Exactly naming the topic may not be in Wolfsburg. Only this much is to be heard: There are about 125,000 tickets per year on average for some 120 vehicle projects. These would be very appreciated. The sooner mistakes are detected and localized, the faster they can be eradicated.

Conclusion of the visit in the development center from the point of view of the VW responsible: With the new eight-Golf one lies completely on the plan. The error curve will be processed successively and quickly, ultimately it is about a few days that could delay the start of sales, not the delivery. And that is perfectly normal given the duration of the Golf 8 project of about three years.

Speaking of normal: In the year 2019 will be according to VW, the first normal customer after the first momentum of demonstration vehicles for the dealers to get his completely customized car. It can be a 1.5 TSI with and without Mildhybrid support or a two-liter TDI. The remaining variants of the 1.0 TSI via GTI, GTE, TGI (natural gas), plug-in hybrid, R-Line or R will follow gradually. Everything as usual in Wolfburg, so the message.

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The headwind was heavy. Delays in the start-up of the most important VW model was mentioned in media reports, from epidemic hoaxing mistakes due to a too extensive networking of the Gulf VIII.

The Niedersachsen were in the pressure to move – and are therefore in unusual openness. They invited to look into the meticulously guarded development laboratories. And they spread optimism about the start of the new in 2019 and what quantum leap he has in terms of networking and connectivity.

Note for editors:
The Motor Information Service (mid) will send a detailed report on Friday, April 25, 2019. Author is Rudolf Huber.

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Volkswagen is waiting for the Auto Shanghai with many world premieres. For every taste, every class and every budget, the Wolfsburg have a SUV in the luggage.

Watch our exclusive video on YouTube:

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