When Skoda presents a new car, you should take a close look. Especially since there is no long-legged model for a long time, which sends the Czech Volkswagen subsidiary on the road. After the models Kodiaq and Karoq, which are well received by the customers, and the recently shown small SUV Kamiq, which will roll in mid-2019 to the dealers, now comes the Scala – a compact. No SUV, no crossover, but also no washable station wagon.

At the predecessor Rapid Skoda called the body shape still Spaceback, in contrast to the smaller Fabia Combi and the larger Octavia Combi. This unique selling point falls away at the Scala. The Scala is closer to the current Octavia gerckt, in the interior offers similar good or even identical values, such as legroom. Anyone sitting behind the seat set aside for an average driver will notice how much that is. Four adults can easily find a place without banging their heads or knees. And best of all, this space for passengers is not at the expense of the trunk. The lumps lush at the first car of the brand, which rolls on the small car group platform MQB-A0, on the example of the VW Polo is – and on this is a big deal. 467 liters fit in, with folded back even 1,410 – according to Skoda, he is thus the class leader.

Where the question arises, to which class it is to be assigned. With a vehicle length of 4,362 millimeters, the Scala, whose name comes from Latin and means ladder, but also mastab, is about ten centimeters longer than a Golf – and thus a class larger than the platform suggests. No matter if smaller or more compact – it offers plenty of space for money and thus has a very important Skoda virtue. Anyone who decides to use the fold-down passenger seat can invite 2.50-meter-long objects. Here fits a clear bar.

Another important Skoda virtue is an appealing design. Again, the Scala can be seen. The striking radiator grille is a bit more pronounced than in the previous models, also the curved clasp is also taken up in the interior design – the style element is found as a border of the large screen in the center console, which measures 9.2 inches. For a surcharge, a freely programmable digital display is available, it is 10.25 inches tall. Thanks to the two displays and the use of cleanly crafted plastic surfaces creates a neat look. With small highlights such as sports seats with integrated headrest, black headliner or panoramic glass roof, the Scala can be further aufhbschen. Then the starting price of 17,350 euros but pass. The applies only from summer and for the 1.0 TSI with 70 kW / 95 hp.

At the market launch on 18 May, the 1-liter three-cylinder with 85 kW / 115 hp will be available. There is also a 1.5 TSI with 110 kW / 150 hp and 7-speed DSG and a 1.6 TDI with 85 kW / 115 hp, either as a 6-speed manual switch or with the DSG. A 1.0G TEC for Clean Natural Gas (CNG) will follow in the fourth quarter of 2019.

During the test drive in Split and the environment of the 115-hp turbo gasoline engine must show what he can – about 28 percent will decide according to the Skoda forecasts in Germany for this engine variant. Six out of ten Scala drivers are expected to be traveling at mid-range Ambition, making a good decision. Because they find high-quality materials, comfortable and long-distance seats that offer proper lateral support, the already mentioned classroom space and an engine under the hood before, which is extremely revving with 200 Newton meters. That he works with only three pots, is heard only when starting, when the unit rumbled something. After that, it seems to go into a resting phase, it is round and quiet. And makes fun despite the manageable performance. If you are looking ahead and with some reserve, you can easily move the Scala with six liters of Super per 100 kilometers, with a bit of use probably even with less fuel.

The tested standard suspension variant is neither soft nor spongy, but rather taut. Optionally Skoda offers for the Scala an adaptive sports suspension and a bad road package with more ground clearance.

Of course, the Scala offers modern connectivity including USB-C ports and smartphone connectivity safety features such as a blind spot warner, which now perceives vehicles up to 70 meters away, up to nine airbags, an adaptive cruise control, up to 210 km / h is enough and LED lighting, on request also as a full-LED package. There are also "Simply Clever" solutions such as the well-known umbrella in the Trverkleidung and – new – an integrated funnel, which facilitates the filling of the disc cleaning system. And that is not window dressing. Even so you set Mastbe.

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Specifications Skoda Scala Ambition 1.0 l TSI 85 kW:

Five-door, five-seat compact station wagon, length / width (without mirror) / height / wheelbase in millimeters: 4.362 / 1.793 / 1.471 / 2.649, curb weight: 1.240 kg, payload: 575 kg; Suspension load braked / unbraked: 1,200 / 620 kg, luggage capacity: 467 – 1,410 l, tank capacity: 50 l, price: from 21,450 euros.
Propulsion: R3 turbo gasoline engine with start-stop system and recuperation DOHC; Displacement: 999 cc; Power: 85 kW / 115 hp at 5,000 – 5,500 rpm; Max. Torque: 200 Nm at 2,000 – 3,500 rpm; 6-speed circuit; 0-100 km / h: 9.8 seconds; Top speed: 201 km / h; Front Wheel Drive, Standard Consumption (WLTP): 5.0 l / 100 km; CO2 emission: 113 g / km; Emission class: Euro 6d temp.

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For families with children, sporty three-wheelers are not the optimal means of transportation – they offer too little storage space for the child seat and stroller. Even new cars are not suitable for every mobile family. But on the used car market there are so many treasures that fit into the budget of a young family.

The Motor Information Service (mid) has compared the used car prices of three sports station wagons together with the portal for used vehicle valuations AutoUncle.de. The criteria for all three candidates are the same: built between 2003 and 2010, gasoline and more than 300 hp power.

Mercedes Benz has the original price from around 64,000 euros C55 T model with a V8 engine with rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The wagon with star makes 367 hp and manages in 5.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. The trunk has space for 430 liters of luggage.

In Munich, there was a comparison model for almost 20,000 euros less acquisition costs. The BMW 335i Touring features a 6-cylinder four-wheel drive engine with automatic transmission. The Mnchner makes 306 hp and sprints in 5.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. There is room for 450 liters of luggage in the trunk.

In Ingolstadt, we find candidate number three, with an original price of around 54,000 euros in the midfield: the Audi S4 Avant with a V8 engine with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The athlete with the rings makes 344 hp and manages in 5.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. The load volume in the trunk is 442 liters.

The Munich contestant leads with the weakest engine, but offers the most storage space. With a consumption of 10.6 liters per 100 kilometers, he has the least thirst of all three. He is also the candidate with the lowest loss of value, which today means the highest purchase price for a used BMW 335i Touring: Between 17,000 and 19,000 euros are fllig, depending on equipment and mileage.

The Mercedes C55 T leads with the strongest engine, but offers the least storage space. Its consumption is 12.3 liters per 100 kilometers and thus in the midfield of the three comparative candidates. In the used car market he is very stable with his price. In 2014, the price was between 16,000 and 17,000 euros, today costs a Mercedes-Benz C55 model T, depending on equipment and mileage still between 15,000 and 16,000 euros.

The cheapest sports station wagon comes from Ingolstadt. The Audi S4 Avant costs as about ten years old used car only about 12,000 euros. He is also the thirstiest in the comparison trio and is 13.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

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Volvo equips the two plug-in hybrids V60 and XC60 with T8 Twin Engine. They can now be ordered as "Polestar Engineered" versions.

More power, chassis optimization and optical fine tuning – this is part of the "Polestar Engineered" package, which will be used to deliver the mid-range station wagon and SUV from summer. The sports combination starts at 69,500 euros, the SUV costs at least 84,600 euros.

The plug-in hybrid drive has been improved in terms of performance for both models: its system output is 298 kW / 405 hp (+15 hp), the torque 670 Newton meters, so 30 Newton meters more. The response of the accelerator pedal and the transmission has also been improved with new software. Also on board: Polestar Engineered multi-link suspension on the front and rear axles with Öhlins dual-flow valve shocks for better stiffness of springs and dampers. In addition, brakes from Brembo (Volvo V60) and Akebono (Volvo XC60) with improved heat resistance provide the right deceleration values.

Visually, the two models can be seen on the new alloy wheels in glossy black five-spoke design, the gold-painted calipers and the black chrome-plated trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes. Inside, the golden seatbelts immediately catch the eye. Auxiliary heating, the Harman / Kardon High Performance Sound Pro audio system with 600 watts of power, 14 speakers, subwoofer and sound optimization as well as Sensus Connect for the smartphone connection are additional features.

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It is solid, the mid-size sedan Octavia from the house Skoda. But now there is the model as a "Sport Edition" – for sedan and station wagon. The special model with special extras is available now.

The engines are three gasoline and two diesel units with 85 kW / 115 hp to 140 kW / 190 hp to choose from, with the top gasoline is coupled with 4×4 drive. With features such as the Bolero infotainment system, two-zone Climatronic, sports seats, multifunction leather steering wheel, LED headlamps, ACC adaptive distance assistant and much more, customers can enjoy a price advantage of up to € 1,870 compared to a similarly equipped production model. In conjunction with a business package, the price advantage anticipated by Skoda adds up to 2,395 euros.

A feature of the special edition are the 17-inch, black-painted alloy wheels in design Trius with 225/45 R17 tires. The all-black details such as front spoiler lip, rear spoiler, rear diffuser with trim, radiator grille and exterior mirror caps and dark-tinted rear and rear side windows (Sunset) complete the style. The series-produced LED headlights, fog lamps with cornering lights and taillights in crystal glass look bring light into the darkness.

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Even though natural gas is gaining momentum as an environmentally friendly and inexpensive fuel, VW continues its CNG initiative unflinchingly. After the Polo TGI and Golf TGI, the Golf Estate can now also be ordered with the Sauber Gas.

The novelty of the new gas variant: It has now installed four instead of three tanks as before. And three with a total of 18.3 kilograms of CNG capacity, which corresponds to a total volume of 115 liters. Thanks to the additional gas tank, the combo manages compressed natural gas with a fill of up to 440 kilometers (according to WLTP). There is also a "reserve tank" with nine liters of gasoline, enough for about 150 kilometers. In view of these values ​​one speaks of a "quasi-monovalent gas drive".

The drive is provided by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 96 kW / 130 hp. The standard consumption is VW with 3.6 kilograms of CNG per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a CO2 emission of 99 g / km. This places the Variant TGI in efficiency class A +. The base price: 31,480 euros including 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG).

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Seat makes athletic ambitious riders want more: With the special model Leon Cupra R ST, the family coach becomes a real top athlete.

The 2.0 TSI with four cylinders provides 221 kW / 300 hp, offers 400 Nm of torque and completes the sprint to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds. At 250 km / h, the maximum speed is regulated. The electronically controlled 4Drive four-wheel drive ensures that propulsion is guaranteed in all situations, with the power being sent to all four wheels in fractions of a second as needed.

An optimized front axle with negative camber of two degrees should allow better cornering speeds and improve handling. A braking system from Brembo provides powerful grip. A sports exhaust system also underlines the dynamic appearance of the sports estate car acoustically. Among other things, carbon elements such as front lip, roof spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser and exclusive 19-inch wheels provide the right look.

Inside, the sports pilots can expect a fully digital cockpit, sports seats, a keyless access, front and rear parking sensors and a rearview camera as well as a "connectivity box" for wireless charging of the smartphone. From April 2019 the Leon Cupra R ST is available.

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