The automobile, whether bought, leased or shared, is still enormously important to the Germans. And for younger users more than for more mature Jahrgnge. This is one of the results of the current KS Trend speedometer.

69 percent of motorists find the alternative types of drive particularly exciting. The presentation of new vehicles is of interest to as many respondents. This is followed by comparison tests with 67 percent, for technical details such as assistance systems and for conventional drive systems still show 62 percent interest. The diesel discussion and other economic issues, however, find 52 percent interesting. Tailings for car-related topics include accessories such as roof boxes or bike carriers. Only 36 percent of the motorists surveyed by the Trend-Tacho show interest here.

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The times for the auto industry are stormy. The PS industry is changing. On the other hand, lost confidence has to be regained for many customers. Of course, this is not possible overnight. A good indicator is the look at statistics and tables. Since there are already read a lot between the lines.

And that does not always look very bright: In 2018, for example, the production of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts fell significantly. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) at the Techno Classica Essen Motor Show (April 10 to 14, 2019), production in the second half of 2018 was 7.1 percent lower than in the first half of the year.

In the entire manufacturing sector in Germany, however, production fell by only 2.0 percent over the same period. Without the inclusion of the automotive sector, the decline in production would have been only 0.9 percent.

The start of the automotive industry in the year 2019 was uneven, the statistics experts said: The production of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts in January 2019 was 4.3 percent lower than in December 2018, in February 2019, it was 1.9 percent increased compared to January 2019.

The automotive industry is Germany's most important industry: Thus, the approximately 880,000 workers in the automotive industry in 2016, according to the National Accounts, an economic output of 134.9 billion euros. This corresponded to 4.7 percent of gross value added in Germany.

The macroeconomic importance of the automotive industry is even higher, as the industry is strongly linked to other industries. Other industries in the industry include rubber and plastic products, metal production and processing, metal products manufacturing, mechanical engineering and the repair and installation of machinery and equipment.

But the service sectors are also closely linked to the automotive industry: in particular, trade, transport and warehousing, professional, scientific and technical services as well as the placement and leasing of labor are important. Directly and indirectly, ie involving upstream industries, according to model calculations of the input-output calculation, about 1.75 million persons in employment in Germany, ie around 4.0 percent of the working population, are connected with the automotive industry.

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Even if car2go from Daimler and BMW subsidiary DriveNow work together in the future and trade as ShareNow: In public perception, the two companies are almost separating worlds.

Because after an evaluation of the social media monitoring and analysis specialists from Vico Research & Consulting, the two providers approach their customers very differently. While car2go has a positive majority of 64 percent in car-sharing platforms, DriveNow can only convince 33 percent of users.

"Although users love the DriveNow fleet better than the car2go fleet, the app's technical issues are the cause of the overwhelmingly negative sentiment," said a Vico spokeswoman. The faulty time calculation and long waiting times in customer service are also often called criticisms.

Nextbike is among the top three in the sharing scene with 76 percent positive comments most appreciation. However, they are significantly influenced by Byke with 100 and Stadtmobil with 90 percent of positive contributions.

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The boom in bicycles and pedelecs is now underpinned numerously. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), retail sales of bicycles, parts and accessories increased by 11.9 percent in 2018. Unique gain winners are the power wheels.

Because of those, so the chief statistics, compared to 2017 were imported by a whopping 32.3 percent more to Germany. These are 880,000 vehicles worth almost 790 million euros.

From 2015 to 2018, prices for e-bikes and pedelecs rose by 1.8 percent. This is significantly less than for bicycles without an electric motor, for which 4.5 percent more is demanded. And also a consumer tip has destatis ready: Basically, the two-wheeler with and without engine around the turn of the year are cheaper than in summer. "If you pay attention to a good price-performance ratio, you will buy cheaper on average outside the cycling season," says the authorities. However, this advice helps Radel-Willigen to the start of the season only conditionally.

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The so-called alternative powertrains are huge – but they still account for only a fraction of new registrations. And: The diesel fueled again last month, as determined by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

In March, for example, 60.2 percent of the 345,523 new cars were petrol engines, which means a drop of 6.4 percent. Selbstznder had 32.4 percent of the new under the hood, plus 2.7 percent. LPG and natural gas cars achieved a modest 0.2 and 0.1 percent market share.

The 6,616 new electric cars (increase: 74.5 percent) came to at least 1.9 percent. The balance in the hybrids is also clearly positive: The 17,737 new registrations in March represent an increase of 63.1 and a share of 5.1 percent. The average CO2 emissions of new vehicles in March is 156.7 g / km.

The absolute whiz of the month of March is Tesla. In the US company, the strong delivery of the Model 3 for a plus of a whopping 453.0 percent. Audi (+15.9 percent) and Smart (+12.6) posted double-digit registrations, while Opel (6.4 percent) and Mini (0.7 percent) also recorded growth. The KBA: "Decreases were seen at Porsche (-9.5 percent), Mercedes (-5.2 percent), Ford (-4.7 percent), BMW (-3.1 percent) and VW (-2.9 percent) Percent)." The brand VW achieved the largest share of new registrations with 18.1 percent.

Business was even worse for imported brands Alfa Romeo (-41.6 percent), Honda (-39.7 percent), Nissan (-38.7 percent) and DS (-35.7 percent). With a new registration share of 5.9 percent, Skoda was once again the strongest importer.

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The market share in the small and small car segment and the compacts shows the unbroken trend towards SUVs and Gelndewagen most clearly. Currently, every third car that is in demand via the internet is assigned to one of these two segments. One reason for this is the rising demand in the urban regions.

"The majority of manufacturers and importers largely refrain from real roadworthiness for the majority of the models on offer," states the portal Also because for most buyers the suitability for the terrain is not a decisive purchase criterion. And that's why almost all models of the SUV and wagon segment are perceived and in demand as trendy, urban lifestyle vehicles – more and more often in the big city – primarily because of the high seating position and therefore the "good overview".

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The record heat of 2018 has severely damaged inland shipping. Freight transport, for example, declined 11.1 percent year-on-year, a record loss for the industry. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), a total of 198.0 million tonnes of goods were transported on German inland waterways. In 2017, it was still 222.7 million tons.

The reason for the massive decline in freight transport was the low water levels of the most important inland waterways in the second half of 2018. In the first half of 2018, for example, the transport volume of inland waterway vessels declined only slightly by 1.1 percent.

The months August to November 2018, however, showed double-digit declines in comparison to the same month of the previous year, with the largest decline with a decline of just under 34 percent in November.

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Whether financing, leasing or insurance: Financial services from car manufacturers are in demand. Above all, Volkswagen is highly rated in this "discipline". The financial services of the Group achieved a record operating profit in the financial year 2018 and achieved a balance sheet total of more than 200 billion euros for the first time.

"Due to our very good development, we can now set the course for the future from a position of strength, which is why we are optimizing our cost structure and continuing to work intensively on digitizing our business model," says Lars Henner Santelmann, CEO of Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

In plain English: A so-called "efficiency program" envisages savings of 850 million euros per annum from 2025 onwards. Together with the digitalization of the business model, this should form the basis for achieving the strategic goals, it says. Frank Fiedler, CEO of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, adds: "Above all, the basis for the very good result was an increase in the number of contracts." In future, we focus not only on sales, but also on efficiencies. " By 2025, Volkswagen Financial Services aims to achieve a cost-income ratio of 40 percent. "At the end of 2018, it was 49.0 percent.

For the current fiscal year, CFO Fiedler is cautiously optimistic: "Although the current financial year 2019 is marked by high macroeconomic uncertainties, we expect the Financial Services Division to post a good operating result at the year-end level, as we will see initial successes from the efficiency program . "

Growth drivers for the contracts in 2018 were, in particular, services such as maintenance and wear and the fleet business in Europe, according to Volkswagen Financial. In the future, this should become even more important as a result of our participation in Europe's largest fleet management company (FleetLogistics).

The range of mobility services will be expanded by the recent acquisition of LogPay Financial Services GmbH and the related entry into the business field of PNV payment processing. The purchase of both companies is still subject to the approval of the cartel authorities.

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Anyone looking for a used RV will quickly find their way to online portals. But what are the most popular models and brands? The trade magazine promobil has set up a hit list.

Accordingly, the Dethleffs trend is unchallenged at the top of the most popular used motorhomes. In second place follows with Sunlight as a semi-integrated and alcove model one of the two German Gnstig brands of the Erwin Hymer Group. And in third place comes the next Dethleffs, the compact model Globebus.

In fourth place is the Eura Mobil Profila. The name was formerly for alcoves and semi-integrated models, now it is only used for the latter. With Carado, the Sunlight sister brand is still among the top 5. On the other places: Eura Mobil Terrestra, Hymer Duo Mobile, Hymer Exsis-i / Exis t, Pssl 2Win and in tenth place of the Dethleffs Esprit.

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