Quickly take away the garden waste, get soil for the raised bed or dispose of the Sperrmll: The application possibilities for unchecked trailers up to 750 kilos are enormously diverse. But how safe are the two-person helpers in the price range up to 750 euros?

As a recent ADAC test with six copies shows, there are light and shadow in the hangers. So convinced the test winner with a grade of 2.3, the Stema Variolux 750 for 699.99 euros, with best handling and good grades in handling. Runner-up is the Brenderup 1205SUB750 for 599 euros with a grade of 2.5. It has a folding drawbar, through which it can be stored to save space. Positive is in addition to the tilt function and the equipment with safety rope and 13-pin connector.

"Satisfactory" (rating 2.7) is the verdict on the cheapest car-trailer in the test, the Humbaur Steely for 429 euros. Two of the test candidates, the MST71A of the company Stedele (549.99 euros) and the TL – EU2-AR of TPV Trailer (579 euros) fell through smoothly. When they are fully loaded, the tires can touch the frame or the body and be damaged. The product of Stedele was also for the wheel type unauthorized wheel bolts installed.

There are also problems with the most expensive trailer in the test, the nonsense WEB10 for 769 euros. He loses in the durability test, the wood screws on the subfloor, which serve to fix the loading floor – which is bad for the stability and dangerous for the subsequent traffic.

Basic criticism of the testers: In almost no trailer, the exact curb weight is given. The ADAC therefore demands clear indications on the trailer about payload, air pressure and load securing. In addition, he recommends a safety rope, as it is already prescribed in some European countries, and the 13-pin connector as standard equipment.

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Commercial vehicles are often all-rounders, because they are not only on roads, but also on unpaved roads as on construction sites on the road. Therefore, the tires must be all-rounders. Tire manufacturer Goodyear has its latest Off the Road (OTR) products and solutions at the World's Leading Construction Equipment Trade Show.

These include, for example, the new Omnitrac range of tires launched in November 2018, which offers particularly high resistance to injury and longer service life. The family comprises ten sizes for mixed-use vehicles, such as dump trucks, concrete mixers, concrete pumps and jobsite low loaders, as well as trucks in the waste, recycling and wood industries and agriculture.

In addition, Goodyear will be presenting a tire pressure monitoring system that provides operators of vehicles and machines with real-time, accurate tire monitoring in OTR deployment.

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That's the name of the program: The ContiTrailAttack 3 is ready for the "attack" on everyday life. Because in March 2019, the on- / off-road tire for travel enduro cars passed its baptism of fire. The all-rounder's size range includes a total of 21 dimensions that have been released for nearly 190 Aprilia, Benelli, BMW, Buell, Cagiva, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha motorcycles.

At the presentation on Crete, the ContiTrailAttack 3 was able to convince with several features: Extremely short break-in time thanks to TractionSkin technology, operating temperature after 1,500 meters, wet grip and agile handling in all driving conditions, even on light gravel passages.

"We are very pleased with the response to the ContiTrailAttack 3, and even the rain has contributed to the success of the presentation, and the fact that the sun came out later underlines once again the versatility of our new adventure tire," said Martin Burdorf, Leiter Sales and Marketing Continental motorcycle tires.

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Tires are more than just matt round rubber lumps on the glittering rim: a trip inside the tire makes it clear which highly-technical interaction of individual components is needed to keep the road under control.

Four faces of green one postcard: The car does not have more contact with the street. In order to maintain the connection between the vehicle and the floor in all driving situations, more is needed than a bit of rubber and a profile. The car tire is ultimately a "high-tech product" with an interesting interior.

All in all, there are nine essential components that make up a modern tire. Only the top material layer, which is referred to as a treadmill, consists of three components. At the top – and thus clearly visible – perches the profile. It supports the traction when braking and accelerating, as well as when cornering curves. The profile also takes care of aquaplaning danger, the water from the tread as quickly as possible to dissipate.

Klaus Engelhart from tire manufacturer Continental: "The two demands for short braking distances and safe driving in the rain are hard to reconcile." In this respect, the designers have to come up with a lot that the tires still fail in any of these disciplines. So the developers are constantly hammering out which profile is the best, and which chemical composition achieves the best compromise.

So the tread is usually made of several types of rubber. The top layer (called a cap) provides adhesion and abrasion resistance. The base positioned below is then primarily responsible for the low rolling resistance, which has an impact on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Immediately underneath are two or more wound bandages: one solid layer of nylon embedded in rubber. Their task is to counteract the centrifugal forces that occur in rapidly rotating wheels. For example, in a compact car traveling at 200 km / h, the tire turns about 28 times a second around the central axis. At this speed, a single profile block of "ridiculous" 50 grams already pulls with stately 30 kilograms at its root. It all depends on a secure grip.

One floor down, you will find two or more slats made of steel cord. They too are firmly interwoven with the rubber. Their structural strength ensures driving stability and low tire milking. They too make their contribution to the lowest possible rolling resistance.

The carcass is still a bit deeper. This substructure of the tire is much like the treadmill, an intelligent blend of rubber elements and textile and steel cords that function as strength agents. Seen from above, one first finds the textile cord insert: in modern tires formed by the materials rayon and polyester. Your job: to keep the tire in shape even at high internal pressure. A tire with bumps on the tread or on the side would not only make it look bad, it would also put a mark on its good qualities.

On the next floor, a layer of butyl rubber spreads, making the tire airtight. It replaces the hose that had to be mounted earlier in addition to the tire. Looking at the tire from its flank, one's gaze falls on the side panel, which is described with a wealth of technical specifications, such as the tire size, the DOT number and the indication of winter suitability. Underneath the shoulder, the bead enhancer ensures stability and precise steering commands. The core profile made of synthetic rubber influences the comfort and safe handling in curves.

Finally, it still needs the jet core of steel wires, which are embedded in rubber. Together, they form the foundation of the tire and guarantee its tightness on the rim.

Our little research into the inside of the tire makes it clear: The black round part of the car is more than a lump of rubber. Just as many individual components interact in the interior of an engine, it is also important when it comes to tires that the components are perfectly matched so that we can travel safely in the car in a wide variety of conditions.

Klaus Brieter

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It's all about Bologna. Because in the northern Italian city turns everything from 22 to 26 May 2019 to tires. Even the tire manufacturer Hankook uses the Autopromotec for a pit stop. There, the company will be exhibiting its range of sustainable high-performance tires for cars, buses and trucks. Highlights at the Hankook booth include the new ultra-high-performance Ventus S1 evo 3 tires, the Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 all-season tire and the SmartTouring AL22 remote bus tire.

"Autopromotec is one of the most important fairs in the automotive industry, and in 2019 we will be able to showcase different new solutions for cars and trucks across Europe," says Carlo Citarella, managing director of Hankook Tire Italy. He expects a lot for the Italian market – both in terms of sales figures and corporate image, according to Carlo Citarella.

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Goodyear is known as one of the largest tire manufacturers worldwide. The group has been on the market for more than 120 years and currently employs around 64,000 people.

The products are manufactured at 47 locations in 21 countries. The research and development centers in Akron / Ohio, Colmar-Berg / Luxembourg and Hanau in Germany are busy. The goal is to set new technology and performance standards in the industry.

"The mobility of tomorrow will change and a tire can take on other tasks in the future," says Jrgen Titz, Managing Director of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH. In our inner cities there are congestions without end. This will not change that fast in the usual way. But: "With our futuristic Goodyear Aero we can move upwards," says Titz.

Some people think that this is a joke. But far from it: this concept tire is based on the vision of autonomous, flying cars in the mobile world of tomorrow. He kills two birds with one stone: the Aero is supposed to work like a normal tire for a car traveling on the street. But he should also provide a buoyancy like a rotor and actually let a car fly. As a propulsion system in the air or in other words: with Goodyear on cloud nine.

"Mobility companies are also looking to the vertical if they want to solve the problems of urban traffic and congestion on our roads," says Chris Helsel, Goodyear's Chief Technology Officer. Against this background, work on advanced tire technologies and materials has resulted in a wheel that can serve both as a traditional tire on the road and as an airborne propulsion system.

The vision of a flying vehicle is not new, but so slowly does this third dimension take shape. Whether an autonomous flight operation can be realized, will show. The technical possibilities are already given today.

So far the Aero is a pure concept. But he is still far from having an air number: some of his features are already part of the tire manufacturer's development today. Even "intelligent" tires are already rolling through the pipeline, says the manufacturer. With such concepts, Goodyear's clever minds also want to stimulate discussion about transport technologies for a new mobility ecosystem.

Goodyear also has an office in Silicon Valley, where digital giants like Apple or Google plan the world of tomorrow for us.

Jutta Bernhard / mid

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With the new summer tire EcoContact 6 Continental wants to set new standards – especially in terms of rolling resistance and mileage.

The Reifenbcker promise for their latest product "the highest level of safety with comfort, precise steering response and good environmental performance on an unprecedented level". The performance in wet braking and handling, in rolling resistance and mileage was compared to the previous model by up to 20 percent better.

The newcomer to passenger cars and SUVs will be offered in 100 sizes from 13 to 22 inches, with tire widths between 145 and 315 millimeters. The tempo releases reach up to 300 km / h.

In total, the Conti delivery program for 2019 includes just under 240 new items. And tires for sports cars, for middle and upper class, minis and small cars.

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It depends on the right tire – that applies on asphalt, and even more on off-road. Yokohama now provides the right rubber for adventurous motorists – so that mud and other off-road conditions do not become an obstacle.

From summer onwards, Yokohama will also sell the Geolandar X-MT mud-terrain tire already available in the USA in Europe. It is planned to offer tire sizes from 35×12.50R20 LT 121Q to 7.00R16C 108 / 106N. The tires are particularly adapted to the requirements of amateur off-roaders, the robust tires is also pleasantly quiet, says the manufacturer.

Yokohama plans to further expand the hobby tire segment, which included products for motorsport and classic cars.

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A novel micro vehicle system combines suspension and body only temporarily, allowing a more flexible and sustainable use. The new "microSNAP" from Rinspeed is a small vehicle with interchangeable chassis and superstructures. The unit should bring both goods and passengers autonomously and quickly to their destination.

The chassis and the bodywork are coordinated for each purpose and can be easily separated if necessary. The electric vehicle is full of technical and visual highlights of renowned companies. For example, tire manufacturer Hankook equips the visionary vehicle with a tire from its flagship UHP line Ventus S1 evo in size 195 / 40R17.

"The new micro vehicle system combines suspension and bodywork only temporarily, allowing a more flexible and sustainable use, which is supported by the high-performance Hankook tires with balanced environmental characteristics," Hankook says.

"We are very excited about the new partnership with Hankook," says Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed. As a company with dynamic and forward-looking ideas, such as the currently presented tires of the research and development project "Design Innovation", Hankook wants to develop concepts that go beyond the limits of today's tire and mobility developments and therefore perfectly complement the project "microSNAP" ,

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