Accidents with children are not rare. Most of the small road users are only pedestrians and in the worst case victims of an accident. But as soon as they are traveling with a scooter, children can also cause damage. But who is liable now? According to the Civil Code (BGB, 828) children are liable for road traffic only from the age of ten.

But what about their parents? If the three-eyed person leads the scooter unattended and touches the neighbor's parking car, his parents may have to pay for the damage – and this always when they have violated their duty to supervise.

The responsibility to make children and young people no traffic hooligans, is clearly with the parents. They should set a good example and set clear limits, especially in the presence of their children. Traffic experts of the insurance company ARAG point out, however, that parents are only liable for their children in road traffic if they can be accused of a personal duty to violate their supervisory duties. The amount of supervision required depends on the age, nature and character of the child, the predictability of the harmful behavior and what can be expected of the parents in their respective circumstances.

For example, stricter supervision is required for younger children because the dangers are not yet clear to them and their behavior is often unpredictable. And the individual case counts: The question of when a duty to violate the duty of supervision can not be answered on a flat-rate basis.

How difficult the rating is, shows a recent case in which a six-and-a-half years drove with a Kettcar from the petrol station on the street and thereby collided with a car. The driver had seen the boy while driving up to the gas station, but did not notice him at the exit. The boy was uninjured, but the driver's car had suffered considerable damage. She asked for damages because, in her opinion, the parents had violated their duty to supervise.

But the court decided on a halve damage distribution. The driver had to be particularly alert as she had already seen the boy on his pedal car before. The parents, on the other hand, in fact violated their duty to supervise by driving their son unattended with a Kettcar in the public traffic area. The argument of the parents also did not help that their child had been informed several times about the correct behavior in the street traffic or run alone to the school bus (district court Zeitz, Az .: 4 C 22/18).

According to road traffic regulations (StVO), children under the age of eight can not ride their bicycles on the street, but have to use the right or left sidewalk. For safety reasons, they may be accompanied by one parent – the emphasis is on 'one' – on the sidewalk. If there is a lane that is separate from the carriageway, you may also use it. Only if a sidewalk is missing, may be driven on the road.

Children between the ages of eight and ten may choose to use the lane or walkway. Children over the age of ten are no longer allowed to ride their bicycles on the sidewalks, they must use the carriageway or a bike path like adults.

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Sometimes emotions beat somersaults with us. In that case, you better not sit on the bike – not to tumble. A humorous video with emojis or smileys known from social networks now promotes emotional self-restraint on two wheels.

These are fractions of a second, which often determine life and death in road traffic. That is why highest concentration is required here. That's not so easy sometimes. Often our emotions distract us. At the start of the motorcycle season, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) and the Institute for Two-wheeled Safety (ifz) are demonstrating in a humorous way in the common spot for the social media, where dangers lurk and how to master them.

At the heart of the clip are emotions, represented by emojis, the omnipresent yellow faces for all feelings and life situations. Embedded in real traffic situations, they illustrate how emotions influence our behavior in road traffic and can lead to an accident within a few seconds. The video is shared across the DVR's various social media channels and at As many road users as possible should be reached, especially motorcyclists.

"The typical emotional everyday situations illustrate the great danger of distraction on the road," says Matthias Haasper, head of research at ifz. "Almost everyone will find themselves in the spot and think about it in at least one of the situations." So the central message is: "Stay focused, the others may not!"

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Colorful eggs are not everything the Easter bunny has to offer: The Easter tourist traffic is connected with full highways. Just around the conurbation, traffic jams are programmed around the holidays. The ACE, Germany's second largest car club, gives tips for a relaxed start to the easter holiday for a relaxed and safe drive in a strained traffic situation.

Beware of the highway entrance: patience is required. If there is heavy traffic at the motorway entrance, special care is required here. It is important to observe the right of way, to allow the road users on the right motorway lane to pass, to adjust its speed and to wait until there is enough space to fold in. "In practice, the zipper process in such cases is sometimes used as a friendly gesture," says Hannes Krmer, Head of Legal at ACE. This does not apply on the acceleration strip but in principle and should not be assumed, warns the expert.

The more road users are on the road, the more important it is to concentrate behind the wheel and to be considerate in driving. Even if the Easter traffic is slow, it does not help to get close to winning time. Equally ineffective is the hectic lane change. On the contrary, forcing other road users to brake unnecessarily becomes the cause of congestion and provokes accidents. It is just as risky to switch off when traffic is slow: those who are inattentive react more slowly. Hectic brake maneuvers, new traffic jams and at worst accidents are the result.

In the already dense Easter traffic meanwhile means the elimination of a lane an increased congestion. Now cooperation is required: If everyone adheres to the zip method, the bottleneck will soon be overcome. In this case, the motorists, who are on the terminating or blocked lane, arrange themselves alternately consecutively on the continuing lane just before the bottleneck. A sufficient distance to the front man allows for gaps and ensures that the zipper does not jam. The basic rule is: safety distance equal to half the speedometer.

Rescue route to form properly: breakdowns and accidents can cause long traffic jams, especially in the busy holiday season. So that breakdown helpers and rescue workers arrive in time at the scene of the accident and traffic rolls as quickly as possible, it is necessary to form a rescue route already on the first stoppages on multi-lane roads. Drivers on the left lane deviate to the left. Everyone else drives to the right – regardless of how many directional lanes there are.

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Darn! In the business of long-distance buses, the company Flixbus is under increasing pressure. Overall, the market appears to be weakening. After saturation limits for long-distance bus travel were already set out at the end of last year on the basis of the study results "Mobility Trends 2018", the bus industry also talks openly about it. The euphoria seems to have passed.

"Despite continued favorable prices, the market for long-distance bus travel in Germany is facing a phase of consolidation – customers have become accustomed to the new offer and low prices, but competition is catching up," emphasizes Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Krämer, co-author of the study, which among other things examines trends in travel from 50 km per single route.

Background: The mobility market in Germany is characterized by a multiple monopoly situation: Deutsche Bahn dominates the market for long-distance rail travel, Lufthansa the market for air travel, "BlaBlaCar" the market for rides and Flixbus the market for travel by long-distance bus. After a fierce price war and several acquisitions Flixbus currently has about 95 percent market share in Germany.

Flixbus has grown more in the field of foreign travel in recent years, while travel within Germany are declining, according to the study. A recovery for Flixbus in the domestic market is not in sight, because the competitive situation changes at several points. First, the train offers more super-saver prices, secondly increase the French provider BlaBlaCar recognizable the availability of rides. Short-term scheduled trips can be booked from about four cents per kilometer to the level of Fernbuspreise, and thirdly, a changed competitive situation in long-distance bus travel is expected after BlaBlaCar goes with the brand "BlaBlaBus" on the market.

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Traffic jams in front of the school: In the mornings, sometimes chaotic conditions prevail on the streets that lead to the educational institutions. Columns of "parent taxis" are the reason for the high local traffic, which is often dangerous due to turning maneuvers. An initiative now wants to control it.

With its 15th nationwide road safety club initiative, "Goodbye Elterntaxi", ACE, Germany's second-largest car club, is targeting the daily pick-up and drop-off service in front of schools. In the coming weeks volunteer ACE members want to be out in front of schools throughout Germany, to examine and observe them, and to discuss solutions with parents' representatives and teachers.

"Owning the way to school is an important experience for children," says Bruno Merz, head of the campaign. Just in the traffic education applies: practice makes the master and in this sense, the way to school should be the first lesson. "The earlier traffic situations are given and taken care of, the safer our children are in road traffic." The daily bringing and bringing in the parental taxi robs children of these valuable experiences and training situations. This is also true for longer school trips that allow children to walk at least the last 500 meters.

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Toads are small nomads. She does not keep it permanently in the same place. In these days the toad migration comes in many parts of Germany to its climax. Motorists should therefore take special care now.

"This is especially true for lower and heat-favored locations," says Sascha Schleich, spokesman for the Federal Expert Committee Field Herpetiology and Ichthyofauna at the Nature Conservation Union (Nabu). In the higher and cooler locations, however, it will still take until the nightly temperatures are suitable.

The Nabu asks to drive at amphibious trails maximum speed 30. Because the animals can not only come to death by directly driving over, but also when vehicles are traveling very fast on hiking trails. At higher speeds, cars generate so much air pressure that the internal organs of frogs, toads and newts burst and the animals die painfully, warns the expert.

Under certain circumstances animal rights activists are also at risk: "Our volunteers are usually out in the dark in the evening and early morning hours," says Schleich. For this reason, motorists should be careful and pay attention to warning signs, speed limits and diversions.

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With spring, the chance for beautiful motorcycle weather is growing. But drivers who hibernate with their machine should now take it easy – for safety's sake. "Anyone who returns to the bike in the spring after the long winter break has to get used to his machine again," says Achim Kuppinger, motorcycle expert at Dekra. "When it comes to balance, coordination, acceleration and speed, the bike has different requirements than your own car." You have to slowly get used to that after the break.

Therefore, some bikers will be ringing in the new season with exercises on a terrain separate from public transport. In braking tests, slalom and backcountry you can safely refresh your sense of the machine here. Even more comprehensively, motorcycle safety training prepares the driver for the new season.

This is especially recommended for those who want to start again after a longer bike break of a few years. Also targeted at this group are special recreational trainings from automobile clubs and manufacturers, where you can acquire the necessary routine to clear your head for predictive driving. Another option is to spend a few hours at a driving school.

Other road users also play a role: "Motorcyclists must also remember that motorists are not ready for the fast bikes with high acceleration in the spring and often react in a surprised way," says Kuppinger. "Every motorcyclist is also a motorist, and knows the problem from a different perspective." Here's what it means: "Turn on your head and actively watch out for the others." Motorcyclists should especially drive to intersections with more caution and pay attention when overtaking whether the motorist has seen the motorcyclist.

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More and more airlines are turning to bankruptcy. In the case of insolvency, the paying passenger usually looks in the tube. Following the bankruptcies of, among others, Air Berlin, Niki and Germania, consumers have remained stuck on the advance payments for their planned air travel. Consumer advocates are now calling for a strengthening of passenger rights.

The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) therefore demands compulsory insolvency insurance in the same way as for package travel. "Air travelers should no longer be left sitting for damages caused by bankruptcy of airlines," says Marion Jungbluth, Head of Mobility and Travel Team at vzbv. "This can destroy any planned summer vacation and causes frustration for consumers." The many bankruptcies in recent years have shown that state supervision can not prevent insolvency far too often.

Against the background of many stranded tourists and millions of passengers who lost their pre-paid money on their plane tickets, half-hearted reassurances are cynical. The majority of consumers do not have the information to assess how solvent an airline is. Therefore, the legislature must take precautions.

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The German Road Safety Council is disappointed with the judiciary: "This was not a good day for traffic safety," commented DVR CEO Christian Kellner the decision of the Administrative Court of Hannover, the model trial for the operation of the section radar "Section Control" on the B6 in Lower Saxony provisionally prohibition (file reference: 7 A 849/19 and 7 B 850/19).

Since the Section Control was put into operation a few weeks ago, 141 speed violations had already been recorded. A motor vehicle driver was registered at a speed of 189 km / h. Allowed are 100 km / h. "These figures alone make it clear how important road radar is for traffic safety," emphasizes Kellner. Too fast driving is one of the main causes of the approximately 3,200 people killed in road traffic every year. Against this background and also because of the many years of efforts to put the Section Control into operation, he greatly regrets the decision of the Administrative Court.

The court argued that the state could also carry out traffic monitoring in other ways pending the creation of a court-accepted legal basis for sectional inspection. But that is not so rudimentary, says Kellner.

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Germany draws consequences from the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia: The German airspace is blocked for this type of aircraft. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer told the news channel n-tv. "Safety is absolute."

"Until all doubts are cleared out, I have arranged that the German airspace for the Boeing 737 MAX will be blocked immediately," said the Federal Minister of Transport. At the request of the engine information service (mid) at the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (LBA) informed the Behrde: "At German airlines are currently no Boeing 737 MAX used in regular commercial scheduled passenger traffic." A Boeing 737 MAX has received only a provisional traffic approval so far, for seven aircraft of this type are currently only a reservation for a D-registration before, so the information from the LBA. The most recently crashed Model 737 MAX 8 is the configuration of the Boeing 737 MAX with a maximum of 210 seats and a length of 39.52 meters.

The aviation authority further explains: "The LBA is basically entitled to prohibit D-registered aircraft from launching." In the case of foreign aircraft, according to the LBA, this would be possible, for example, in the context of ramp inspections and a given reason, such as non-maintenance or AD / LTA airworthiness instructions. The AD / LTA airworthiness instructions are intended to ensure that any type of aircraft approved which subsequently becomes defective will ensure that additional maintenance and repair will ensure safety.

Boeing had announced that it was working on the aircraft type on extensive software updates to make a "safer aircraft even safer".

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