A successful car design is like a work of art. With the targeted design language, the eyes are to be directed to the vehicle. That is understandable. Because when buying a car, potential customers are first addressed by the external appearance, as in real life. Fills the look, everyone comes closer: the car, the dealer, the customer. And at the end of the day is the purchase contract.

But how do you make a good design? Anschauungsunterricht is often the motor sport in this question. And in a spectacular way. In the US, BMW repeatedly places an "Art Car", an "art car", on the wheels. Year after year, a new artwork is created. Of course, this also makes it possible to shoot unique advertising spots.

But why look to America, even if in this country spectacular racing is offered? The Hyundai strategists apparently thought so and started an extraordinary project, which is dedicated to the topic "car and art". The result is a vehicle that does not exist a second time. In cooperation with Team Engstler, Hyundai Motor Deutschland is using a third i30 N TCR in 2019 in the ADAC TCR Germany 2019.

This rolling artwork will be controlled in the 2019 season of the seven rounds of the series of VIP guests. Prominent guest starters include former World Touring Car Champion Gabriele Tarquini (Italy) and Belgian Thierry Neuville, currently leading the World Rally Championship (WRC). The VIP Hyundai is out of competition at the start, its drivers can not collect points. That's not so important at the sight of this car. It's about the design and the idea behind it – and it's pretty smart.

"We are pleased to be able to realize this exciting project in the ADAC TCR Germany and I am sure that the VIP Hyundai i30 N TCR will cause a stir," says Till Wartenberg, Director of Marketing and Press at Hyundai Motor Germany , The start of the VIP car in the ADAC TCR Germany is a great way to further emotionalize the Hyundai brand.

But how did this project come about? The special design for the Hyundai i30 N TCR was designed in cooperation with the University of Pforzheim, informs the automaker. As part of a project work, eleven students from the School of Design created design proposals for the touring car's visual appearance.

Out of the top three jury-selected designs, the design by Arvid Esser (22) was voted the winner in an online poll by readers of Auto Bild motorsport and Hyundai Motor Germany's social media channel. Born in Berlin, he is a passionate motor sports fan and initially completed his training as a technical model maker specializing in bodywork and production. He then took up the study "Transportation Design" at the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim.

This is how the young artist went about his work: in his design Esser chose the Performance Blue, which is typical of Hyundai Motorsport, as the basic color. The N logo was also taken up. The design is also intended to help the driver drive to the front in the race, says Esser. "The bright blue front with the signal-red contrast is very powerful for vehicles in front of you." If a vehicle moves behind the Hyundai i 30 N TCR, it will be unobtrusive due to the dark gray tail and will be so hard to attack. " Very clever. Let's see what the racetrack rivals say.

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The Transporter Combo and the compact Astra are now being offered to commercial customers at especially tightly calculated leasing conditions of the PSA subsidiary Free2Move Lease. And until 31 May.

The comprehensive Combo Cargo Edition is now available for a monthly net leasing rate of 139 euros. And the Astra leads already starting from 95 euro monthly "as company and company cars for all challenges," it is called at Opel.

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Now it is official: car manufacturer Ford is the end of June 2019, the production of the family Vans C-Max and Grand C-Max. This has been decided by the Supervisory Board of Ford-Werke GmbH. This should increase efficiency and reduce structural costs, the company says. The location Saarlouis loses thereby the night shift. A total of 1,600 jobs will be lost, reports Saarländischer Rundfunk.

"The measures we have decided on represent an important step in delivering the products our customers want and securing a more competitive business," says Steven Armstrong, Chairman of FordWerke GmbH's Supervisory Board. They will continue to invest in the Ford Focus and all other products that will secure a healthy, profitable business for the future, Armstrong continues.

The Ford management had already informed the workforce in Saarlouis in December 2018 about the planned phasing out of the C-Max and Grand C-Max. The reason for this decision is the sharp decline in demand for multi-activity vehicles (MAV), it says.

"We have made a significant decision to shape the future of Ford together in Germany and in Europe," says Gunnar Herrmann, CEO of Ford-Werke GmbH. "We know about the big challenges ahead of us."

The personnel measures around the end of production at C-Max are part of the planned job cuts at Ford's German sites. As part of the restructuring, more than 5,000 jobs will be cut at the locations in Cologne and Saarlouis, says Ford.

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Volker Mornhinweg (59), Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, retires at Daimler AG after 39 years on 1 May 2019. His successor will be Marcus Breitschwerdt (57), currently Head of Sales Mercedes-Benz Cars Europe.

Marcus Breitschwerdt is intended to provide important impulses to make the business segment sustainably profitable and to continue the transformation of Mercedes-Benz Vans from a pure manufacturer of globally successful transporters to a provider of integrated solutions for transport and mobility.

Marcus Breitschwerdt joined the junior research group of Mercedes-Benz AG in 1991 as Controller. He led the company's traffic and environmental strategy for several years, before taking charge of the marketing and portfolio strategy of Mercedes-Benz Cars from 2000 onwards. It was followed by other stations, including in Canada and the UK. In 2014, Marcus Breitschwerdt was commissioned with the creation of the new Mercedes-Benz Cars sales region Europe, which he has headed since then.

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The next winter is coming. That's why Mercedes-Benz is already testing the polar circle with the electric eSprinter. Because Klte is one of the biggest challenges for electric vehicles. In the final test, Daimler demonstrates: Even in arctic conditions, the electric commercial vehicle is still reliable on the last mile.

For several weeks, the development team subjected the fully electric transporter in Arjeplog, Sweden, to an ice-cold hearing test. At temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, icy roads and deep snow, the eSprinter should prove its ability to operate under extreme conditions. Now the vehicle has reached one of its last milestones on the way to market launch in the second half of 2019.

For electric vans to function reliably in hard everyday use, for example in the CEP industry (courier, express, parcel), it is crucial how the vehicles react to different weather conditions.

With a range of around 150 kilometers in the configuration with an installed battery capacity of 55 kWh, the eSprinter is optimally designed for domestic delivery traffic. The tests in Sweden have shown that the customer still has a range of around 100 kilometers even with the unfavorable wet conditions here.

Even at temperatures far beyond the freezing point, the windows must defrost as quickly as possible and the driver's cab can be reliably heated. For this purpose, the test vehicles, including batteries in special cold cells were initially brought to minimum temperature, to then test the starting behavior and thermal management during cold start.

Another important element of the hardness test: the charging behavior. The eSprinter has an integrated fast-charging function, which allows it to recharge around 80 percent of its energy within 30 minutes – a huge plus in the flexibility of day-to-day transports, which must function reliably regardless of the temperature.

"Thanks to our extensive tests, we were able to get the last percent of our second all-electric transporter after the eVito on the way to full market readiness," says Benjamin Kaehler, Head of eDrive @ Vans at Daimler. Particularly in the discipline of thermal management, which is so essential for electric vans, important insights have been gained to make the eSprinter even safer and more comfortable.

In Arjeplog, the eSprinter went through its last winter tests before following the eVito in the second half of 2019. The new eSprinter is initially offered as a panel van with a high roof and a permissible gross weight of 3,500 kilograms.

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The French car company Peugeot goes under the circus people. Because the lion brand is vehicle partner of the "Circus Roncalli" and provides the colorful team, among other things, the new Peugeot Rifter.

"Circus Roncalli, with its artists, dancers and clowns, represents adventure and fun for the whole family," says Steffen Raschig, head of Peugeot Germany. The family-friendly outdoor Van Rifter fit just perfect. "We are very pleased that this special cooperation has come about and that Peugeot is now going on tour together with Circus Roncalli", Steffen Raschig continues.

Bernhard Paul, director and owner of Circus Roncalli, also sees the ideal vehicle partner in the French manufacturer: "Our circus actually works without any animals, but we are happy to make an exception for the lion family of Peugeot." With the Rifter the ensemble will travel safely and comfortably throughout Germany. On certain days and in selected cities (for example Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen).

Then acrobats and clowns of the circus show a little show with the outdoor van. Afterwards, visitors have the opportunity to get to know the vehicle better – and there is also something to win.

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In Krze, the first police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia will patrol a Ford S-Max. Up to 1,200 copies of the van in full Ordnungshter-Ornat will deliver the Klner to the police stations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The S-Max prevailed "in an intensive suitability and practical test by the procurement department of the Interior Ministry NRW," it says at Ford. The stripe Maxe is powered by a two-liter diesel with 190 hp, which according to the emission standard Euro 6d- Temp certified and coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

"We are very pleased that the specially developed wireless patrol concept of the Ford S-Max has prevailed", says Hans Jrg Klein, Managing Director Marketing and Sales of Ford-Werke GmbH.

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Starting at 34,660 euros including VAT, the new Grunaum car Opel Zafira Life can now be ordered for this sum. And as a Zafira Life Selection in medium format with space for five passengers and after Euro 6d-Temp certified 1.5-liter turbo diesel with 102 hp.

There are the new in three lengths: The "Small" variant measures 4.60 meters in length, the Zafira Life "Medium" is already at 4.95 meters and the "Large" at a proud 5.30 meters. The Life Tourer in M-length, offering 150 hp and 177 hp two-liter diesel, starting at 44,600 euros, offers a head-up display, an individually programmable cruise control and speed limiter, and the infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. " Multimedia Radio ".

The German brother of Citroen Spacetourer and Peugeot Traveler is optional with up to nine seats available. Specially tailored to families and private customers are according to Opel the equipment lines Edition and Innovation from 38.310 and from 47.650 euros with plenty of space and good facilities.

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With the line "S-Design" Fiat extends the offer for the 500X and the 500L by a further, emphatically sporty equipment variant.

Visible is the Fiat 500X S-Design, which is available in the "Cross" version, with black and copper-colored accents inside and out, such as the matt black surface of the instrument panel and the black roof trim and copper-colored logos.

The new Fiat 500L S-Design features, among other things, glossy black lacquered roof accents in Myron, two-tone painted 17-inch alloy wheels.

Standard features of the new Fiat 500X S-Design Cross include LED headlamps as well as daytime running lights and taillights in LED technology, climate control, light and rain sensor, automatically dimming rearview mirror, rear parking sensors, reversing camera, cruise control, an infotainment system with smartphone Connection (Uconnect) and the ratio 60:40 convertible rear seat.

Under the bonnet stuck either the three-cylinder FireFly Turbo 1.0 with 88 kW / 120 hp, the 1.3-liter four-cylinder FireFly Turbo 1.3 with 110 kW / 150 hp or the naturally aspirated 1.6 E-torQ, which provides 81 kW / 110 hp. In addition, Fiat offers two diesels: the 1.6 MultiJet with 88 kW / 120 hp or the 2.0 MultiJet with 110 kW / 150 hp, which comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

For the Fiat 500L S-Design, the following units are available: The gasoline engine 1.4 16V from the Fire family with 70 kW / 95 hp, the turbo diesel 1.3 16V MultiJet with the same performance and the turbo diesel 1.6 16V MultiJet with 88 kW / 120 hp.

In the 500L S-Design, which is also based on the Cross variant, the body is set 25 mm higher. As with the X, the L includes amenities such as rear parking sensors, reversing camera, light and rain sensors and two-zone automatic climate control as standard.

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Sport and commercial vehicles – that seems at first glance to be a rather unusual combination. Ford is sure that it can work. Why else should the Transit series Courier, Connect and Custom also be available as "Sport" variants?

For the top model Transit Custom Sport Ford offers the new 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel with 136 kW / 185 hp, which will come in mid-2019 on the market and at the same time the "Transit Sport" model family leads.

The striking design of the commercial vehicle includes the stripes on the body as well as body and wheel arch extensions, exclusive 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels and black part leather trim. Also on board: a Blind Spot Assist with extended detection range, which also monitors a trailer of up to ten meters in length.

Customers have a choice of body styles: van, cab and crew cab models with short or long wheelbase are available, so there should be something for every application.

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