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The electric race car VW ID.R returns to the title defense to Goodwood

The electric race car VW ID.R returns to the title defense to Goodwood


(13.06.2019) The electric race car VW ID.R. will defend his title at the "Goodwood Festival of Speed" that prestigious race in southern England will take place from July 4th to 7th, 2019.

The electric car Volkswagen ID.R, here it is driven by the racing pilot Romain Dumas. Image source Volkswagen AG

The electric car VW ID.R is a purely electric powered racing car, including the battery cells, 2 electric motors and the driver, the Stromer weighs less than 1,100 kilograms.

The configuration of the ID.R can be adapted to any type of race, so the number of batteries alone has a big impact on a race. Because each installed battery cell means a slightly higher range, at the same time increases the weight.

The system power of the electric motors is 500 kW (680 hp), the energy storage consists of 8 times 56 cells, which are housed in two blocks next to the driver and behind the monocoque.

The top speed is 270 km / h, the acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h, the electric car creates in 2.25 seconds.

The Volkswagen ID.R is ready to defend its title at the "Goodwood Festival of Speed" (4 to 7 July). Last year, Romain Dumas set a new electric record at the prestigious race in southern England in 43.86 seconds at the wheel of the all-electric race car. At the Goodwood Hillclimb, the Frenchman set the fastest time in 15 years on the 1.86-kilometer circuit. The ID.R, sporty spearhead of ID electrically powered production vehicles. The family is about five weeks after the lap record for electric vehicles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife the next challenge.

The electric car VW ID.R can be adapted for any kind of race

Dr. Frank Welsch (Head of Development Volkswagen Passenger Cars) says:

"The electric drive heralds a new era in production vehicles. Volkswagen makes do with its pre-market ID. An important contribution to this.

The 'Goodwood Festival of Speed' as a fascinating bridge between the past, present and future of the automobile is the perfect stage to demonstrate the power of Volkswagen's electrical engineering. "

Sven Smeets (Volkswagen Motorsport Director) adds:

"Last year we were just three weeks after the record run at Pikes Peak in Goodwood at the start and have used the technical configuration of the hill climb. This year, for the first time, we are entering an ID.R specially prepared for Goodwood. "

The main focus of the engineers is on a specially designed for the short distance drive configuration.

François-Xavier Demaison (Technical Director Volkswagen Motorsport) says:

"We've developed another evolutionary stage of the ID.R, a sprint version with a smaller battery to further reduce weight.

We also chose a much more aggressive energy management strategy for the very short distance. For the Sprint in Goodwood very high performance is required over a very short period of time. "

Tradition meets modernity: the "Goodwood Festival of Speed"

Since its premiere in 1993, the "Goodwood Festival of Speed" has become one of the world's largest motorsport events, attracting around 180,000 visitors each year. You will experience a weekend of demonstration rides and timed scoring of motorcycles, rally cars and racing and formula cars from all epochs of motorsport history. On a 1.86-kilometer sprint track and a gravel road over 2.5 kilometers, motor racing legends compete with current professional racers.

Romain Dumas (Volkswagen driver) says:

"The atmosphere in Goodwood is unique. Nowhere else in the world are so many famous drivers and legendary racing cars gathered in one place. "

And in hardly any other event can the technical progress of the automobile be seen so well over the decades.

Via: VW AG

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