The mid-time journey: 30 years BMW 850i

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The mid-time journey: 30 years BMW 850i

On May 7, 1990, the 45th-year Motor Information Service (mid) reported on the BMW 850i, a comfortable sports coupe and electronic toy.

Despite its 220 kW / 300 hp, the new BMW Sport Coupe 850i does not want to be a performance champion. BMW's press chief Richard Gaul sees the new 135,000-DM flagship of the white-blue automobile forge with the 750-liter, 5.0-liter twin-cylinder unit as the product of "progressive human resources management for frustrated engineers", who once show all this could not do what they usually do on large-scale vehicles.

Visually, the 1,841-kilogram technology carrier has remained a true BMW due to its high and powerful rear end and the typical front end. Compared to its predecessor, the 635 CSi, the new one comes with a slightly shorter length but larger width (1.86 meters). The subtle wedge shape of the vehicle receives an elegantly elongated look due to the missing B-pillar. Driving lights are provided by folding headlights. Parking lights, turn signals and flashers are housed in a narrow light strip above the front spoiler.

The sports coupe, equipped with a six-speed transmission, leaves little to be desired in terms of performance. The twelve-cylinder catapults the high-tech car from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds. In voluntary self-limitation, the power package is electronically limited at a maximum speed of 250 km / h. But even with respect to the elasticity of the engine does not disappoint and still accelerates zgig at relatively low speeds, even in high gears. With this elastic transmission design, one could almost do without the optional automatic transmission. Consumption is given in the third mix with 13 liters per 100 kilometers, but reaches almost 20 liters at speed. Thus, the 5-liter unit is not particularly easy to drink, even if it only requires lead-free normal.

When it comes to passive and active safety, the new BMW has a lot to offer: When starting off or cornering, an automatic stability control system (ASC + T) improves traction. Rapid steering movements offset the newly designed Integral rear axle. For a surcharge of 2,500 DM, there is a stability-enhancing intelligent suspension tuning, the Electronic Damping Control (EDC). It allows a harder or softer adjustment at the press of a button. However, subjectively, the different damping programs are only noticeable at high speeds, especially on a bad surface or during fast cornering. The anti-lock braking system from Bosch optimizes the work of delay. Especially with small technical details, the designers of the 850i have proven their competence. For example, closing the front side windows at 200 km / h and 200 km / h closing the sunroof as if by magic.

The 2 + 2-seater has a luggage compartment of at least 360 liters. For the holiday trip there is also the possibility to install a roof rack. The layout of the controls and displays emphasizes functionality and clarity: The driver receives the most essential information via the primary field of vision behind the steering wheel, while the center console, for example, houses the multi-information display. Classic elements such as the speed and speed indicators alternate with digital displays. The standard air conditioning is regulated by simple little wheels. The automatic pollutant control (AUC) detects an increasing pollutant load of the outside air and automatically closes the ventilation flaps.

A speed control system, the so-called cruise control, belongs to the standard equipment. Not all automatic functions are unproblematic. Thus, the electric control of the driver's seat simultaneously eliminates the adjustment of the steering wheel. However, the steering column can also be adjusted independently of the seat. The individual seating position can be entered into a memory memory, which is available for 840 DM as an option. A real drawback: the lowering of the front passenger seat only works in conjunction with a forward or backward movement of the seating position.

With the optional extras, the driven test car costs about 144,000 DM. But for real 850i enthusiasts or technology freaks, the price will not be an issue.

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